Monday, February 11, 2013

Marty's Winter Cloche Party!

Valentines Day 2013 016 label

Marty is at it again! 
She is having a "Winter Cloche Party" and
has asked us to join her in showing off our
covered containers of all kinds.
Cloches, apothecary jars, terrariums, birdcages...
anything similar that covers things works.   

Valentines Day 2013 022

  My bakers rack in the kitchen,
  is decorated for Valentine's Day.
It has several covered 
milkglass compotes that might qualify.

(is "milkglass" spelled as one word or two???)
Valentines Day 2013 069

 My favorite Fenton hobnail pedestal is especially cute!
Valentines Day 2013 071

 Ones with their covers intact are harder to find.
 I recently acquired this little one with reticulated edges.
I ♥♥♥ anything with pretty rims!

Valentines Day 2013 070

The grape clusters & vines, seen on this one,
are a frequent motif on Anchor Hocking pieces.
One could spend hours learning about milk glass
(or milkglass) and the different makers.
My Mom had a few pieces so it has
sentimental memories for me.  

  Valentines Day 2013 049

  This cloche serves many purposes.
 I try to always keep 
a supply of cookies on hand for those
surprise visits by the grandchildren.

Valentines Day 2013 051

They are very tempting to me &
by covering them with the cloche,
I'm slightly less inclined to nibble on them myself.

valentines decor 002

Last year, I filled my large apothecary jar
 with lots of pretty cupcake liners.

 Valentines Day 2013 066

This year, I used

Valentines Day 2013 028

 They're so fun...all you need is ONE in a
cup of hot chocolate to make it a special treat.

Valentines Day 2013 068

We do have a few more *healthy items* in the
house under cloches.
I know the grapes are good for you
but hey, the cheese has calcium!  Its *healthy* too…sort of. 
Valentines Day 2013 074

Marty, does this pretty
teapot votive holder
qualify for the party?

The entire teapot lifts off the base
to give you access to an area for
a candle or, in this case,
a battery operated tealight.

Isn't it pretty?  
I turn it on every night,
as we sit down to eat
it makes such a beautiful glow.


Thanks for visiting The Gazebo House &
thank you to Marty for hosting
such a fun meme.

I can't wait to see what others have to share!
Be sure to visit Marty on Tuesday
Feb. 12, 2013 


  1. Gorgeous!! Everything under glass is lovely, but I love, love the pretty white milk glass, it's a beautiful collection! I'm swooning with the pretty, votive tea pot..gorgeous. Thanks for sharing Bunny.

  2. I love your milk glass collection. And a cloche filled with cookies or marshmallows would be my favorite it. xo

  3. I, too, love your milk glass, or milkglass collectioin. I am always on the hunt for special pieces, You have so many pretty cloches too and I think the jumbo marshmallows look delicious.

  4. Oops
    How did that misspelling of collection get by my spell check?

  5. Sugar cookies, marshmallows and a fabric cake? Love it. Happy Heart Day!

  6. All pretty cloches Rett! I LOVE your fabric piece of cake, it's beautiful:@)

  7. All your cloches are so pretty, Rett! It's fun to see all the special uses you have for them.

  8. Nice milk glass collection, Rett. ♥ the apothecary with the giant marshmallows...yummy!

  9. Where on earth did you get those giant heart marshmallows? They are positively gorgeous as are all your vignettes.

    I've never thanked you for putting my face and link on your sidebar. That is so sweet of you, Rett. Really appreciate the props from someone who really knows what quality sewing/clothing is. Thanks again.

    1. Awww, you're welcome, Bunny! I have learned SEW much from you over the years, it is only fitting that I tell others about your site.

      I found the giant marshmallows in our Super Wal-mart. First time I'd ever seen them. They're just an unexpected dose of FUN!!

  10. Such cute Valentine vignettes. Love the heart marshmellows. You have quite the collection. Love to see your cloches all decked out.

  11. Well, I can tell that I have a huge void in the darling cloche category. You have such wonderful things to use to create designs. I love the cloche on the ruffled plate with your beloved dots! Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Happy Valentine! Cherry Kay

  12. Hi Rett~ Love your baker's rack with your Valentine's Day display and milk glass collection! Your fabric slice of cake under glass is sew sweet :) Wishing you a Happy Anniversary & Valentine's Day! ♥

  13. I have an almost identical marble cheese plate and dome! It was a wedding gift back in 1974 :) Beautiful decor your put together for the party. I love that jar full of heart marshmallows!

  14. Rett, I absolutely love the base of that polka dotted cake plate. It makes for the perfect cloche! Cute little sewn cake, too. :-) Hope you're warm and cozy- the temps down in SW Ohio are a bit nippy. brrr..... The sun IS shining today, though. That's a good thing! ~ Sue

  15. Your covered milk glass dishes are so pretty, Rett. I especially like the hobnail piece. Cookies and candies look so special when covered with a cloche...decorating made easy. Using cupcake papers was very clever too. Your baker's rack is the perfect place to display your pretty things.

  16. I love seeing your cloches and all the covered jars etc. Your bakers rack looks so pretty. I love anything with a pretty edge too. Thanks so much for telling me about the V8 juice!!!! I WILL try that next time I make the cabbage rolls. XO, Pinky

  17. You have so many pretty things Rett! Milk glass is so sentimental to me! Its sweet and ladylike... and tough to break. No wonder you have so many pieces! They make a lovely display on your baker's rack!

  18. What a lovely collection of milk glass. Makes me homesick and also wish I had kept some of my mother's collection. They look so pretty on your bakers rack too.

    Have a lovely weekend. It’s nice to be able to get out and visit old friends again.


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