Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A is for Apples!


This may have been our "Last Supper"...
OUTSIDE in the gazebo, that is.

We've had a few glorious weeks of delightfully warm, 
dry days but it will soon end.

We won't be able to use the gazebo for dining much longer.

Cuisine Kathleen has challenged bloggers to come up with a tablescape involving apples for her
"Lets Dish" blog party on Wednesday evening this week.


These are the only dishes I have with apples on them.
I should have taken photos at my sister's home when I was there recently...
she has her entire kitchen decorated with an apple theme.
It is Very Cute!


Red waffle-weave placemats & striped extra LARGE napkins for our laps worked great for the meal I was serving.


Hey, Cherry Kay....I finally found my American Whitehall tumblers!!  

They were tucked behind my Napoleon bee glassware,
waaaay back in the back of the cupboard. 
I've been looking for them for months!


I love the weight of these tumblers...
very durable & sturdy. 
They were made in the '60's & are still around.


Some of us had APPLE CIDER
others enjoyed APPLE RED soda.


I love the look of the sunshine coming through the textured glass!




I made meatballs in marinara sauce with
some of our fresh tomatoes,
which are all done now.  Boo-Hoo!
I served it over rigatoni pasta for the kids.


They like that shape because it is easy for them to just slide the tines of the fork into the holes.

My husband prefers angel hair pasta,

as it seems lighter to him.

Homemade Marinara Sauce5

For dessert, I made an apple pie....
mixed the peeled & sliced apples with
3/4 Cup brown sugar & some
Apple Pie Spice 
(forgot to dot with butter)

I piled that luscious sliced fruit really high,
just like my Mom used to do.

She made the 
BEST APPLE PIE in the whole wide world, E.V.E.R!!


I thought I'd get fancy & use my Williams Sonoma cutters to make leaf shapes on the top crust,
to let the steam escape.

I could not get the leaves to separate from the dough without tearing, so I just tipped them upward
prior to baking.

Don't they look pretty?


Sad smile   Just look at the awful result!!


Doesn't it remind you of that painting titled "The Scream" by Evard Munch?

I'm such a failure! 
I bet my Mom is laughing up in Heaven.
It tasted great, though. 
I think I should save this idea for Halloween!

 Thanks for stopping by The Gazebo House today & thanks for all the prayers for my nephew & my nephew's wife, too.

I hope you'll stop over at Kathleen's tonight to see all the fun
APPLE Tablescapes! 
I'll be there as well as over at Yvonne's StoneGable for Tutorials, Tips & Tidbits &
Michael Lee's Rattlebridge Farm for Foodie Friday.
(this pie should be called "Frightful Foodie Friday")


  1. Rett, I'm giggling about your comparison of your pie to "The Scream". My apple table has yet to come together. Just returned from out of town, but hope to pull something together this afternoon. Thanks for the inspiration here. Love your pretty dishes!
    Happy Fall, my friend! ~ Sarah

  2. LOL Rett I LOVE your pie. It never matters what it looks like, it's what it tastes like and I am sure it is yummy! Your apple dishes are perfect for the challenge. We are still in move-in mode so I didn't set a table. That just means I get to enjoy everyone else's :-) Save me a piece of pie!

  3. It's getting cool here in Philly too, windows are closed at night for sure. Fun glasses and I'll take apple pie any time I can get it, any way it's served-enjoy:@)

  4. Now you are inspiring me to try table setting. Did you do the embroidery on the napkins? Just love your glasses, my those are very pretty.

  5. I want those bowls! It has been nice enough this week to dine outside here in the midwest. The pasta looks red soda sounds interesting even to a person that seldom imbibes in carbonated drinks.
    Have a wonderful week, Rett...

  6. Rett, I'm chuckling over your description of your pie~ scary or not, I know it was delicious with your mound of apple! Love your tumblers and fun apple bowls! I like rigatoni for the same reason too :)

    I always enjoy seeing the ceiling of your gazebo reflected in your spoon. Fall has not arrived here yet, but we have lower humidity which I'll take any day of the week!

