Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Snacks for the my quilt group.

I didn't think I'd have time to join in

Susan's Tablescape Thursday at her

blog, Between Naps on the Porch

because I was so busy getting ready

for my quilting group's visit.

Then I thought....why not just photograph

what I had set up for them,

even though it isn't exactly a table setting.

I put everything on my bakers rack in the kitchen.

I made little individual pumpkin breads

in my mini bundt shaped muffin pan.

I drizzled them with softened cream cheese icing.

Not my greatest decorating effort. ~~insert rolled eyes~~
(I should have practiced a bit first)

They tasted good though, with the addition of

crushed pineapple & nuts to the mix &

they looked cute on my pumpkin plates, too.

I took a few photos with pumpkin candles burning.

I am surprised at how PINK they look in the photo!

I love this black candle holder that I found at Big Lots years ago!
It has such wonderful texture & it looks really pretty lit,

although you can't see it very well in this photo.

I've just GOT to talk to Santa about a new camera!

This little carved wooden plaque is the perfect saying!

I used this little turkey sugar bowl & creamer set today.

It will be on our Thanksgiving table as well in a few weeks.

Behind him, you can see the Thanksgiving Prayer
I framed.

by Myrka at Enchanted Sigg


  1. Rett, this is all so pretty. I love it. YOur little individual breads look wonderful and I know they were soooooooo yummy. Your bakers rack is gorgeous and you have it decorated beautifully. Everything looks so inviting. Hugs, Marty

  2. Oh your little breads are so cute. Everything looks so fallish and full of Thanksgiving! Great job!

  3. Love the little breads -- they are so cute and look great on those pumpkin plates.

  4. Hi Rett- What a lovely set baker's rack. Great attention to detail! Those little pumpkins are so sweet. I would not be able to quilt, because I would be eating!

  5. Hey Rett!
    I can almost smell those little pumpkin cakes. Makes me want to pull out my mini bundt pan and get started. You always inspire me.
    I know your friends truly enjoyed the care you took with your table and refreshments. Love the baker's rack.
    Jane (Artfully Graced)

  6. This is really neat, I'm glad you posted it! Those little pumpkin muffins are so cute. Love it all!


  7. Love all the pictures, you did such a great, especially when you said you didn't have much time, beautiful

  8. The whole setting is so warm and inviting!!! Wish i had a bite of that pumpkin cake!!!! They look so yummy with that luscious cream cheese on top!!!
    I know your quilting group had a great time!!!

  9. I love the little pumpkins on the pumpkin plates...your friends must have been impressed. Everything looks so pretty and offers such a warm welcome.


  10. Your buffet looks very pretty and I am glad you shared it with us. The individual cakes look so yummy with the beautiful frosting....Christine

  11. Hi Rett, I would consider that a tablescape... And I would also consider eating those fantastic looking pumpkin breads! Yummy...
    Have a great rest of the week...
    ~Really Rainey~

  12. Lovely! The mini bundts look scrumptious!


  13. I love the little bundts! :) Just to pretty to eat! It is all so festive. Love it!


  14. Rett-I have been known to take a few liberties with the definition of "tablescape", but I think yours fits the bill! Those mini pumpkins breads are darling and the "drizzling" is just perfect. Am I going crazy? The prayer is in the crazy "wing ding" font on my computer. I don't see that anyone else has mentioned it, so it must be just me.

  15. Rett, thanks for sharing your bakers rack set for your quilt group. It all looks so festive. The mini pumpkin cakes look delicious. I would like one with my morning coffee. The prayer is in the "wing ding" font on my computer also. I see only one other person commented so it must be a Mac thing. LOL
    Have a great day! ~ Sarah

  16. The mini pumpkin breads are adorable and look yummy. How fun to have your quilting friends over. Yes, your prayer is a little funny in wing ding font - but it made me smile.

  17. Oh they look SO good! Love your bakers rack all ready for inviting:-)

  18. I'm so glad you showed the setup for your gathering! Your little pumpkins cakes look perfect. I also love the ambience of candlelight. So pretty!!

  19. how cute those little pumpkin breads are- makes me want to break out the bundlette pan and modify my pumkin roulade recipe- this way looks more appetizing!!! Funny you should show a pic of the prayer- i came across a celebrations book that had several tday prayers and them and was thinking I would frame one or two to use as decoration. Thanks for sharing- hope you got some smocking done!!

  20. Rett, I'm so glad you shared the setting for your Quilting group ~ It makes us feel as if we are part of the fun.

    All of your autumn decorations are delightful, love you Baker's Rack ~ and your cakelets are darling! (And delicious too, I'm sure.) Thank you for inviting us in! :)

  21. Very well done Rett, I love those cute little breads and your baker's rack looks lovely as well! Cindy

  22. What a marvelous idea photographing your fabulous bakers rack for Tablescape Thursday. Wow, I have never seen a more elaborate one and I envy you!! All of the pieces you have displayed are interesting and pretty, all treasures, I'll bet! Love the framed prayer and I think the candles burning turned out great in the photo.

    Now, I have to have your recipes!! Those pumpkin cakes turned out so nice. The frosting is 'the icing on the cake'!! lol!!

    Thanks for coming by. I always enjoy your comments!


  23. Everything looks so cute! I think this qualifies as a tablescape. Love the little cakes. I hope this comment posts, having some weird trouble with Google today. (Great! Just in time for "Doors of Welcome").
    Hope to see your Thanksgiving Door tomorrow!
    HAGD! Karen

  24. So pretty, I want to come too! I know they loved it.

  25. Nice--so cute...even those little pumpkin cakes are cool looking!

  26. Very pretty I love t he Black door and all of your decorations are lovely!!
    thanks for stopping by. I love these events that inspire us to make new friends!!


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