Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Black & White & Fun All Week!


We had my husband's son & his family visit us from Chicago this past week.
He's a computer guru & finally got my computer

cleaned up for me!
Yea! I can upload photos again!!

He suggested I buy a larger external hard drive to store all my photos.
My new Nikon camera does such detailed pictures that they were taking up all my space.

I'm thrilled to be back to blogging!

These photos show various spots around the kitchen that I set up for my guests' convenience.
The coffee/tea/hot chocolate station was available to them all the time
& they could just help themselves whenever.

I had lots of fresh fruit available & an assortment of teas in my Longaberger tea basket.

This cute single layer display rack was only $3 at a thrift store.
It was originally a hideous Colonial BLUE.
I painted it...
what else? ...Oil Rubbed Bronze!
I ♥♥♥ how it turned out!

My new apron & oven mitts from my DD match beautifully with all the black & white damask pieces.

I had chocolate chip cookies tucked inside this cute little container.
They sure didn't last long!

Sadly, I broke my teacup which is the base to the teapot
after only one use... I wanted to cry!

I've glued it back together but its for display purposes only now.

I used all my black & white dishes & table accessories.
The placemats are from the Jaclyn Smith collection at K-mart,
the little black dishes are from Big Lots
& all the white ones are American Antelier
(Bianca Leaf & Bianca Fruit & Bead).


Silverware is Napoleon Bee from Horchow
The Napoleon Bee glassware was a prize I won from Libby at her blog,
I bought 2 of these long trays at our local discount shop, Marc's for $2 apiece.
My Nifty-Thrifty Tuesday bargains.

Now I'm kicking myself for not getting more!
They are perfect for setting out little appetizers or desserts
such as this lemon pound cake over which I served
sweetened strawberries & whipped cream.

Another Nify Thrifty find was this little rooster for only $1.

I almost forgot to get a "before" picture, I was so excited to get started spray painting him.
I saw the one that One Simple Country Girl
painted & thought "I can do that!"

Its amazing how the carved details show up after several
coats of white spray paint.
I used American Accent's color,
Heirloom White.
Its a little too creamy for me, so I'll be giving him a
second coat of a brighter white but for now
he sure looks nice!

I'm joining Marty @ A Stroll Thru Life

for her Table Top Tuesday

Also Linda's @ Coastal Charm's

and Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday

Thank you, Ladies, for hosting these fun events week after week.I wish I could play with you every single time.
A special thanks to everyone who stops by The Gazebo House!
I'll be by your place to visit real soon.




  1. Rett, glad he was able to get you all fixed. I didn't know that about getting an external hard drive. You look like you were the hostess with the mostest. Every little detail is so pretty.

  2. Rett,

    Glad your computer is better!

    What a gorgeous post! I love all the black and white and refreshment centers you set up. Longaberger baskets are wonderful. I still have a few....

    We shall go to Station 400 next year for lunch when the 3 "chicks" get together again.

    Glad you are blogging again.


  3. Welcome back and I like the post today. I knew I had seen your dishes before. When you said where they came from I knew for sure. They are so pretty. Take care Your Missouri Friend.

  4. Hi, Rett! Those "bee" silverware from Horchow's are to die for! Love your new banner. The photo is fabulous. Welcome back!

  5. Welcome back to blogging! I had missed you. Perhaps I need to think about extra storage for all my photos, too. Hmm.

    And I love everything that you did and set up. It would all look wonderful in my kitchen right now because it's so newly black and white.

    Love your rooster and I really love the table setting. That flatware is bee-autiful.

  6. Ohhh I too love black and white and pssstt buttercream...just the added bit I had here..but your pics oh my...always sew classy

  7. I love the damask teapot. Sorry you broke the teacup, but at least you can still look at it on display.
    My shelf fell the other day, and I lost half of my salt and pepper shaker collection, but thank goodness, the ones I'd saved from my mom didn't break!

  8. Rett, you gave me so much beauty to look at. I am inspired by your rooster re-do. He came out so wonderfully!

    Your family must have been panpered by all of your pretty black and white. Oh, you are quite the hostess!
    xo Yvonne

  9. Hi Rett,
    Welcome back to blogging ~ and thanks for the reminder of backing up and storing photos. My computer guru brother is coming in a week or so and I am going to have him help me do that for my photos too. Of course I should cull them first, {big sigh}

    Anyway, loved all of your black and white, especially your white dishes. They have such pretty detail.

    And I especially like the thoughtful beverage station you set up for your guests. How fun and special it must be to be a guest at your house.

    Happy Spring!

  10. Rett, your black and white table is gorgeous, love the placemats. That cherry? pie looks delicious!

  11. That was a fun 'tour', Rett! I love your black and white, and your two 'new' painted pieces. You are very clever, to see the potential - I'd love to shop with you.
    I'll bet your guests hated to leave!

  12. Hi Rett, I just found you via Vignette Designs, When I saw black and white on her sidebar I came right over!! I am a lover of all things B&W. Your table setting is so darling and I love the stacked mugs in your beverage station, that is a great idea!! Kathsyue

  13. I always love black and white for tablescapes...and your coffee station is wonderful. I love the little stacky thing for the mugs!

  14. Rett, glad you will be back blogging. I've missed you! I need to get all my photos organized. Love all the black and white details. The embossed dishes set a gorgeous table. I know your family had a wonderful time visiting in your home. You are such a gracious and thoughtful hostess.
    Have a great week. ~ Sarah

  15. I am so enjoying having you back! I love the black and white tablescape and the beverage center you set out for your guests! Sooo sorry about your teacup! Maybe you can put some cute little faux blue hydrangeas to cascade over the cracks! ;)

  16. Oh my Rett, you do such a lovely job of decorating and making your table tops look so special. I'm sure every guest you have feels the love that you put into everything you do. What a blessing you are!!

  17. OK Rett that settles it. I'm coming for a visit. You sure know how to treat your guests like royalty.

    Oh and I love the "new" rooster.

  18. So happy to hear your computer problems are solved. Thank you also for your sweet visit and the link!

    - The Tablescaper

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