Monday, December 16, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things!


I know I've shared this little lantern that hangs from my shepherd hook with you before but I wanted to show you how much snow we've gotten in the past few least 6" with more to come tomorrow!


This is a picture of the snow covered berries on the little tree in the front of the house.
I'm surprised the birds haven't eat all of them!


 I'm busy INSIDE, decorating for Christmas!

I placed this tall, life-like golfing Santa in our den, which has lots of sports memorabilia scattered around.

The sun was shining on his face & golf bag, so I grabbed my camera to capture the fleeting moment.  
The sun has been scarce around here lately. 


I have a little tip to share with you, if you're making any of these floating candle arrangements that are so popular right now.


 I used distilled water, as I think it seems clearer than regular tap water.  Also be sure to rinse off your greens well before you put them in the water.  They can be dusty from the outdoors & that makes the water murky. 


A little splash of bleach in the water will help to keep the bacterial growth down & thus, it will stay nice longer. 

You still have to change the water weekly, but the whole arrangement stays fresh for quite a while.  

I found those pretty floating candles in the wedding department of Hobby Lobby. 


Another little treat I found are these darling holiday metal lids for small canning jars...from Walmart.


Aren't they festive?  This is the first year I've seen them & I'm going back for more today.  They fit the small, pint sized jars...I have not seen any for the larger quart size.


I'll be ready for next year, with some homemade gifts!



I bought this double tiered wrought iron basket (shown below) at Sam's Club, earlier this year.  
Usually I have fresh fruit in it, sitting on my kitchen counter.


 This Christmas, I'm using it to hold a dozen Pfaltzgraff mugs, for quick access.  It takes up very little counter space near the coffee bar, which is at a premium right now.


I have a few different decorations outside on the front porch this year, too, that I'd like to share with you.


A stack of heavily gilded gift boxes (which fit down inside each other, for easy storage) sit beside a *Santa Snowman* on my bench.


I did a machine embroidery snowman face design on the end of a king size pillowcase, stuffed it with 2 pillows, gave him a scarf & a Santa hat.  I think he needs a belt, too, don't you?


The entire entryway is decked with holly & pinecones, 


 with both fresh & artificial mixed together.


Those are Ms. C's ice skates, that don't fit her anymore.
I tucked some of my Dad's song sheets down inside, 
just for sentiment.  My Dad had the most beautiful voice &
sang solos at our church throughout his life.


Thanks, Mary, from "Home Is Where The Boat Is", for the idea to fill my galvanized watering can with greens.
Go HERE to see her beautiful display!


The light in the little black lantern, below, is a battery operated tea light.  Last year, it stayed on for MONTHS!  I think it was still glowing faintly well into January.  I bet it is the cold temperatures here in Ohio that helped it last so long.

I put a fresh battery in for this Christmas season & I just leave it turned on continuously, night & day.  
It is too cold to go out to turn it on & off each day!


You're welcome to stop by The Gazebo House for a cuppa something, tea, cocoa...whatever your perference.
We've left the light on for you!!  

Linking to Susan's "Metamorphasis Monday" at Between Naps on the Porch as well as The Tablescaper's "Season Sundays" party & Marty's "Inspire Me" meme at her lovely blog,  A Stroll Thru Life.   Be sure to visit these lovely ladies to see what everyone else is doing this holiday season!


  1. Oh my, everything is so pretty. I love those jar lids, how cute are they and your porch with the sleigh is stunning. I would love for you to link up to my Inspire Me party this afternoon. Hugs, Marty

    1. I certainly will link up with your party, Marty! I'm sorry that I forget about it so often. I'll be there!
      Thank you for the compliments, too.

  2. I lived in Northern Ohio for 21 years and as soon as I turned 21 I was out of there for a warm weather. So I know what you are talking about. To cold to do anything and to much SNOW!
    Your decorations are very pretty and festive. The front porch looks great.
    Have a Merry Christmas.

    1. Mary, we DID move away from Ohio to Venice, FL for 9 years, but I missed my daughter & grandchildren too much. Once Ms. C. was born, I convinced my hubby to move back "home". I don't think he has forgiven me yet! LOL
      Thanks for your kind words. I'll be over to visit your blog shortly to see what you've been up to.

  3. I saw those canning lids and loved them Rett! Didn't get them, but I'm glad you did! Looks like you're all set for Christmas and we're supposed to get some more snow tomorrow too:@)

  4. Looking good, Miss Rett! Your think the snowman needs a belt? I'm thinking Jenny Craig??? :)
    Those jar lids are adorable! Keep the snow in Ohio, girl, don't want it here!

  5. Everythibng is beautiful. Cute Golfing Santa. The jar lids are so cute. Yes, the snowman santa could use a belt:):)

  6. You have been a busy girl, Rett, and I love it all! I can't get over the snow. We have the air on most of the time. This is just gorgeous. So much eye candy!



