Monday, July 25, 2016

KISS *Tea Party Picnic* 2016


The *Tea Party Picnic* for my KISS Quilt Guild went off without a hitch!  Whew!  
Everyone seemed to have a great time & the quilt projects, both in the Challenge & the mini group's *Show & Tell* were wonderful!!! 


I left the house at 7:30 am,
with my car packed to the max!

My committee members, JoAnn & Norma & myself ran around like crazy women, getting all the placemats, teapots & napkin/cutlery into place just 2 hours before the event.

I made the PINK lemonade & the man who runs the hall had already made up ice tea.

He also got the coffee started for us, which you can't see over in the left corner.

Photo below is a partial set-up of the beverage area with fresh mint (from my garden...for the iced tea)
in one of my silver teapots along with
those lemons that got cut up, too!


I had a bouquet of fresh PINK flowers in a bigger silver teapot, set on a round mirror next to the sign-in sheet.

I thought it made a nice *first impression* as members entered.


I typed up a little label that said, (in PINK):


I tucked it behind that opening in this cute card from my grands &
had it sitting beside the silver teapot at the entrance.


This is a shot of the food tables & dessert area prior to everyone's arrival.  
That arch had white lights, which I remember to plug in at the very last minute!

Pink & Green were the colors throughout the entire day.


Every table had ONE place setting that did not get a knife inside the PINK wrapped napkin.
The person who sat at that spot was the winner of the little fabric sweetener holders!


The ladies loved the little fabric bowls for the sweetener & we gave all 20 of them away as door prizes.
Thank you to all my committee members for helping to make them!


We had TONS of really good food!  I wish I'd gotten back to the tables to take some photos but I was up on a stage, doing the announcing,
along with Lee B., Chairwoman of the Mini Groups.  

DSC_4373 Just a few shots of the yummy desserts that arrived early enough for me to take a picture.  
(note to self:  assign a photographer next year!)

The gals really got into the theme of the party, bringing little tea sandwiches, choc. covered strawberries, beautiful mini fruit tarts, similar to these, only smaller, bite size versions.

   The biggest hit of the party was the  "Tea Bag Cookies", made by my most helpful committee member, Norma.

  She baked shortbread rectangles, cut off the top corners & poked a hole with a straw in that top area.  After they cooled, she dipped them in melted chocolate.  Then she threaded some baker's twine with a tag (like on a teabag) that said "KISS 2016". 


 Everybody oohed & awed over them!  She displayed them on an antique pedestal cake plate which added to the ambiance of the occasion nicely.  Thanks Norma!!


Let's take another peek at Norma's spectacular cookie treats!!!  SEW CUTE!!


One member captured a few photos with her phone of the big mini group's reveal *Show & Tell* .
I'm sorry the pics are blurry but it was the best I could do to enlarge them for the blog.
It really gives you an idea of all the talent in this group!

download (1)     download (2)        download (4)   IMG_0232



Lastly, a peek at one of next year's
 mini group projects! 
 I can't wait to make this one!


Thanks for stopping by The Gazebo House today to see the results of months of planning for the *Tea Party Picnic*.

  I hope you enjoyed viewing it as much as the members seemed to enjoy being there.


  1. Rett, this must have been a wonderful time to celebrate all the creative talent of this group. You obviously did an outstanding job. The food and tables are so well organized. Love the idea of the tea bag cookie!
    Did you make the darling tea pot pin cushion? Thanks for sharing your fun event.

    1. Thanks Sarah, for your kind words. I did not make that teapot pin cushion...wish I had a pattern to duplicate it, though! It is a favorite of anyone who sees it!
      I'm pretty sure I bought it at JoAnn's ... a long time ago.

  2. Oh what fun, fun, fun, Rett! I loved seeing all the details of the picnic, with your pretty pink and green theme. I know all the talented ladies had such a great time. The tea bag shortbread cookies were just darling! Of course, the sweetener holders made for the sweetest giveaway. I have a teapot pin cushion similar to yours. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful quilts and your wonderful party. I'm so glad that you have this group of ladies to share your love of sewing and quilting with.

    1. Thanks so much, Kitty! I would be very lonely without my quilt groups to fill my days. Their meetings are truly the highlights of my month.

  3. Rett, with all your hard work and planning, I'm g lad the event turned out so well. I love the little sweetener baskets. What fun you must have all had sharing your beautiful projects.

  4. What a lot of work, and what a wonderful outcome, Rett. It must have been such a delight for everyone as they entered the room. You did a beautiful job of it all!! I love those tea bag cookies and the little sweetener baskets - so clever!

  5. Hi Rett, Glad to know your event was a success! Your pink bouquet in your silver teapot is so pretty! I love the little sweetener baskets and your teapot collection shared at each table. I have wanted to make teabag cookies, for some reason I had in my head that you needed a teabag-shaped cookie cutter to make them...cutting off the corners of a rectangle makes it super easy. I need to remember the KISS rule. :)

  6. Rett, you ladies know how to have a good time! I've always intended to make those tea bag cookies for one of my afternoon tea parties, but somehow I never get around to it! However, I have a friend who would be happy to make them for me, so ...


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