Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Mug Mat For Sarah


I made this little *mug rug* or *mug mat*...whatever you want to call them...

for my friend, Sarah who

has the beautiful blog Hyacinths for the Soul.


Her husband does most of the cooking, (Lucky Stiff!) so I thought this little chef,

from a Loralie panel of fabric, would be perfect for her.

She is also nuts about Mary Engelbret stuff,

so the backing fabric was made with her Life is Just A Bowl of Cherries line.

I forgot to take any photos of the back...duh??...

but if you go HERE to Sarah's site, she posted several close-up shots.

I have SEW many other sewing projects to get to,

but instead, I've been outside planting all the stuff you see below.

Two Knock-Out rose bushes, two Everlasting Hydrangeas, begonias,

petunias, 9 green pepper plants as well as 9 eggplants, too &

so many heirloom tomato plants, I can't even count!

Our weather has FINALLY warmed up...almost TOO MUCH!

Between all the planting, sewing & tennis, I'm now having *issues* with my right hand & arm.

I'm not sure yet exactly what is going on...

could be carpal tunnel, perhaps or thoracic compartment syndrome or hopefully, its just a bursitis.

Whatever the cause, I'm not able to spend as much time on the computer right now.

I'll be back to play & visit with everyone soon

but I need to rest it & ice it for a bit.

Thanks for visiting with me at The Gazebo House.




  1. Cute mug rug Rett! 9 eggplant, wow, hope you'll share what you make with them! Hope your arm/wrist gets better soon, take it easy:@)

  2. Rett:

    You are so talented at zeroing in on just the right pattern for each person. I love my mug mat. One of these days I might even get around to doing a post on it! LOL!

    Do rest that arm and feel better.

    - The Tablescaper

  3. Great match up for Sarah's mat! I love mine.
    I just went for the annuals today. It has been so wet, the plants would have rotted.
    So I will be aching and paining along with you tomorrow!
    Feel better! Do you know a good doctor??? :)

  4. Gorgeous and love the hyrdrangeas!

  5. Cute as can be! I hope you are feeling better soon.
    I tried the Bayer fertilizer on my knock out roses, and they have bloomed a lot more. Some more than others. Thanks.

  6. Oh, how I wish I had a season long enough for eggplant. I will live vicariously through your garden. I bet you have lots of good eggplant recipes, too. If you need one or two, let me know. I am nuts for eggplant and have a couple of good ones.

  7. Gorgeous flowers. I need to get a couple of those hydrangea bushes. Take care of your arm and hand.

  8. I have the right arm issue frequently. It's God's reminder to us to backoff the computer. Your gift for your friend is adorable, I am sure she is going to love it. I love all those beautiful plants you have there. Enjoy the planting!

  9. The mug mat is SO cute...I know how much Sarah loves ME! have a lot to plant. I am going to try a climbing rose, wish me luck. The worst I could do is kill it! lol!

    Hope your arm feels better!


  10. Hi Rett, What DARLING little rug mats for Sarah! The fabrics are cute as can be. I know she is enjoying them. :)

    I notice you use a lot of pinks and blues in your flowers. I seem to be navigating towards some pinks too. I used to only go for reds and oranges and yellows. It's fun to explore outdoors with color. My husband plants all the veggies as that is HIS thing!

    So sorry about your arm discomfort. I get something in the joints near my elbow and wish I knew what it was. Old age ain't for sissies! ;)

    Loved seeing your flowers and sewing projects.

  11. Hi Rett, I am on a roll so far tonight blogger has been nice and let me post every comment that I have tried to post. It wasn't that way earlier for several days. I really like your mug rug or mat with the chef. He is cute. I liked your Memorial Post. We are a Military family having had brothers, uncles, and son serve at one time or another. I have nephews in Iraq and Afganstan at the present time. We just pray for them. I hope your arm and wrist gets better. Have you had the doctor check it out or do you do you own diagnosing like I do? Sometimes it isn't what we think it is. Have a great week and take it easy. Your Missouri Friend

  12. Hi Rett, No wonderful you are having trouble with your arm, look at all the activities. Take all the time you need to heal. Love the mug rug. hugs, Jen.

  13. Such a cute mug mat Rett. I am sure your friend treasures it.

    I can't believe all of your planting ~ you will have quite a harvest!

    I, too, have been having "issues" with my right arm, and it has been diagnosed as tennis elbow. Interesting, as I don't play tennis!! {I think it is really blogging elbow!!} Get better!


  14. Rett, I know what you mean about the weather getting warm- I was out planting earlier in the week and I about died being out in high humidity and in the 90's. Yikes! We had NO spring, did we? What an amazing array of colorful flowers. I am no gardener but would love some knockout roses. It is taking all I have just to keep the few things I did plant alive- you know I have a brown thumb! The irrigation system has a little leak and I'm waiting on a part to come in, so it's the old fashioned sprinkler and the hose for me for a while. Not to mention the sewer charges! I miss taking advantage of the deduction meter on the sprinkler system! LOL Hopefully I'll be back in business next week. Of course, with a big bill from the landscape company.... Stay cool and baby your arm! Your mug rug is adorable. hugs, Sue

  15. Your flowers and handiwork are beautiful.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  16. I hope your arm gets better, Rett. Your mug rugs are so pretty. You are really talented. Your plants and flowers are so pretty. It is so hot here too. It was 95 degrees today and so humid!....Christine

  17. Found you on Madame's list wow, I am pleased I ventured over. I love everything about you, your style, stitches, garden. New follower.

  18. Psst, how are you feeling? Miss you!

  19. Rett, what a sweet post. I'm the one who takes joy in using my thoughtful mug rug each day. It makes me smile thinking of the friendship between us. How fortunate I am!
    Good luck with all the planting. I need to replace the gardenia in the pot by the front door. It is really sick!
    Hope the are gets to feeling better. Have you tried a hand brace? That seemed to help my recent issue. ;-)
    Thank you again for your thoughtfulness, Rett. ~ Sarah

  20. Hi Rett, What a lovely mug mat! You are such a thoughtful lady. I enjoyed seeing your plants. You are certainly keeping busy. Sorry you aren't able to be on the computer much; perhaps DH could type for you? *giggle*
    Have a wonderful week!
    Blessings, Beth


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