Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snowy Sunday in Ohio

Its hard to imagine that only 3 1/2 short
months ago,these were the scenes
in my neighborhood.

NOW, look at it!
Look at our hot tub!!!

Photo taken through the sunroom window
because I'd have to shovel the deck otherwise.

I must confess, the hot tub shots aren't
true depiction of our snowfall amounts.

We get a swirling of winds in that corner
of the deck, which really piles it up.

I think we've had at least 10 to 12 inches in
the past week, though.

My poor little crab tree is almost
buried by the plow pushing the
snow into our yard.

Hard to believe little Ms. C. was
picking pink petals from it a little while ago...

I am working on a smocked dress for her
to wear for
Easter, which is
less than 3 months away.

("Angel" pattern from Australian Smocking & Embroidery)
I know it will be here before I know it but still......

Hurry up Spring!


  1. Rett, what an amazing transition from fall to winter in your neighborhood. Both beautiful scenes from Mother Nature! Caroline looks so cute in her pretty frock. I assume you made this one. What a lucky little girl she is!
    Very cold here but fortunately now snow or ice. You know Texans don't do well with either. LOL
    I looked out the window and see that our ginger is crippled over in pain. I covered some things, but it is too large. It will come back in the spring, and since it didn't freeze back last year it had gotten HUGE.
    Hope things are good at your home. How is DH?
    Take care and stay warm. Working on that Easter dress is the perfect winter project. ~ Sarah

  2. Rett-This makes me feel like such a baby--complaining. Your pictures are beautiful. We have no snow, but our temperatures are just bitter--wind chills below zero and we are just not accustomed or equipped for that! I am trying to remain thankful. I know to every thing there is a season--but the season I want is spring !! :) Little Caroline is so cute--can't wait to see the Easter dress.

  3. I'm soooo sorry that you are having soooo much SNOW...if it makes you feel any has been in the teens here this week on the gulf has not been this COLD for this long of a period in twenty years...all my in ground tropical plants have died:( BRING ON THE SPRING...I'm soooo ready for it! Take care and try to stay WARM.


  4. HI RETT!!!!!
    I do think the snow pictures are just beautiful, but it is because I live in the desert!!!!! I can feel the bitter cold right through my computer!!!! We are headed up North to SNOW country next week-end and I am PRAYING and Praying for falling snow, I have only seen falling snow maybe 10 times in my life and I lOVE LOVE to see it snow!!!!!!
    I always want to visit the snow at least every year or so!!!! @-3 hours North of us, is Beautiful Flagstaff, but if your sister leaves here you are familiar with our wonderful Northern Part of the state!!!!!!
    That is alot of snow you have there though!!!! Will it melt before spring or is it there for the next 3 months??????So much for the hot tub use in the winter time!!!!!Stay warm
    Oh by the way do you make those pillowcase dresses????? My daughter and niece would like a Minnie Mouse pillowcase dress for the 2 baby girls --going to Orlando in March and we want to dress them alike!!!! We find them on the internet, but was just wondering if you make them and sell them!!!!! Caroline's dress is so cute and the one you are making sounds so darling!!!!!!

  5. I meant 2-3 hours north of us and if your sister LIVES here you know about flagstaff, sorry about the grammatical errors!!!!

  6. BOO RETT! I have enough of my own snow to look at..we just got rid of our 28 in, and then got bombarded again!
    Will I ever see pavement or grass..yes, I know, we will..but I am sick of it already!
    Mr friend just arrived in South Fla and she said it was 40!!!
    Glad I don't have to pay to have 40 degrees! LOL

    I LOVE Caroline's dress.
    I am not a talented seamstress..I wonder if I could do it.
    I would love to make one for my 8 year old Lily...
    Do you have time to teach me???:)

  7. What a great idea to show us summer-winter pictures to compare. Europe has a cold wave too !

  8. Brrrrrr!
    Tis cold for sure.
    I lift my spirits by reminding myself...we're one day closer to SPRING.
    God bless,
    d from homehaven

  9. Rett, your neighborhood just looks so pretty in the snow. Great pictures! Sewing Caroline's next little couture garment will be a great way to hunker down in this nasty weather. We have not been over 8º in days but tomorrow things may break up into the twenties. We had 9 days straight of snow and it just looks so pretty.

  10. This sure is the winter for crazy weather. We were blasted with a blizzard that wasn't forecast and all the major roads were gridlock for hours.

    Great summer -vs- winter photos. I think we have a few long cold months ahead before we see any buds on those branches.

  11. I can't get over all the snow!! It is really beautiful! It's just too bad all the cold weather has to come with We are finally warming up a bit in my area, thank goodness. You asked about the gold's called rub n buff (antique gold) and comes in a small tube. I bought it at Hobby Lobby. You just put a little on a paper towel and rub it on, not to heavy though, then you rub it off. I've used it on tons of accessories, it works really well. It just seems to brighten things up and gives them a new look. I hope this helps! Thanks for all of your sweet comments on my blog!! Kristen

  12. Rett,
    My that's alot of snow. We only have about 3 to 4 inches here and that's more that enough for me. I love the little dress on your granddaughter! Did you make it? Keep warm... Dee Dee

  13. Your pictures just prove to me how much I don't like winter. I know it is pretty...but, I still don't like it. Look at those fall leaves, that spring tree...all that color. The snow...blah. It doesn't look much different in Illinois!


  14. The pictures are beautiful! We only had a little dusting...I am a little jealous :) You can tell I am from the south! It has been so cold here but I bet it is cold there!
    I know the dress you are making is beautiful. I used to smock years ago when my daughters were young. I hope one day I will have a grandchild to sew for! I kept every dress I made for my girls.

  15. Good morning darling, your pictures are amazing. Your neighborhood is gorgeous, snow and all. lol. Like you we're all ready for Spring to hit our area. We're pretty tired of the frigid temps. This week we're promised a warm up.. yippee!! Caroline is adorable. Looking forward to seeing her little dress. What a lost art smocking is.. grandma used to do it and I always loved watching her fingers work their magic.... hugs ~lynne~

  16. My mom (Mimi's Corner) told me about your grand-daughters pillowcase dress, so I just had to come and see for myself! SO darling! We are planning a trip to Disney world again and looking for a minnie pillowcase dress. Do you make and sell them on a site somewhere??

  17. Beautiful photographs of your snowy neighborhood, Rett! Your different seasons shots remind us that 'to everything there is a season' with much to enjoy. Spring is the next one to anticipate but don't forget to enjoy this one, too! Love, Karen

    PS: Thank you for the sweet comments on my blog!

  18. Hi Rett,

    Looks like a great time to clear off that hot tub and enjoy a nice, relaxing spa experience (and a quick sprint back into your beautiful home!). The snow is gorgeous, but I'm sure it's an inconvenience to have so much of it. At least you can work on Caroline's Easter frock while you're waiting for better weather. I know it will be absolutely lovely. You'll show us, won't you? ;)


  19. Rett, I know! But I must admit I just love snow! It doesn't stay around for long so I love when it visits!
    Thank you for your kind comments. No, I don't know your friends, my loss.
    The wreath was VERY easy to make. I also spray painted 2 other wreaths, so today I am making another wreath for my side door. I think I'll post that too.
    Have a happy and blessed day.

  20. HI Rett!!!!
    How did Hubby's Doctor visit go yesterday????
    I hope his blood pressure is down and no more passing out, how scary!!!
    I hope it is warming up there-haha
    Keep warm!!!


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