Monday, December 28, 2009

Grandkids Vacation Sleep-over Dinner

Does this not say "PARTY!" to you?

I found the same Department 56 cake cover that Susan at Between Naps on the Porch
found during my post- holiday bargain hunting.

You can bet I was squealing with excitement when I saw it!

It looks okay on my Mikasa Christmas cake plate
but I'll be on the hunt for the one that really goes with it.

Look how cute it looks with these towels I machine embroidered last year.


I decided to use it as my centerpiece for a Christmas vacation
sleep-over dinner with the grandkids this week.

The table is all set with the Gibson white plates &
different snow scenes on the salad plates for each person.

The napkins are tucked between the sled runners
of these cute little snowmen favors that I found at the Dollar Store.
Each one is different & they can take them home with them the next day.

Besides the cake I'm making to go under my new cake dome,
they will hopefully finish up the leftover Christmas cookies.
I need to stay away from these!

I'm making hot cocoa for everyone in these darling little teddy bear mugs.
I didn't put them on the table since I will need to be pouring HOT liquids nearer to the stove.
Safety first when those sweeties are underfoot!

Can you see my poor rosemary plant out the window behind the mugs?
It is covered with snow!

Check out the hot tub, too!!! Yikes!
That's got to be about 6 to 8 inches of the four letter word...SNOW

We are in the middle of a massive lake effect snow warning today &
it has been coming down in big fluffy flakes all day long!

Thank goodness they weren't supposed to be coming over today.
They are probably outside sledding & making snow angels.

When you're young, winter in Ohio can be lots of fun!

Taken this morning......Look how its grown overnight!!!!

It's almost time for another Tablescape Thursday with our gracious hostess,
Susan of Between Naps on the Porch!

Be sure to stop by her beautiful blog to see other participants in the party!
Thanks Susan for hosting this fun event each week.


  1. I LOVE that cake cover!!! MY colors, for sure! Where on earth did you find it? It's so totally funky!

  2. Love the cake cover. I haven't even set foot in a store. But feeling better every day!
    I have the same snowmen dishes and the snowmen on the sleighs, although I bought them a couple of years ago!
    You have great tastes!!!!

  3. The cake cover is darling and I think it goes really well with your pedestal. All of your dishes are precious and perfect for the little ones. I must have missed those snowmen favors at the dollar store...they are too cute!!

    Great stuff here, Retta!! :-)


  4. That cake cover is so pretty! Great colors and it looks nice on your cake stand.

  5. Rett, what an adorable table all ready for the visit/sleepover of your adorable grands. The cake cover makes a great center piece and the snowpeople dishes are going to bring big smiles for sure. Stay warm and have a grand time with the grandchildren.
    Hugs ~ Sarah

  6. HI!!!
    I love the cake cover and the entire fun Christmas table decor!!!! The kids probably loved it!!! I LOVE that view from your window!!!! I laughed when I read your comment about us being cold at 45 degrees!!! Now I would be freezing there in OHIO!!!!!!It was so cold that night, I cannot imagine how cold it must be there!!! Wow I think you said 10 degrees!!!! Does that not feel like a freezer --like the one at the grocery store where they keep frozen food!!!!!
    God Help you Midwesterner's!!!!! My family lives in the Chicago area, St. Louis and Indiana, so they laugh at me too!!!!
    Happy New Year!!!
    Oh thank you so much for the Chicken soup offer, I wish you were my neighbor!!! Although I do have some pretty awesome neighbors!!!

  7. It DOES say PARTY!!!!!!! Love it. I may have to look for one myself. too cute. I want to come to this party. I bet they had a wonderful time.

  8. Thank you for your comment on my blog! It led me to yours and I love it! I have been surfing all around looking at all your gorgeous stuff!!

    I am a follower and I will be back!

