Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ham & Bean Soup for Sat. Blog Showcase

Dear blogging friends, it is such a difficult time of tragedy
with so many experiencing the
devastating earthquake in Haiti.

I am finding it difficult to blog about frivolous things,

with all the terrible suffering going on.
We are praying with every newscast!

We have had only one message from our friends
who were there doing missionary work.

I'm sure, since he's a cardiologist & she is an RN,
that they are staying to help in whatever way they can.

None the less, I wanted to participate in Lori & Ann's
Saturday Blog Showcase
so here is my entry into the event.

Today the Saturday Blog Showcase is being hosted
at Lori's beautiful site
All That Splatters.

She & Ann, from Thibault's Table
are taking turns hosting this fun event
where you make a recipe that
you've found on another person's blog,
giving them credit & a link to their site.

The idea is to try a new recipe each week,
one that another blogger has shared on his or her blog.

Prepare the recipe any time during the week and
then link your post on Saturday to the Blog Showcase.

I've made Cathy's delicious white bean with ham soup,
featured on her blog Wives with Knives.

Her recipe can be found by following the link above to her site,
She has copyright rules posted on her site,
so I will not place her recipe here.

I had frozen the leftover bone-in ham
from our Christmas feast,
so that was my start.
I followed her recipe as written &
after simmering the meat for several hours,
I removed it & the bones.

I then added the beans & other ingredients to cook
while the meat cooled enough to remove all the bits & pieces from the bone.
I used my hand held blender to puree the beans before
adding the ham back to the pot.
Some people around here profess to dislike beans....
what they can't see won't hurt them, right?

It was DELICIOUS & really hit the spot
on a cold, snowy Ohio day.

I must say, though, my addition of the croutons
to the top was NOT a good idea.
I was trying to make it look pretty for the picture.
They got soggy very quickly.
Won't do
that again!

I will be making this recipe again, though!

Thank you for stopping by....have a good weekend!


  1. Rett, that looks delicious!!

    I understand what you mean about the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. Sending good thoughts for your friends and all the other survivors of this tragedy.

  2. LOL, I used Cathy's Stollen recipe this week..GMTA...:)

    The soup looks delicious..
    Great for this cold weather..
    And we are all praying for those poor souls in Haiti..

  3. I will go by for a visit and get the looks sooooo good...I have my ham bone too! I posted that address of La France in Tampa on your Biday post last night...hope you find it and have a great time there!


  4. Rett, the soup does look delicious.
    I'm with you on your thoughts about Haiti. My Pink Saturday post is in thought of the paper maché artists in Jacmel, Haiti, who I met this past summer at the festival in Santa Fe. Fall 08 they suffered a devastating hurricane and now this. My heart aches for the people of this country. ~ Sarah

  5. My mother used to make this all the time and I love it.

    I will be saying prayers for you & your friends over in Haiti. We too, feel just awful about the devastation and suffering and we have been sending out lots of prayers. Thanks Retta.


  6. I'm go happy you enjoyed my soup recipe, Rett, and I thank you for posting it on Ann and Lori's new event, Saturday Blog Showcase.

    It's heartbreaking to watch the news and see the devastation and misery in Haiti. I pray that your friends are OK and that medical aid and supplies start arriving soon.

  7. Hi Rett, I'm feeling so badly for the people of Haiti, too. Sending positive thoughts that for friends and all of those affected by the tragedy.

    That soup looks so good and comforting ~ it looks so inviting. I have never, ever been disappointed with any of Cathy's recipes, so thank you for sharing this one. I hope to make it soon.


  8. I love bean soups made with a ham bone. I can't believe how many people have ham for Christmas! I'm Canadian and turkey is what we ALWAYS have.

  9. I freeze those ham bones too! Then I pull them out later for a big pot of gumbo or black bean soup. Your soup looks wonderful to mee.

    Yes, I am praying for our Haitian brethren too I think Sanjay Gupta should be elevated to sainthood for what he has been thru, gunfire, abondonement by other doctors, and so much more. But there are many saints there right now doing miraculous work. I am sure your dear friends are part of that God Squad.

  10. The soup looks wonderful, I bet it smells even better.

    My thoughts are with those in Haiti as well. Some fellow RN friends are currently trying to get there to help out in any way they can.

  11. Ham and bean soup is a favorite of mine. I love the way it smells while it cooks and I love a big piece of cornbread with it. This looks delicious.

    It is hard to think about things other than those poor people. I keep seeing the parents who heard that their college student daughter was rescued and they found out it wasn't true. She hasn't been found. Heartbreaking.


  12. hi rett, you are going to have some delish food coming from lori, ann and cathy!

    thanks for stopping by food for thought, when you find time to read a book i hope you will join in next time~

    i love your book club books, riverton was a fav for me, i really enjoyed it, but i have a thing about english gardens!

    you asked about my camera, i use sony, i am just point and shoot, too busy to do anything else, but i like sony with the carl zeiss lens, it just works well in low light and can be very forgiving!shopping is daunting, but i have always loved sony, so i may not be the one to ask!

  13. That looks soooooo good. Comfort food at its best. I think I have a ham bone in the freezer. Thanks for showcasing one of Cathy's recipes. I think this is the second one of Cathy's showcased this week.

  14. My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Haiti ... it is so sad. This recipe sounds delicious!
    Thanks for sharing.

  15. Oooo...great idea for a blog party. Your picture looks great. My hubby would love this soup!


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