Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas "Copy-Cat Challenge"

milkglass wreath and candle


I've saved this photo from Michelle's beautiful blog, 
for years, intending to replicate it someday.

When Cuisine Kathleen issued her December
 "Copy-Cat Challenge" for the "Lets Dish" party,   
I knew exactly which one I would do.   
We were encouraged to find 
a tablescape either from 
a magazine or online & 
try to duplicate it, using our own dishes.


 I have several milk glass compotes to choose from as well as the burlap runner that Michelle used.  
The only hurricane cylinder I own, was from Bombay Company, years ago, so I did a single arrangement,
instead of two, like Michele used.
  My ribbon was not exactly the same, but close!

I was even able to use my very similar RED cookie platter
 (from Hallmark) 
with snowflakes around the edges.


Continuing on with the challenge, 
another little photo that I had saved was a
darling little mug rug, for Santa's cookies, 

  The pattern is by "Pleasant Home"& is available here.


 I made a PINK & GREEN version 
for Ms. C. to set out, 
with some hot chocolate & cookies at her house.


I used my embroidery machine to do the holly & lettering,

 then just created a little patchwork sample along side of it. 

 I put a narrow striped binding, cut on the straight of grain, at the top of the pocket, 
then sewed the patchwork onto it as well as the second

After adding some thin batting & a backing out
of that same PINK POLKA-DOT fabric, 
I quilted just the patchwork portion,
making sure to leave the pocket open.
I cut a striped fabric on the bias to make
 the binding all around.
I love that diagonal stripe effect!


Then from Cathy's cute blog, "My 1929 Charmer" 
I saved this cute display of quilts &
 stockings on a ladder with a basket at the base.


Since my thoughtful nephew painted this vintage ladder
 for me last summer, 
I tried to duplicate the her scene. 

 I hung two stockings & placed a basket 
filled with 'Sew Beautiful' magazines at the base. 
This is in my sewing room, 
near my table where I keep 
hot cocoa, tea, coffee & 
some nibbles for company.
I get more company in my sewing room 
than any other room in the house!  

I'll show you more of these cute snowman dishes 
 & how I change the scene 
on that table according to each season, 
sometime next week.

When Phyllis of Henhurst Interiors
shared her sleigh bells on a door knob, 
I remembered to pull out my leather strap of them & added them to a door, as well.

I love to hear them jingle every time I open this door!  

It has been opened A LOT lately, too...
don't you just love online shopping? 

 What a pleasure not to have to battle crowds & cold temperatures...
it was bitter outside the gazebo this morning! 


Stay warm & thanks for visiting "The Gazebo House" today.
I'm not only joining Cuisine Kathleen,
Tablescape Thursday
& The Tablescaper for
Seasonal Sundays


  1. HI Rett, It is cold here too! Online shopping is the best idea ever and I love hearing the UPS truck coming. I have sleigh bells on my front door too and the jingling is such a happy sound whether I am opening for presents or guests! When I opened your blog and saw that beautiful header I was mesmerized. What a gorgeous spot!! Love your copy cat candle. I miss Bombay--they always had something nice to add to the decor for reasonable prices. Stay warm with a cup a cocoa and one of your adorable mug rugs! Linda

  2. It's warming up here a little, but then it never got down to the bitter cold temps in other parts of the country. I love your copy-cat projects. The mug mat is adorable and something I'm going to keep in mind for a sewing project.

    Stay warm and cozy.

  3. You really did apply the recreate idea! The best part is we canuse all your wonderful ideas. The centerpiece with the milk glass compote is wonderful for a centerpiece. The mug rug for Santa is so cute with the milk and cookies. Thanks for sharing and my door is also jingling with bells!


  4. Wow! You didn't quit at just one recreation.
    I do love the large red and white ribbon around the hurricanes. I have a mild glass compote JUST LIKE YOURS. Hey! I haven't done my dining table display yet. Guess I know what I'm going to do now. And the best part is, I don't have to get anything out, except perhaps go outside to find a bit of greenery.
    Thanks for this lovely post.

  5. You are really good at copying, the candle in the milk glass compote. Such a simple, but high impact table decoration. You sew beautifully...I am the only one of 3 sisters in the family that didn't get even a hint of a sewing gene!