    Lou Cinda :)

  9. What a cute table setting! I love the dishes and cake cover. You did get alot of snow! It was so pretty here for a few days, I hope we get more soon, I just love it! Thanks for your sweet visits to my blog!! Kristen

  10. That is so cute! I bet the kids loved it!
    I bought the big black wicker snowman hat to do a table..hope I get to it..but snowmen are good till Feb., no?

  11. Rett, I'm so glad you found that cute cake cover! Love how you used it on your table, and how cute your table looks. Your grands are going to have SO much fun! And those little mugs are darling, too.

    I can't believe all of that snow!!! I wouldn't begin to know what to do with it. I've only seen snow a few times in my life, and I don't do cold well. LOL! It's a good thing I live in Florida, right??? ;-)

    Still, it's a beautiful sight to behold...

    Love to you!


    Sheila :-)

  12. Too cute!! They have to love this! Can I come, lol????

  13. Great cake cover! Rett, you are creating such a legacy for your grandchildren, one of fantastic memories.

  14. Rett, You set a wonderful table! I love all the snowmen!
    I know that you are having the best time with those adorable grandkids!
    Thank you for your kind words- I feel the same way about you!
    You are a blessing!

  15. Rett,
    I love the cake plate! Your tablescape looks like so much fun for the kiddies! I must also say, that I'm very thanksful that our part of Ohio did not receive that much of the "white stuff"!
    Dee Dee

  16. Love the cake cover! I wish I could find one just like it! I love all the snowmen dishes and decor. The snow is beautiful too.
    Blessings and Hugs,

  17. Rett,

    I am so looking forward to seeing your landscape quilts on Art Work Friday over on d dzine's blog. Can't wait!

    Your grandchildren are truly blessed to have such a wonderful grandmother! You make their life extra fun and special. Way to go Grandma!!!!!!!


  18. Rett,
    Please join me on Friday with posts of your quilts! My grandma used to quilt and I think it is such a beautiful art form! I am so looking forward to seeing your talent!... Dee dee

  19. Hi Rett...

    Just read the sweet note that you left for me on my Christmas home tour post...thank you so much for coming by, my friend and for leaving me such a sweet note!!! Yay!!! So nice to hear that a few other are leaving up their Christmas for a few more days!!! Hehe! My friend, I just went through your last few Christmas posts and your home is gorgeous in all of it's Christmas finery!!!

    Ohhh my...and I just adore your new Dept. 56 cake's sooo pretty! Love that big red bow on the top and the bright green and red colors! It just makes me smile!!! Your grandchildren are just going to love the special table that you set for's so fun and festive!!! Love the Christmas plates and how you slid the napkins under the runners of the little snowmen sleds! How creative!!! Well my friend, have lots of fun with those grandbabies!!! Enjoy!!!

    Warmest wishes and blessings for the coming new year, Rett!!!

    Chari @Happy To Design

  20. I LOVE this table! You've got my favorite ~ snowmen and I love how you used the little ones from the dollar store. I thought the cake cover went with that dish! I think it will work even if you don't find the cake plate. I love the lime green, too. I think it looks so fresh with red.

  21. What a cute and whimsical cake cover. It actually reminds me of my wedding cake.

  22. PARTY!! Is right! I love that cake cover. Adorable! Darling table!

    Happy New Year!

  23. Oh your cake cover is perfect with your towels! And such a cute tablesetting for the grands -- I have a grandgirls snowscape in mind for January -- have fun!

  24. Cute table. I love the cake cover and the snowman dishes. The favors are perfect for little ones to remember such a festive meal. Thanks so much for sharing! Have a very happy new year!

  25. I looked for the cake cover myself :)--no luck. I LOVE those teddy bear mugs. Hope all is going well there! Happy 2010!

  26. That is such a sweet table for some sweet kiddos! I have some giggleboxes over here right now, but they are of the teen variety! No difference,they all love sweets and to be doted on. Have a Happy New Year, Rett!
    Cheers, Andrea

  27. What fun! Both the cake cover and your blue tablescape are terrific and perfect for you grandkids! I'm sure they feel extra special when Nana treats them like grown-ups by using nice dishes for them. I REALLY love those bear mugs!
    Happy 2010!


