Sunday, July 28, 2013

BLACK & WHITE DAMASK for Cuisine Kathleen

black & white damask table 018

Cuisine Kathleen has issued a challenge for this week's 
"Let's Dish" party, using just white & one other color for our 
tablescapes.  I decided to use all black & white damask.
 I love damask & seem to have a great deal of it around The Gazebo House.

 Aprons, oven mitts, pillows...One of these days, I plan to completely re-do the guest room with it, even!

black & white damask table 001

I combined a variety of patterns for this table...polka-dots, stripes, florals & LOTS of damask!  I have several gift containers on the table for decoration, as well, since my daughter's birthday is this coming week & they just happened to fit the theme beautifully. 

black & white damask table 013

black & white damask table 002
I started out with the flowers in a juice glass that I inserted into the decorative wine tote, but then I changed my mind & decided to use this pretty vase that usually sits on my piano in the den.

black & white damask table 016black & white damask table 019

black & white damask table 003

 I intend to fill the polka-dot tin with my daughter's favorite cookies, as one of her gifts.  She rarely has time to bake these days.
 black & white damask table 004

You've seen my little teapot & cup combo before, HERE.  Since I cracked it, I have to just use it for decoration now. 
~insert sad face~
black & white damask table 006

This book actually opens into a trinket box, to hold special mementos for her.  I'll have to think of something special to tuck inside of it.

black & white damask table 007
black & white damask table 011

black & white damask table 008

The little monogrammed "L" plates are from Tuesday Morning, last year, as well as the napkins & damask plates beneath.  The white cups & saucers go with my American Antilier, 'Bianca Leaf' set of dishes.

black & white damask table 009

 The flatware is my 'American Harmony' by Oneida.

black & white damask table 010

 Even the cupcakes are BLACK & WHITE!
Devils food CHOCOLATE cupcakes with WHITE frosting.

black & white damask table 015

 I found these edible papers in the damask pattern (Tuesday Morning, again) & just had to try them out.

black & white damask table 014

At first, I cut them out with one of my stamping punches, but that wasn't working out too well.  Precise positioning was a problem.  I ended up using kitchen shears to just do round circles. 

black & white damask table 016

 I know that Shelia, of the precious blog "Note Songs" has this same music themed vase, as I've seen it on her blog several times.  
Mine was a gift from my dear FL friend, Barb L. & sits on my piano most of the time.  "Hi Barb...and thank you again!"

black & white damask table 019

black & white damask table 020

I turned it a wee bit so you could see some of what is on the other sides. 

black & white damask table 022

Every time I look at it, I remember the fun times Barb & I had together, golfing & shopping, when we lived in Florida.  She has her black belt in bargain hunting...I miss my shopping buddy!  

Obviously, I'll be linking to Cuisine Kathleen's Let's Dish party on Wednesday, as well as Yvonne's Tutorials, Tips & Tidbits & Susan's Tablescape Thursday & The Tablescaper's Season Sundays parties.

I've had some *issues* with my 10 year old computer this month & have not been able to visit these gals as much as I'd like, nor respond to comments left on my last post.  I fear it is time to bite the bullet & upgrade.  I hate change! 
I hope to do some catching up real soon!

Thanks for stopping by The Gazebo House.  Help yourself to a cupcake to take with you as you leave!


  1. Good morning Rett! How nice to see your post. Lucky daughter to inspire such a pretty table. I've never seen anything like the edible papers - perfect!
    Don't despair over the new computer - you know you'll master it!

  2. Oh wow, it is all stunning. I love it. Everything is so pretty. The vase is exquisite. Hugs, Marty

  3. Beautiful black and White tablescape dear Rett! I love the B&W china, flower vase and teapot..simply gorgeous! Loving the cupackaes with edible paper in b&w too. Big hugs,

  4. This is so pretty....and you know I love the black and white!

  5. Very stunning......who doesn't love black and white? Gorgeous! Bite the bullet and invest in a new computer before you HAVE to. It's no fun to crash and have nothing. Ask me how I know!

  6. Lovin' the black and white Rett! The cupcake toppers are fun too! I hope the transition to the new computer goes smoothly for you:@)

  7. Rett, I was smiling with delight just at the title. Black and white damask had to be a winner! Your theme is wonderful as are the fun details you found to follow along. How special that your daughter will receive these for her birthday. Love the damask plates, linens, and edible papers your found. The vase is lovely! You know I'm a FAN of black and white! Love seeing this darling tabletop! I decided to go a different route with my challenge table. I did brown and white for a change. '-) Hope to have it up soon.
    Don't be afraid to upgrade your computer. I got a new one last fall when my laptop's battery burst through the back of my computer. It was frightening to think I sit with it on my lap. Wasn't really dangerous I guess, but certainly not something I wanted to take a chance on. Seems it was a known issue with my model which is no longer produced. Good luck with getting a new one. Better now than before it actually crashes. ~ Sarah

