Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Talavera Pottery

Since we're celebrating Cinco De Mayo this week,

I thought I would post one of the tablescapes that I

set up while in FL this winter.

I used all Talavera Pottery
along with some chunky bubble stemware
in muted shades of green & purple.

I have the information about the flatware
written down but can't seem to find it now.
~~Happens quite often these days~~

Don't you the dining room chairs &
that wonderful Chinese black lacquer buffet?
These colorful & very HEAVY dishes
are a type of majolica earthenware made in both
Spain & Mexico due to the high quality of clay available
in those locations.

Notice that each plate is just a little bit different
than the others.
You can read about the traditions & regulations
regarding Talavera HERE.

I used both GREEN & PURPLE stemware
since I didn't have enough of either color
to set the entire table.

There are RED ones, too, but I saved
those for a later Christmas tablescape.

Can't you just envision a nice big seafood Paella being served
in this huge bowl?
Makes my mouth water just thinking about it.
I'd need help carrying it to the was THAT heavy!

I'm linking up to
Susan at Between Naps on the Porch
The Tablescaper, for her

Thanks for stopping by & have a
Feliz Cinco De Mayo!!



  1. Stunning table. The china is so colorful and richly decorated. Sometimes I just love that as a change from the fragile, soft colored china I have so much of. The bubble glasses are really a nice touch too.

  2. Love your talavera dishes and the stemware, Rett. They are so happy and colorful, such a delight to see....Christine

  3. Looks like you sure did have fun playing with the dishes on vaca Rett! Gorgeous dishes, great colors and I love the glasses! Happy Cinco de Mayo:@)

  4. Rett: ¡Qué hermoso cuadro de vacaciones, gracias por compartir.

  5. Char said "What a beautiful holiday table, thanks for sharing!" LOL

    I had to go to IGoogle to translate it. I took French in school. LOL

    Thanks, Char!! :D

  6. Rett, this is a spectacular table. I have always been partial to "bubble glass" goblets and these are beautiful. I never even notice a disparity between the colors. It looks planned, woman!

    This is my kind of china and I love what you are sharing right now....Bunny

  7. Great table..Love the talavera! It's really quite festive. Lovely stemware and it goes perfectly with the pottery. Feliz Cinco de Mayo and happy mother's day!

  8. Rett, This is a very festve Cinco De Mayo table. I love this pretty handpainted pottery. I was in central Mexico a few years back and I could have taken a suitecase full of Talavera home with me. Sadly, I only have a couple of pieces.
    xo Yvonne

  9. Beautiful table, Rett. I love those colorful dishes and think they set a dramatic and exciting table. I admired Talavera pottery when I was in Mexico and have kicked myself more than once for not bringing some home.

  10. Those dishes are fabulous! You can eat more though, you work it off carrying them to the table. Love the purple stems too. Very festive table!
    I took Spanish, 4 yrs. don't remember much, but I figured out what Char said!
    The Hermosas would not be happy!

  11. Love, love the tableware. the colors just burst off the table. Stunning. Thanks for sharing.


  12. Rett, thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind comments.

    I love your festive dinnerware. It makes me want to set my next table up with my pottery we aquired in Cabo! I love Mexican food too, so hmmmm??!! haha

    Thanks for sharing your lovely tablescape and for stopping by so I could find you.

    PS, case away!!

    Miss Mindy
    The Howell Blessings

  13. Rett...oh my I LOVE your Talavera!! I have some pieces, but no plates. Yours are gorgeous, and I am jealous!! I just love those vibrant colors!

  14. Absolutely stunning, Rett. You have a collection of Talavera anyone would covet! Thank you for sharing...

  15. The pottery is unique and beautiful! Love the goblets too! Those chairs are to die for! Gorgeous place! Where were you in FL?


  16. I LOVE Talavera, in fact I'm currently hunting for some plant pots for the garden this year. This table is stunning!

  17. I love, love, LOVE these stunning talavera dishes/the whole tablescape! The vibrancy reminds me of many of the Italian dishes we're encountering here now that we're living in Italy.

  18. What a bright and festive table. That Talavera is a real treat to the eyes. The purple and green works glasses work well too. Joni

  19. Oh those dishes are wonderful! And so is that dining room. Everything looks so festive! Love your box header. Aren't they fun? laurie

  20. What beautiful pottery but I am also extremely impressed with your lovely dining room furniture...the chairs are wonderful as is the buffet. So georgous. Have a great day!

  21. Such gorgeous pottery - so rich and colorful. So glad that you'll be linking to Seasonal Sundays.

    I appreciate your comment on my Royal Wedding Breakfast Part I and thought you might like to know that Part II is up now.

    - The Tablescaper

  22. Hi lovely lady. I love your Tablescapes with your Beautiful dishes sweet lady ~~You did a lovely job putting it all together like you always do. I hope you have a Happy Mother Day.

  23. Rett- I see you made a box header like Laurie~ looks good!!
    Your Talavera pottery is gorgeous and the table that you set is so colorful. Love the bubbly stemware, too. :-) Are you getting nice weather today? Dayton is sunny and warm, finally! hugs, Sue

  24. Your blog is beautiful!!! I'm so glad you commented on mine so I could fine you!

  25. Rett~so nice catching up with you. Looks like I've timed it perfectly for a peek at your fiesta preparations! We're on the same celebration trail. Your Talavera is gorgeous! sure to bring a festive mood to your dinning.
    Could you please pass one of those strawberry margaritas my way:)

    Sweet wishes,

  26. Absolutely love this pottery. Love, love it. The bubble goblets are so pretty as well. Thanks for sharing this beauty. Hugs, Ginger

  27. Nice tableware Rett, I had a cuckle about you converting meters to inches. Sorry about that I forget we are different countries. The table runner is beautiful, fabulous job. hugs, Jen

  28. If these weren't on your table, I would steal them to put on my walls! BEAUTIFUL!!

  29. Ole! I love Talavera and Cinco de Mayo (but I don't need an excuse to eat Mexican food)!!!

  30. Thanks so much for making your post to Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper


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