Tuesday, October 29, 2013

American Girl Doll Clothes


My granddaughter, Ms. C., has American Girl dolls at her house to play with.

I use Target's knock off versions, "My Generation" dolls here
for fitting & modeling purposes when I make clothes for them.
(did you notice the chopsticks I taped to her hand?)

They are the exact same size.  The only differences that I can 
discern are the missing front teeth & the hair on the Target dolls is of a less silky quality.  
Otherwise, they make perfect models!


 Directions for making the Halloween mask can be found HERE
I used glittered felt, which doesn't show up too
well in the photo.  It also had to be trimmed down to size
a wee bit from the pattern given.

 The pattern for this Chinese costume is from Joan Hinds'
book,  Sew the International Wardrobe for 18-Inch Dolls

 It is the same book I used to make these Irish Step-Dance outfits


(blogged about HERE)


This silky satin was NOT fun to work with! 

It is VERY prone to raveling & it also couldn't be
ironed very easily...melted at a fairly low temp &
didn't take a crease very well either. 

It was a bundled pack of fat quarters from Joann's, which was tied up in ribbons & fastened with the little
frog closure, seen above.  

I decided to use it for the closure on the doll's kimono top.
"Motherrr, you never throw anything away!"


Since Ms. C. is very much into gymnastics & dance these days, I made her dolls a leotard from a swimsuit pattern I found for free online. 
Directions for leotard/swimsuit can be found HERE.

I would advise you to cut the pattern at least 1/4" bigger than printed & to also use the lower neckline version

or it will be very difficult for any child to get it onto the doll.
I even struggled with it!


Ms. C. requested a matching pair of "Booty Shorts"...
~insert rolled eyes~~
I used a standard doll sized pants pattern & tried to shorten it enough to comply with her request. 

 I think I hemmed them TWICE after this picture was taken,
in order to get them short enough to satisfy my * mini wardrobe coordinator*.  She is definitely developing her own sense of style!  

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  1. Your outfits turned out great Rett! No doubt that satin material was a challenge, but it's really pretty! Love the closure too. Happy Halloween Week:@)

  2. We are still very into AG dolls here, so loved your new outfits. Miss C is lucky she has such a talented Grandma!

  3. These all look so great. Those poly brocades make beautiful bag linings as well but I know from that they are a stinker to iron as you said. I find a press cloth, like quilting cotton, helps. Sometimes they shrink right up in front of your eyes, sometimes they don't. You did a great job with a difficult fabric. Love them all!

  4. What a lucky little girl to have someone to sew doll clothes for her! I had an aunt who used to sew for my dolls - wish I still had the outfits. My mother eventually threw them away - "gasp"! You did a beautiful job - hope my granddaughter does not see this or I will be in trouble...

  5. They are all adorable! You did a great job, and I love the mask.

  6. Awwww the new outfits turned out so cute, Rett! Miss C is one lucky granddaughter. I can imagine the trouble you had working with the silky fabric, but it really is adorable. The leotard and shorts are so darling, too. I love seeing the Celtic outfits again. It's inspiring me to get back in my sewing room and start working on some projects. xo

  7. You have a real talent with doll clothes. Beautiful costumes.

  8. Your outfits turned out great! You are very talented, and Miss C. must truly enjoy the fruits of your labor!

  9. Your daughter and granddaughter are so blessed to have you. Those doll clothes are super expensive! You do a fabulous job.


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