Friday, March 29, 2013

Rice Krispie Easter Eggs

Easter Rice Krispie Treats 005

Remember my Valentines Day apothecary jar
full of JUMBO shaped marshmallows?

 Well, I used 40 of them, like the back of the Rice Krispie box says...20 PINK & 20 WHITE.  BUT, since they are over sized marshmallows, I added an extra Tablespoon of butter & did 4 Tablespoons instead of just the 3 that the recipe calls for & 6 cups of Rice Krispie cereal to make

Easter Rice Krispie Treats 004


I sprayed the inside of a plastic egg with PAM & stuffed both sides with the warm gooey cereal & melted marshmallow mixture.
I could barely hang onto it, it was so slippery & then I could
barely get it open, as it stuck so tightly.   

I got exactly ONE egg done & gave up!!  Smooshed the rest of the mix into PAM coated non-stick pans.  Love these Farberware pans for stuff like this!!

You just have to be careful not to scratch them when cutting.
I use my plastic lettuce knife so it doesn't scratch them.
That's my tip for today.

Easter Rice Krispie Treats 002 

The Rice Krispie Treats taste good though...just a hint of strawberry to them, from the pink marshmallows. 

Well, back to the drawing was a cute idea but I didn't have the patience to do any more eggs.  I had too much else to prepare for the Easter feast on Sunday.

Thanks for stopping by, though.

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Sarah said...

Rett, I used to love Rice Krispie treats, but haven't had one in years. This is a cute idea! Hope you and your husband and extended family have a delightful Easter weekend. ~ Sarah

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME/Doublewide Decor said...

I love rice krispie treats...ok, here is a thought for next year....what about one of those "molded" pans they use for cakes or would only be 1/2 of an egg....but it might be easier!!

carol said...

I saw those dumb eggs on Pinterest too and though they were cute. I should have known you would try it. You have a habit of doing all that neat stuff! lol

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

I bet there won't be one left, square or egg shaped! It was a cute idea and I'm glad you tried it for me:@) Happy Easter Weekend Rett-enjoy:@)

Marigene said...

Rett, I am bad because I am so happy to hear someone else gets frustrated over something that is supposed to be fun! I tried making chocolate covered eggs, cakes not candy, with the yellow yolk in the center...they either cratered or ran all over the cupcake pans...the only egg mold I had barely held a teaspoon of cake batter and they all cratered, so I resorted to cupcakes and still had problems! I think I will stick with something I have made a million times..
Wishing you a Happy Easter!

Lorrie said...

I like the way you keep it real. Some things are good in the idea stage, not so good in execution. Happy Easter.

Barbara F. said...

I am sure they taste just as good in any shape. I wouldn't like handling them too much, even though I would be constantly washing my hands! Happy Easter xo

kitty said...

Who doesn't love a Rice Krispie treat? I'm happy you tried the egg shape and realized it was NOT fun and too much fuss. A square one is perfect any time! Happy Easter blessings.

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

What a shame the eggs were so difficult because it's such a cute idea! Still delicious, in any shape :)

Jemsmom said...

I love it!!!! Way to give it the ol' college try! Why do the really cute ideas sometimes have to be so darn difficult!! Happy Easter!!

Mary said...

Such a cute idea Rett! It sounds like it would be perfect for kids to do on a plastic tablecloth so they could be messy and it would keep them occupied :) Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy Easter and delicious feast!

Pondside said...

I haven't made Rice Krispie treats in ages - but they are one of my guilty pleasures! I always add more butter than is called for, because I like the taste and texture better.
Happy Easter!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Rett, I wish I had one of those right now. YUM!

Happy Easter to you and yours...



Kathleen said...

LOL, an eggcellent plan that didn't quite hatch!

Hope you had a good Easter. I was so pooped from all the cooking, I did nothing today!

Is Spring ever going to come? Cold and rainy here!