  28. Those napkin rings are just too cute. The whole table just makes me smile. Thank you for sharing.
    Happy New Year.

  29. What a cute table - especially your cake dome. Perfect for the grandchildren. Thanks for stopping by. You asked about Bordello Pinheiro majolica. It is pretty much all from that factory. Ross & TJ seem to have a lot of it now. --Delores

  30. Hello Rett,
    I know I am your age but will you be my Nana? What fun...very creative.

    I wanted to thank you for your sweet comment on my blog this morning. It was precious to me that you took the time.

    I also would like to say my hat is off to any one in critical is a calling. When my son of 18 yrs had a head on collision without his seatbelt and suffered a tramatic brain injury, those ladies were the best in ICU...they loved on all of us. He recovered...slowly. If you ever come back by you can click on his truck on my sidebar for his story.

    May you and your husband have a very healthy and Happy New Year.

  31. YAY! You found one! Doesn't it just make you smile EVERY time you see it. :-) I don't want to put mine away after the holiday...I just may leave it out...does that make me weird? LOL
    Love how you tucked the napkins into the sled runners...sooooo cute! Bet your grandchildren adored this table!
    The snow! That is some serious snow you got there! Quick...time to break out the hot chocolate! :-)

  32. That cake cover is so adorable it doesn't even need a cake! My Goodness I love it so much! And the snow... It just boggled my mind to see that much snow on your hot tub... I'm a west coast girl and don't see much snow... I really love your playful table setting!

    To answer your question you left on the Project Table; No those flowers weren't fresh (Shame on me!) And no I didn't make those adorable napkin cuffs... I found them at a little Christmas boutique. But they would be so easy to make! There were two buttons on them too... so you could use them on thicker napkins.

    Stop back by for my New Years Day Give-away!
    ~Really Rainey~

  33. Rett, what an adorable table! Love the cake dome. Your grandkids are going to forever remember how special grandma is for taking the time to do fun holiday tables for them.
    Happy New Year to you and yours!

  34. Hi Rett!

    I love the cake cover and it looks perfect with the Mikasa footed cake plate! Your embroidered towels are fabulous. I agree, the lime green is gorgeous. The entire table is terrific. Thank you for the inspiration. I wish you and your loved ones much happiness in the coming year.


  35. What fun peek into your world!!
    Happy New Year :)

    My first time to join in the Table Scape group...such sweet ladies!!!

  36. I love, love, love your cake cover.. My heart is screaming to have I love your hand work.. beautiful. There isn't anything more fun than having grandkids over. Wow... your snow truly grew over night. We've had quite a bit here and now the cold is setting in..What a delight to have you stop by.. I love your blog name.. right up my alley... I hope you and yours have a Happy New Year..hugs ~lynne~

  37. Rett~This is a very inviting and festive setting. The dept.56 cake cover is adorable. It is the perfect party centerpiece. I love giving out favors too. The little snowman sledders as napkin holders was a creative idea. I would imagine your grandchildren will have a wonderful time at your party.

    Sweet wishes,

  38. Great snow theme tablescape! The cake cover is beautiful! Those teddybear mugs are adorable!

    I've enjoyed getting to know you this year and look forward to your neat ideas in 2010!

    Happy New Year!


  39. Hi, Rett,
    This is so adorably cute! Love the salad plates and those teddy bear mugs are adorable. I know the kids loved them!


  40. Did I get that right? You embroidered the towels?????
    They are magnificent.

    - The Tablescaper

  41. Oh, this is just too cute! Love the cake cover and yes, I think it looks fine on your cake plate.

    The kids place settings were adorable. I love that they can take those cute napkin rings home the next day.

    Sounds like a lot of fun.

  42. Can't wait till my grandchild is old enough for sleep over parties.

    Looks like you had fun making this a special event for the little ones. The Santa mugs are the cutest things.


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