  6. Rett, I tried to leave a comment earlier this morning, but something wasn't working. Trying again! I think you really hit it out of the park, taking on so many challenges! My favorite is that darling Santa's cookies mug rug -- what a charming keepsake for your granddaughter!

  7. Rett, everything is so lovely and you did a wonderful job of copy catting. All of your items are so festive.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Lovin' the candle in your milk glass bowl Rett! Also the mug rug is adorable, your embroidery looks so pretty:@)

  9. Great job in copying the candle and holder. Love that sweet embroidery - so much fun to do this time of year, especially!!

  10. Rett, I love your copycat of the pretty hurricane and always love seeing your pretty milk glass. The Santa cookie mug rugs are just adorable... I'm swooning over them. The ladder is just darling and the bells are so fun! You've received inspiration from others, but you inspire me!! xo

  11. I like that candle and hurricane in the compote! Your ribbon tricked me- it's so close looking to the other! The stockings look so cute there and the basket of pillows. Love the door bells- we got a set in Lancaster, PA some years ago and always enjoy hearing them! It's freezing here too (Northern Michigan). It's al of 12 degrees today.... Brrrr

  12. What a fun much cute stuff here!! :) Love the Cookies for Santa project and look at your gorgeous quilts...just lovely! :)

  13. LOVE this copy cat fun! You did a great job on everything (like I should be surprised????) Stay warm, my friend!

  14. Burr is right! It's cold here, but nothing like what your thermometer shows. '-)
    Love seeing all your holiday touches, Rett. You found wonderful inspiration. Stay warm………Sarah

  15. I love your versions of some great design ideas. Southwestern Ohio is extremely cold with inches of unmelted snow still on the ground and more on the way this weekend.

  16. Pretty post.Love everything that whatever you have done.Have a great week end...:):)

  17. Love it, you did great on the challenge!

  18. Wow! You are on a roll with all those neat copycat challenges! Great job! I really love those mug rugs, wish I could find some somewhere (I can't quilt.) Yours is so beautiful with the embroidery!

    We've had a couple of cool days here in FL too, but of course, nothing like yours!

    Merry Christmas!


  19. I love your centerpiece, Rett, with the hurricane lamps and that beautiful plate. You put a very special personal touch on everything you do. If those little cookie and cocoa pockets are the cutest thing I've ever seen I don't know what is! You do magical things with your embroidery machine. What a creative post.

  20. You are a master of the needle, thread, sewing machine and fabric... and a copy-cat extraordinaire! LOVE LOVE LOVE everything you copied! I especially adore your mug rug for Miss C! Adorable! I get so much inspiration every time I visit! Big hugs to you my friend!

  21. Wow, Rett!!! You took it to a whole other level!!!!!!!!! I'm impressed!!! I'm jealous of your sewing prowess, too! Those little cookie holders are just too cute!!!

  22. I love your interpretation of the challenge, creating little vignettes from your favorite inspiration photos~the mug rug is ADORABLE! Yours is much cuter that the inspiration, and the ladder of quilts and stockings is wonderful!

  23. Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!
    Bring you Good wishes of happiness.

    Sorry for greeting you earlier,, just don't want miss saying this.
    By the way, I'm Clotee. It's my first time visiting your blog. I am blogger too, and now try my best luck to open an e-store. Nice to know you.


  24. I adore your mug mat with a pocket for cookies for Santa Rett! Your embroidery is beautiful and I bet your sewing room has turned into Santa's workshop with all your projects and sewing prowess. I love all your copy cat vignettes and inspiration! I have a lean-to ladder in my Potting Shed I picked up for a song to use, if I can only eek out a little bit of wall space to lean it :) Hope you're staying warm & cozy with those below freezing temperatures....brrrr! Thank goodness for online shopping!

  25. I love all your copies, better than the original. The quilt ladder is wonderful! Those mug and cookie mats are so adorable, your talent amazes me!
    Thanks for taking the challenge, and as per your request we will do the Christmas copy cat challenge on Halloween next year, LOL!
    I am exhausted and my basement looks like a bomb went off. Half the stuff I am not dragging out! We need to hire some young handsome Christmas Decorating men to help us. I want dh to save his strength to make the rugelach, cause I never have, and I don't want to learn, or it will become another of "my" jobs! Take care, dear Rett!

  26. Everything you've done is wonderful. You are so talented, Rett! Your mug rugs are adorable!


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