Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nifty Thrifty Tuesday

Linda at Coastal Charm is hosting her

I found a few bargains this week to share.

This black, CHAPS sweater with
3/4 length sleeves, white buttons & trim I found at Kohls.

I plan on wearing it with white capris to church next week.
I just about froze this weekend, the AC was so cold.

Check out this bargain price!!

Down from the original price of $65
to $19.50 & then
final sale... 80% off

~~~ $13.00 ~~~


On top of that, I got to pull a scratch-off card &
that gave me another 15% off!!

Next, I found these brand new Bormioli
(made in Italy)
tumblers at GW.

There is a T. J. Maxx tag on them for
$6.99 but I got all 6 for only
~~~ $2.50 ~~~

I'll be using them on a July 4th table
later, so stay tuned.

I also found some of those great cheese domes
that everyone has been changing into pedestal cloches.

I think I will sand & paint the one on the left
& leave the other as it is, since it is in nicer condition.

Be sure to go see Debbie's version at
Confessions of a Plate Addict

Her's turned out AWESOME!!!!

Check out that bargain price, too~~Woo-Hoo~~!

Total spent: less than $20

*Bigger Grin*

Thanks for stopping by the Gazebo House

& thank you, Linda, for giving us a place to

share our Nifty Thrifty finds.

Everybody 's a bargain!




  1. Lucky you on the sweater Rett! I bought it (and a red one with black trim) at a much higher price (big sale and it was $35)! A great classic look at a terrific price.

  2. Very nice deals! I love those glasses the most. Excellent deal on those! I saw a hint of a cute table to come. I have a 4th of July table scape I'm revealing this Thursday too! I can't wait to see yours though, I know it will be fantastic!

  3. Rett, love that sweater! And the glasses! And the domes, too! You have some super finds there.


    Sheila :-)

  4. Thanks for your sweet comment. You found some bargains!!!! I love your tablescape last week....looking forward to this week's. I'm sure it will be beautiful!

  5. Love your finds and what great deals! How could you NOT buy the sweater?!? Can't wait to see your 4th of July table with your new tumblers! Good job!

  6. What wonderful bargains you found! Good looking things too! I look forward to your 4th of July tablescape!


  7. You did well! I love the sweater and can just see it with white capris - great look!

  8. Rett,
    Thanks so much for coming to my PARTY! Great price on those pretty the style! Hope you have a wonderful holiday!


  9. Rett, Great bargain on the sweater, toots! And the glasses were a major thrifty find, too. I loved Debbie's re-do of her cheese dome. Your transformation will be equally as nice, I'm sure. Seems that cheese domes were big finds all week long. LOL
    hugs, Sue

  10. Rett,
    What excellent finds! You new sweater will look fantastic with white! Can't wait to see you dome all done up! Thanks for sharing...
    dee dee

  11. Great shopping bargains! I would have loved to have been there with deals like that and shopped til I dropped Ü

  12. Wonderful posts. I just became a follower!

  13. Wonderful posts. I just became a follower!

  14. Rett, your finds are truly thrifty. Aren't you the clever shopper! The classic sweater will look great with the white pants. Looking forward to your patriotic table this week. ~ Sarah

  15. Rett, you are just shameless with your bargain brag! Shop on!

  16. And I nearly died of the heat at Mass Sat. No AC and it was so hot.
    Great bargains, I love the glasses! Beautiful!
    How's your finger doing?

  17. What great finds!
    I love the sale rack at Kohl's.
    Enjoyed visiting-
    I linked to the same party-

    White Spray Paint

  18. Those Kohls sales are great when you find something in your size.
    I have a few bargains I couldn't pass up and now have to fit into.
    Love the glassware. Another deal too good to pass up.

  19. Rett, our church is pretty cold too in the summer. That is a great bargain you got. Love those glasses. Reminds me that I need to visit GW again and see if I have better luck.

  20. Wow, great bargains! I have a similar RL sweater, so I know you definitely got a great deal on that. Love the glasses, too.

  21. Wow! I'm going shopping with you!!! I never find bargains......course, I'm usually sewing too, so that could be the reason. LOL

  22. Girl you got some great stuff...don't you just l♥ve a bargain...I seen Debbie's cheese dome she did an awesome job on it...Hope you have a GREAT day my dear friend thanks for coming by...I always love seeing you...Hugs and smiles to you dear friend...Gl♥ria


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