Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Evening in the Gazebo


Monday was the launch of Yvonne's new meme,

"On The Menu Monday"

at her very beautiful and very inspiring blog


She plans WEEKLY lists of her meals

that have inspired me to try so many new recipes

and every single one has been awesome!


I'm not much of a plan ahead menu maker unless its for a dinner party.

Our last big event was the Fathers Day celebration held at my DH's son's lovely home.

I wanted to make things that would travel well, not spoil in the heat,

and would please the vegetarians in the family.

I brought this BIG bowl of fresh fruit along with Marzetti's Strawberry Yogurt Fruit Dip.

It is our favorite topping for fruit!


I served some of it out in the gazebo for dinner for just the two of us,

the night before the big celebration.

I like how the multiple colors look in this hand painted salad bowl.

S0 frequently, I plan my menu AROUND the dishes

I want to use for a dinner party.

I know, that's backwards from most people.


I also made a Greek Spinach & Olive Pasta Salad with grape tomatoes & feta cheese.

It is a combination of two different recipes.


I was trying to duplicate a very similar salad that our local

Mustard Seed Market sells.

It turned out to be DELICIOUS & very close to the original.

I'll post the recipes later in the week, for Foodie Friday.


Our table for two was set with other hand painted dishes,

gifted to me from a cherished FL friend & neighbor after I had some surgery.

She left the basket of painted plates & wine glasses, along with a BIG bottle of wine & a note that said

"Here, drink will make you feel better.

I don't DO chicken soup!"

I still laugh over that note!


RED flatware is from Target, white dinner plates are from T. J. Maxx,

last year & their only marking is the letter "B".

Little white bowls for the fruit salad are from Big Lots.

Little RED bowls were purchased from a restaurant in FL.


I like how you can see the pattern of the white plate

through the clear glass salad plates.



Again, I accidently captured the spiral top

of the inside of the gazebo with this shot.

Honestly, I don't do it on purpose!

I'm always surprised when I download the photos & it shows up.

I also like how skinny it makes me I look in that shot,

too, so I HAD to use it. *wink*


I purchased the salad bowl & this water pitcher at different times & different places,

just because they went so well with the plates & wine glasses.



Our big white, deeply etched mugs were a

"Thank you" hostess gift from DH's sweet son & very thoughtful wife.


On the backs of the chairs, I placed some new dish towels to be used for napkins.


Can you see the fountain down at the pond?

The fine mesh screening of the gazebo makes taking photos out here a wee bit difficult.


I cut some branches from my neighbor's hydrangea bushes for some greenery...

hers bushes are HUGE & I knew she wouldn't mind.

Happily, after leaving them sitting out there, a week later,

they have roots starting!!!

I'll be thrilled if I plant them & they take.


You can see in this shot that the vase is also hand-painted.



Gingham ribbon runs through the reticulated edge

of my Ralph Lauren cake stand and

coordinates with the red gingham on the Wm. Sonoma placemats.


Dessert was maple iced coffee cake with big mugs of hot DECAF tea.

There is NO WAY I could drink a cup of REGULAR tea that size, so close to bedtime.


I'd be wide awake & in the bathroom all night long!



We really enjoyed our quiet dinner outside with just the two of us.

Our summer season is so short, we should do it more often!


Thanks for stopping by The Gazebo House!
Our doors are always open for you &
if you visit during the summer,
we'll eat out in the gazebo!


I'll also be linking with Susan's
Tablescape Thursday
The Tablescaper's
Seasonal Sundays

Also joining I Savor The Weekend
for her Patriotic Party!


  1. Love your tablescape, Rett! The hand-painted pieces are so pretty! And your meal looks so yummy! How fun to eat outside! It's too hot here! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  2. Rett, everything looks so festive and healthy too! I love your table settings, just perfect for a summer evening.

  3. That fruit in that bowl is stunning! Such beautiful pieces!

  4. Great setting Rett and the fruit salad is beautiful! I LOVE your neighbor's note, sounds like a fun girl:@)

  5. I love your hand painted beauties and your dinner looks delicious.

    I hope to get to meet you in Tipp City on the 16th.

    Remember to stop by on Tuesday to enter my giveaway.

    Have a great week! La

  6. I love the hand painted pieces also. Brilliant. And, that fruit salad...awesome. Coming over from Yvonne's. So nice to meet you.

