Sunday, October 06, 2013

Streetsboro Quilt Show


I was fortunate to get to attend a quilt show over the past 
I went the first day with my girlfriend, Robin & then I took Ms. C. with me the next day.

 The first photo is the quilt that won the "Best of Show" ribbon and this second quilt, below

was made by the gal who does such beautiful work on my quilts with her long arm quilting machine.  She won "Best Use of Color" but I think her quilting on this is magnificent as well.



I tried to take photos of all the winners...the little quilt above won the "Best of Applique" ribbon
and the one below got "Best Machine Quilting".



 Above is the "Judges Choice" award...lots of gold metalic thread play and below is "Best Hand Quilting".

Ms. C. could not believe all those teeny-tiny stitches were done by hand.
She spent a long time looking at it closely.

She knows not to touch the quilts unless they have a special card on them that shows you
where to grasp it to see the back.


She was also enthralled with the all white quilt below...
so intricate!  


I counted & there were 28 BLUE RIBBON winners! 
Each quilt goes into a specific category, based on several parameters, including size, machine vs. hand, etc.


 My photos don't do ANY of the quilts justice,
as I had to use my flash indoors with the limited lighting.

The jewel tones of the one above were just spectacular! 
The quilter, Linda S., is in one of my quilt guilds & I must remember to tell her how much I loved it!


This Halloween quilt was a BOM (block of the month) from the Polka-dot Pincushion,
a local quilt shop in Richfield, OH.

 I wish I would have signed up to do it last was Darling!

 There was a wide variety of styles in the show...
some primitive, like the one above,
some Civil War calico prints, like the one below.


My friend, Robin & I both admired this one, below,  with the hearts, as we discovered that we were both married on the same day (Valentines Day) in the same year, too!



I took so many photos, that I'm going to have to do 
two posts to share them all with you!



 We all agreed, the RED & GREY  
sampler block quilt would be 
perfect for an Ohio State graduate!


One of these days, I hope to make a Carpenters Star quilt, like the one below.  Very Pretty!


 Again, I'm so sad that my Nikon D90 camera could not capture the impact & texture of these 
gorgeous creations.

This New York Beauty, below had gold threads throughout & she used frosted/glittery white fabrics in the background.  It was spectacular, especially up close.




My Lil' Twister Christmas Wreath wallhanging won a 2nd place RED ribbon and

the "Oh My Indigo Stars" won
 a 1st place BLUE RIBBON! 

 To say I was thrilled is beyond words but I'm sure a big part of the winning was due to Janice Kiser's wonderful long arm quilting.  Thank you, Janice!!

That is the first BLUE ribbon I have ever won in my entire life.

Ms. C. said "Really, Nana?  I have LOTS of blue ones from swimming!"  LOL

I'm so glad you stopped by The Gazebo House today & I hope you'll come back next week, because I still have more to share with you from the show.

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The Tablescaper's Seasonal Sunday party.  

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  1. Congrats on your blue ribbon Rett, that is exciting! What a fun show, so many hours of work... I'm truly tickled by the Halloween quilts:@)

  2. I think those were Ms. C's favorites too, but she ended up voting for one that was REALLY colorful & looked like silk.
    Everybody who comes to the show gets to pick ONE as their favorite & the quilt with the most votes wins a ribbon for "Viewers Choice"

  3. OMG Rett, This is fabulous. Congratulations!!!!! Awesome!!!! I am so happy and excited for you, the quilts are sooooo beautiful. Jen xo

  4. Well done, Rett!! The wall-hanging is lovely - an heirloom for your family. You must be thrilled and you should be very, very proud!

  5. Quilt LOVE Rett! Congratulations on your ribbons, I can't believe that is your first blue ribbon with all your talent and labors of love! I can only imagine how beautiful the white quilt is in person and I adore the Halloween sampler one with the purple border :)

  6. How wonderful that you won a blue and red ribbon in such an incredible show. With each quilt, I decided that was my favorite until I came to the next one. Your work is beautiful.

  7. First of all, congrats on your 1st place finish! Certainly well deserved! Funny comment from little "C" about her getting lots of 1st place ribbons for first thought was maybe Rett should start swimming instead of sewing. lol That would have been my reply back to her......hahaha!!

  8. Stunning quilts, Rett. I'm always in awe when I see the creativity and skill of quilters. I especially liked the Carpenter's Star in its dramatic black and whiles. Thanks for taking us with you to the show.

  9. Congratulations! Beautiful quilt. Good job.


  10. Congratulations, Rett. Your work is beautiful and your blue ribbon well-earned. Amazing quilts all around.

  11. Thank you, dear Rett, for shRing all the beautiful quilts with us. What I was most happy about was the BLUE RIBBON you won and so deserved, and the RED RIBBON, too. I wish you could see me doing the happy dance for you and your achievements. Congratulations!! xo

  12. Congratulations, Rett! Well deserved! I don't think I have ever won a blue ribbon for anything!

    They are all gorgeous!

  13. Hi there, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  14. Hi Rett, Congratulations!! I love your Indigo Stars quilt--the points, colors, shapes and movement--it is wonderful!! And a red ribbon too! Ms. C must have been very proud of you and I'm so happy for you! Linda

  15. Such a show is one I would have loved. Thanks for allowing me to enjoy vicariously.

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