  7. Put some cinnamon ice cream on that apple pie and it'll be a hit no matter even if you think it looks like "Scream". I bet it tasted fantastic as all your creations! Getting cooler here too, but still a bit of warmth to the afternoon air.

  8. Ha!! I laughed because this is exactly why I very rarely blog about food!! My food never comes out looking perfect and all pretty! That is why I usually just stick to dishes - I can't go too wrong with a plate. I am sure that your pie tasted great! I do like the way the light reflects off your tumblers, they look great in the sun. Hope you get to enjoy a few more warm days in the gazebo!

  9. Rett, You are hilarious with your description of the pie!! Just cut it and no one will see the top. They will be too happy eating it -- that pile of apple chunks looks delicious. And so does the rigatoni with your fresh tomato sauce! I hope you have a few more weeks of nice weather for eating outside. It's nice here during the day but very cool at night. Linda

  10. Oh my goodness, it DOES remind me of The Scream, and I am giggling so much right now. You are such fun! Regardless, I think the table looks great and I guarantee the pie makes up for the scream face. I love those dishes. The colors are so bold and rich.

  11. Oh my goodness, Rett, I am LOL at your comparison of your pie to The Scream! I'll bet your pie still tasted fabulous and surely put a smile on you Mom's face. How nice that you can still enjoy the outdoors. The pasta bowls are so pretty and I especially love your tumblers... so glad you found them in their hiding spot.

  12. You made me laugh about the apple pie! I've had this happen so many times. The last pie I made I firmly pushed and apples down figuring that once they shrunk it wouldn't make as much of a gap and hoped the pie crust wouldn't do that again. I like your apple dishes- they have great vibrant colors. The pasta dishes look so good! Those are pretty tumblers- I like things with texture.

  13. Your table looks wonderfully inviting! Maybe you can squeeze in one or two more outdoor meals before the weather changes. Glad you found those tumblers in "hiding." I wish I had the set my grandmother used to have.

  14. Your apple table looks wonderful. Those apple bowls are really lovely!

  15. delightful that you are still enjoying such a feast outdoors, it all looks wonderful! your pie looks like a face with eyes and nose, my kinda idea of sutffing of my face!

  16. I'm always a little sad when I think of the weather keeping you from your beautiful gazebo. You always create such glorious settings there. I'm glad that you found your Whitehall goblets. The aplle pie made me smile. I am always so intimidated by pie crust. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  17. Your table is lovely and your pie "screaming" is a hoot! My hubby loves angel hair too, go figure. Give me a good tuby curly past that soaks up the sauce any day!

  18. I'll bet that pie was delicious, as I'm sure your pasta dish was as well. I like the apple dishes and your napkins and the bright red placemats. Hope you can get out a few more times for outdoor dining - that the weather holds. It's been beautiful here the past few days; tomorrow it's 'summer' again - close to 90 degrees.

  19. I'm delayed in seeing this but loved your table settings, menu and even the pie - I can just imagine how delicious it was.
    You're always an inspiration.

  20. Oh, it is hard to see the weather changing and yet I love the fall. I hope you have more meals out in the gazebo. What a fun table and the food looks so yummy! How funny that you showed the "scary pie". I would have just cut it up and put a scoop of ice cream on it! I am sure it was fabulous.

  21. Hello Rett
    The leaf idea on the apple pie looked great, I didn't realize they'd fall in and have to chuckle at you saying it's a scary pie. I am following you on Bloglovin but for some reason your posts are now showing. Guess I'll have to remember by myself to come and visit more regularly. You have to know I think of you often with the homemade tea gifts in my kitchen.

  22. Your table is just beautiful....and don't you know, sweet one, that the pies and cakes that look the worst are almost ALways the most delicious. ?....yes, indeedy....THE BEST.

  23. Oh I love your new tumblers! Your bowls are delicious! Yes, reminds me of the scream, LOL!
    Hey, I have a great apple peeler. I posted about it. LOVE IT. Lent it to my friend and we whipped through tons of apples in no time.
    See it here.


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