Sunday, September 13, 2009

What do you think this is???

We found this treasure in the attic of my parents’ home. None of my sisters even remember my mom using it so we have no idea what it is. There are little slots on both sides of the metal frame for hanging 12 spoons. Unfortunately, I only have 8.

The lid lifts completely off to revel a VERY thin, delicate glass bowl with a rose colored tint. I’m afraid to wash & polish it until I know the value, if any. Hey, I watch Antique Roadshow! I know all about not cleaning off the patina. Do you think I could use that as an excuse not to clean my whole house? I could claim I’m “preserving its antique value”.

EDIT: I have been told by Kathleen Wheeler at Silver Collect Blog that this is a combination sugar bowl/spoon display. I'm guessing it is probably from the early 1900's. There is an interesting article on such items here. We think it has the original glass bowl & if so, that would make it more valuable due to its fragile nature. I have cleaned the spoons, which took FOREVER !!!
Then I tried TarnX on the rest of the frame. Sadly, none of the dark color came off. I suspect it is not silverplated but rather a different metal altogether.

Its still a neat treasure & I'll display it proudly. It should make for a great conversation piece at a dinner party.


  1. Not completely sure what this is officially called...but think you have a treasure there to enjoy/admire.

    I'm guessin' that it has something to do with sugar and each person gets an individual spoon to scoop sugar out of the dish with??????

    The glass maybe known as cranberry glass and yes, I think this piece is valuable.

    I'll have to keep this thought in mind about not cleaning the house to preserve it's valur! Thought this was funny.

    God bless,

  2. This is going to drive me nutz! I don't think it is a sugar bowl because the spoons are different sizes. My husband thinks it may have something to do with absinthe..a drink, but I don't think that is it either. I wouldn't touch it until I knew more about it...and yep, I bet it is valuable!

  3. This is so unique. Haven't got a clue what it is but so interesting. The spoons seem different sizes. Hmmm,,,,,,

  4. Ceekay again...hey I had Gloria from Happy to Be come by and look. She emailed me and told me it is a sideboard sugar bowl. She said to take a picture and send to Antiques Roadshow and they will tell you the value. She has done it. Hope this helps!!

  5. Wow...thanks, Ceekay! My sister & Deanna both thought it might have something to do with sugar.
    I will certainly check into it with AR. I appreciate you taking the time to tell Gloria about it.

  6. Wow! First - thanks for visiting my site. I'm gonna send you a whole different direction with your unique spoon piece. I collected several sets of sterling silver spoons years ago ... and later learned that they had typically been given as "first communion" or "confirmation" gifts. The symbols on the end of the handles represented the Twelve Apostles ... but if yours have some religious meaning, what would the bowl hold?

  7. P.S. Please let us know what you find out ... this will make me crazy, now!

  8. Wrights Silver Polish is for the birds! (sorry!) My silversmith recommended what they use which is called Tarni-Shield. It is made by 3M. Not sure where you can get it, but maybe google it?
    It sure makes polishing a heck of a lot easier. But I'd be nervous with your piece. Maybe call a silversmith in your area and ask what they use.
    Good luck with that! What a NEAT piece!! My gosh!

  9. Hi Rett, your header looks wonderful. You did a great job.

    Barb :-)

  10. Rett,
    your blog looks wonderful! love your header... that piece has been driving me crazy not knowing what it is..glad to have some idea now.

  11. Rett ~ absolutely beautiful post, down to the last detail!

    Thank you for sharing. xo

  12. What a wonderful piece! So unique!
    Love it!

    Let us know what if you identify it. I like Debbie's idea about it being a religious item!


  13. Rett,
    That bowl is breathtaking.I don't think I have ever saw one and thats hard to believe after all the antique shops and museum houses I have visited in my life.
    You have a real gem, enjoy it.

  14. It's FABULOUS, Rett! I love it! I have a few older pieces that have tarnished like that and I have decided to embrace them as they are. I have seen similar ones online and they were also dark, so yours may never have been silverplate. I now have a thing for those fabulous old sugar spooners...hard to find. You are so lucky to have a family piece! Hugs...Debbie


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