  8. Hi Rett, I hope this finds you and your family well. All is well here. I love your collection of black and white...I have a teapot, creamer and sugar bowl in the same pattern as your cup and teapot. They are my favourite. Have a blessed week:)

  9. Your table is gorgeous, Rett! You always set a pretty table. I have always admired all the little touches you add, particularly to a birthday table, that make the honoree feel special. This table is no exception...your daughter will love it! Good luck with your computer situation, Rett.
    Best wishes, Beth

  10. I am totally impressed by those amazing cupcakes - almost could not take my eyes off of them to enjoy the rest of your beautiful table! Love that teapot and all of the damask black and white designs. Wonderful table!!

  11. Love your black and white. The cupcakes are amazing and I would love one right now. I know how you feel about your computer. Mine is on it's last leg also and I hate change.
    Have a great week.

  12. Rett, I love your glass top on your table reflecting all your black & white dots, stripes and damask! Your initial plates are so fun and the decorative scrolls match your edible paper cupcakes perfectly! Martha Stewart makes an ‘all over the page’ punch in all kinds of shapes (I have a butterfly) the lets you see exactly where you're punching that would be ideal for lining up the paper design! I found mine at Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon :)

  13. You'll have to watch me closely because I might snag two cupcakes. You've created such a beautiful "collected table." Isn't it funny that in the 70's we all stripped all that old damask wallpaper out of bedrooms and bathrooms, and now we all gravitate toward it again. For everything there is a season....turn, turn, turn. :-) Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  14. Hi Rett! I love your black and white themed table for Kathleen's challenge. Aren't those initial plates gorgeous and especially over the black and white damask ones?! Your vase that your snagged from the piano is the perfect centerpiece. The cupcakes look so pretty with their edible topper and yes please, I'd LOVE to have one at your pretty table.
    Best of luck in finding the right computer. Change is good! xo

  15. OMYGOSH...I was grinning all the way thru this lovely post. There's nothing quite as fun as black and white in all different patterns....I ADORE your pretty table.

    With a few asking about how I do my headers, I will TRY to tell how I do these in an upcoming post.
    I am sooo not good at giving directions or instructions but I surely will try....and thank you for your kind comment on my headers.

    Great luck on choosing a good computer...I think most of them, these days, are wonderful. I LUV my HP Pavilion lap's very old and I'm sure, outdated, but it does all I want it to do and I love it.
    My desktop is REALLY olden....I still use it sometimes as it works very well. It's also an HP.

  16. Hi Rett, I have never heard of edible paper! Those cupcakes look delicious. And I think I could use those "L" dishes as my best friend is also an "L". I just love damask and your table is so dramatic yet inviting at the same time. I think this challenge was really fun! Linda

  17. Black and white one of my favs! Love that tea pot.

    Cathy's Cupboard Calamity <;)

  18. I was hoping someone would do black and white! I had toyed with it but didn't really have enough patterned stuff like you do, and it just seemed to beg for pattern. I was obviously right because I love yours! My favorite thing of all is the edible paper part at the end. Just beautiful!

    I relate well to the computer woes. We finally did bite the bullet a few months ago, and it has greatly improved my blogitude. It was frustrating to want to visit and get inspired and keep getting a whirly swirly circlet instead of a blog page. Hope you get yours worked out soon.

  19. Ohhh love love the black and white damask. It is gorgeous...and I would sooo love a cupcake, thanks for asking :-)

    You did a beautiful table, so glad I saw it (I popped over from TTT)


  20. I have been tempted to buy the edible paper. but haven't given in yet!
    Your black and white is beautiful, you have some collection! The vase is beautiful!
    Give in on the computer, I did and it took a bit of learning, but so much better!
    Thanks so much for linking to Let's Dish!

  21. I love anything black and white and all of your things are over the top cute! Edible paper!!! Brilliant! Must check that out!

  22. You can't go wrong with black and white. I love the vase in particular. Jennifer

  23. I love this table! I think it is so sweet and classy. Your teapot is adorable and goes well with the rest of the black & white theme. Edible paper??? A wonderful decoration for your lovely cupcakes. They look so professional! My hat is off to you!
    Blessings My Friend,

  24. I love, LOVE black and white so this table made me smile! The plates, napkins etc. are all beautiful! LOVE the paper toppers for the cupcakes! I have never seen them. Love how your table top reflects all the beauty! Sorry I haven't been by lately, Rett. Summer has been crazy busy!! XO, Pinky

  25. Wow, Rett...your table is gorgeous! And you have coordinated the cool!
    Have a wonderful week...

  26. HI Rett! Oh, this is so beautiful. Love your black and white and all of your pretty pieces. Thanks for mentioning my vase too. Now I've just never thought of putting flowers in it! ;) I love your sweet table.
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


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