  7. The wonderful ideas for Christmas decorating are great I love the sled leaning against the wall at the entry. The Christmas mugs are cute in the stacked wrought iron basket! Have a Merry Christmas!


  8. OOO, how MERRY and BRIGHT everything looks at your beautiful home. I love everything you've shown us.
    Wow...that is a LOT of snow....bless your hearts...ya'll stay warm.
    I can't wait to see if our Walmart has those cute lids....thanks for sharing that with us. :)

  9. Everything looks so beautiful and it looks so cold outside, Rett. Merry Christmas!..Christine

  10. Love the Santa...and those canning lids are adorable. I wonder if all WM are carrying them. Most of all...I love the snow you have, we are looking at brown everything so far. I don't think there is any snow in the forecast between now and Christmas.
    Merry Christmas, Rett!

  11. Thanks for a peek at some of your favorite things, Rett. I sure could use those canning jar lids... they are too cute. Your snowman is wonderful, too. I love his sweet face and the scarf around his neck. All your tips were handy, especially the floating candle idea with the greenery and cranberries. Hope you're enjoying all that snow. Merry Christmas to you! xo

  12. This was a fun post...hard to pick a favorite from all of your favorites but I do especially love that sled and skates display!

    I wonder if your tree is a crabapple as mine still has some berries on it too :)

  13. You have given us lots of great Christmas ideas, Rett. I hope I can find the little jar lids for gifts I make during canning season. What a fun addition to a holiday gift basket. You were so clever to make a snowman out of a pillow case. You are a genius with your sewing machine. Greens in interesting containers are my favorite decoration. I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.

  14. Rett - everything is SO lovely! It brings back very happy memories of my childhood. And by the way, I love the Christmas quilt in the photo with the jars. Did you make it? Merry Christmas and many blessings to you and your family!

    1. Thank you for your sweet compliments! The "quilt" that you asked about is really just a little tablerunner. My former sewing group in FL got together & we pooled all our Christmas fabrics. We cut many, MANY strips & then shared them to create them. I wish I had done more! I'll never have such access to so many seasonal choices again.
      I used gold metallic thread to do free motion quilting on it, just following the outline of the poinsettia.
      If you come back to my blog, you may be able to see it better in my latest post.
      Thank you again for your kind words!

  15. It's all so pretty, Rett. I particularly like the sleigh and the iron planter above it, full of greenery and holly. With the background of snow you are right in the festive spirit!

  16. You have so many good ideas and I'll be on the lookout for the Christmas canning lids.

  17. I am SO sorry you guys are having to put up with all that snow!!! I know it looks pretty (especially on that tree with all the berries on it!!!!!), but it has GOT to be a huge headache if you have to get out and about. We have been spared this season so far with only a dusting here and there. We know the big one's comin', though, and we're prepared to stick it out when it does. I will NOT let Ramon go to work (2 hours away) when we get snows like what you're getting!!!

    Everything looks so pretty and Christmas-y!!! I love, love, love your front porch decor!!! I am just kicking myself (as I do just about every year this time) for leaving a pair of white ice skates behind at a local thrift store some years back. They were only $10!!! I should have snatched those bad boys and never looked back!!!!!!! Ugh! Now I'm depressed. :-( Not really...I'll get over it! :-)

    Enjoy all your beautiful decor, Rett! I hope your sister is doing well, too. Take care!!!

  18. Oh how beautiful. Your floating candle idea is just the thing I need for Christmas to perk up my dd's dorm room. A little unusual holiday season for us!

  19. As usual your house will be a picture, I'm sure, with all its Christmas finery! Knowing your eye for detail, I wish I was there to take it all in, in person! I'm sure I would learn many tricks......(like the bleach in the cranberry water.) I'm going on my 2nd bag of cranberries 'cause my water got so icky. Many blessings to both of you this holiday season!

  20. So many fun things to see here. I'm crazy about the jar lids and since I'm making some jellies for gifts, I'm off to Walmart this very day to see if there are still some left. Oh, and thanks for the candle tips.

  21. What fun you have had decorating and filling the indoors and outdoors with delightful things of beauty! Those lids are fabulous. I love cranberries and floating candles and they are so great and last so long. But I have to say, my absolute favorite thing is how you decked out the gazebo! What a picture straight off a magazine cover. That tree is magnificent! The snow does add beauty doesn't it - if only we didn't have to drive in it!

  22. Rett, Love your snowy photos and the covered berries! We've had heavy rain for two days and I'm dreaming of White Christmas, which is a DREAM! It's 60 degrees, 70 yesterday and we're under a flood watch. Love those cute jar lids, especially the snowflake one. I missed those on my last two frenzied trips to Walmart.Your floating cranberries and greens look so festive with your candle, I happen to have an extra bag of cranberries I was going to freeze, I think I'll float them instead :) You're sweet to mention my watering cans and greenery! Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas!


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