  7. Everything looks so fresh and summery and I love your photos! That photo of the gazebo roof is amazing!

  8. Rett..your tablescape is wonderful and, as always, your photos are beautiful.
    Love that bowl of fruit...

  9. What a lovely presentation for two very delicious dishes. I really love your fruit, it is so inviting. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful day!
    Miz Helen

  10. A truly beautiful table. I love handpainted glass dishes and glasses. Your dishes look scrumptious.. many blessings, marlis

  11. Rhett, Your tablescape looks so inviting. Your meal looks so yummy especially the fruit salad. I love fresh fruit and could make a meal out of it all by itself. Our weather is so unpredictable right now. We never know what we are going to have. It has warmed up and doesn't sound like it will cool down very much tonight. It will be hot and muggy with the possibility of more rain the next three days. Have a great week. Your Missouri Friend.

  12. Rett, it all looks delicious! Your table is so fresh and inviting, I want to pull a chair up and spend the afternoon. I love to dine outside! ~ Sarah

  13. Rett, You really had a lovely dinner for 2. YOur handpainted dinnerware is so pretty and full of summer appeal!
    I can't wait for your pasta recipe! It looks fabulous.
    I think the note your friend tucked into her basket of goodies for you is a scream! I just howled!
    Thank your for participating in ON THE MENU MONDAY! You made it all the more sweet!
    xo Yvonne

  14. Pretty table, good food, lovely setting - what more could we need?
    That hydrangea should root for you - I've done it and had a nice big plant a year later.

  15. HI RETT!!
    I absolutely LOVED your set up for a romantic dinner for 2. Good for you for making an ordinary dinner so special. You are so sweet like that!!I really loved thjose menu choices, I will need that pasta recipe for sure!!!That fruit looks so good, I just may have to run to the market in the morning for some fresh fruit!!
    have a Blessed week my sweet friend,

  16. Wow, I'm coming just for dessert!

  17. Can I come?? Just the setting of the table in the gazebo always draws me in here. It all looks just perfect to me, and healthy too!

    (And I giggled at spoon skinny Rhett in the picture. I stand in front of my black refrigerator just to feel good about myself. LOL)

  18. I love your photos and tablescapes. I can't wait to see the recipe for the Greek salad later in the week...I have been looking for ideas for that. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Rett, as soon as I saw that fruit salad I was drooling! The hand painted pieces are so dainty and the towels on the chairs are a good idea! I need a friend to bring me a bottle and dishes too! And I think it is hilarious that you plan your menus around your dishes! That is just my style! Linda

  20. Beautiful handpainted pieces! I am especially loving your dinner menu. It looks delish!

  21. It's true - summer is very short and we have to enjoy every minute of it. Your handpainted glassware is so pretty - and you chose just the right foods to show it off!

  22. Happily following YOU! I'm glad I caught blogger while FOLOOWERS was actually working! Love to YOU!


  23. The pasta salad looks so yummy, I am glad you are going to post the recipe as I was going to ask for it. The dinner ware looks very inviting, love all the flowers and butterflies. Take care:)

  24. Your fruit and pasta both look divine. And what a beautiful tablescape...!

  25. Well that was lovely! The dishes, the food, the napkins, so cute.
    I have made over 20 hydrangea bushes from cuttings. You should b able to do it. Part sun/shade spot. They grow like weeds here! I love them, dh not so much. Says they are too big and take over!

  26. That all looks amazing! I love pasta salad and that fruit bowl... yummy!!! I always love the reflections in your silverware!

  27. You had me hooked at the fruit gazpacho. I agree with the others, everything looks so healthy. I could dine at your house everyday and be a very happy girl.

  28. Hi Rett
    The fruit bowl and pasta salad look so delicious I'll have to come back for the recipes.
    We're excited to have our mail delivery start again today so I can watch for your parcel but I'm sure there's a big backlog.

  29. Hi Rett - Your post is wonderful! I love your tablescape and your photos are stunning. You have really captured the vivid colors and textures.

    If you have rooted hydrangea cuttings you should have no problem getting them to take hold. They are very study plants.

  30. Everything looks so perfect here! Ideal for a beautiful summer day! So fresh and elegant tablescape. Loved the hand painted beauties. The dinner looks delicious and healthy. Thanks for sharing:)
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  31. I have always dreamed of having a gazebo, I LOVE the shot of the ceiling on your spoon, you skinny lady!

  32. I'm loving all this Patriotism and beautiful tablesettings! I wish I could visit everyone's home in person :) I'm so ready for the holiday and celebrations! Please post this entry at my Patriotic linky party I'm currently hosting. Have a safe and Happy 4th!!

  33. I'm a new follower - I need all the help I can get with my gazebo. Looking forward to reading all your ideas :)

  34. Thanks again for posting at my Patriotic Linky party - you are definitely gifted!!


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