Monday, March 19, 2012

Chicken Caesar Roll-ups For Two

St Patricks Day 2012 047

In early September of last year, I was fortunate enough to win the Girard's® Salad Dressing give-away from Mari, at Once Upon a Plate.

I made our lunch roll-ups using Girard's® Caesar Salad Dressing & GREEN tortillas during St. Patrick's month....yes, we celebrate all month!


This wonderful box, filled with 4 different flavors of delicious Girard's® Salad dressing arrived along with a cute little modern recipe holder inside.


You just slide your printed recipe up under the roller ball & it holds it in place for you while you mix your ingredients. Ingenious!

They also included over a dozen recipe cards with some delicious ideas that I can't wait to try, now that it is salad season.


Although you hardly need a recipe for these Chicken Caesar Roll-ups,

you can view & print the recipe HERE.

Be sure to follow this link to Mari's post to see

all the beautiful ways she used her Girard's® dressings.

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Foodie Friday

and a new meme, just started by Cuisine Kathleen


"Let's Dish" on Wednesday evenings at 7 pm.

Be sure to visit all these delightful parties for some

wonderful inspiration.


  1. Congratulations on your win and what a fun gift you received! I like how you celebrate for the entire month. I love to eat wraps for lunch and this one sounds yummy and easy. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

  2. Yummy! My daughter introduced me to their Champagne dressing. She uses it with sliced fresh pears over spring greens, topped with slices of parmesan cheese.

    1. Oooo, that sounds REALLY good, Beckie...I shall try it with pears. I have only ONE recipe that I use pears in the salad & the sweet & sour homemade dressing is a lot of work. This would be "Easy~Peasy~!

  3. Looks both healthy and delicious! ~ Sarah

  4. OK, I know its just breakfast time right now but these look delicious Rett. I see a chicken wrap luncheon in my future. Congrats on the win and thanks for sharing, I'll have to see if any local stores in my area carry Girards.

    1. Try their "Champagne" one first, Char...we REALLY liked that one, day after day.

  5. I'm going to have to look specifically for this product line because I don't think I've noticed it before. The roll ups look delicious!

  6. Looks delicious, Rett, and you always set a pretty table. Have a great day!
    Blessings, Beth

  7. Rett. thanks so much for your sweet, good wishes!!! These roll ups sound SO good!!!! Don't worry, I will be taking TONS of pics and will share them. Are you on Facebook by any chance???? I was going to e-mail you but couldn't find your e-mail. XO, Pinky

    1. Sadly, I'm not on FB. I did join it awhile back, but felt like a "peeping Tom", reading other people's walls & got to see some photos of my sister's granddaughter that I really did NOT need to see!! So I left. I will email YOU shortly.

  8. YUMMY! I must remember to make a wrap for lunch. I always have good ideas for breakfast and for dinner... but lunch, not so much! I always default to a salad and they get old! And adding dressing to or instead of mayo would make a wrap so much more interesting! Great idea!!!!
    xo Yvonne

  9. Yum! What a fun thing to win. Sounds like you are making good use of it.
    You asked about my bunny tags I hung on the lamps on my mantel. Wish I could take credit for making them, but I ordered them several years ago from Lynne at The Vintage Nest. I gave her credit the first time I posted them, but I probably should have credited her again. My old age lack of memory is getting the best of me. laurie

    1. Thanks for the information on them, Laurie...they are DARLING & I shall go visit her right now.

  10. I've never tried that brand of dressing but your roll ups make we want to get some and make them! They look fabulous.

  11. HI RETT!!!
    Just wanted to pop in a look at that delicious meal you whipped up!!!I also clicked on the manwich ad to maybe see about a new recipe, for some reason I LOVE MANWICH!!!I guess because My Mom cooked with it!!!
    I do cook with it occasionally!!!I wish I was a GREAT cook like you....So I cheat and use the cans sometimes!!

  12. What fun to celebrate St. Paddy's all month :) Your wraps look delicious! I've tried the Greek Feta & Champagne dressings~ both are great.

  13. The chicken looks delicious, and what great luck to win such a useful gift!!


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