Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Family Supper Table

EDIT: I am linking this older post to Ann Thibeaults

Saturday Blog Showcase,

because I LOVED this soup!

(and I wanted to play, too)
I think the Blog Showcase is going
to be great fun & I hope to participate frequently.

My daughter, her husband and my 3 grandchildren
are coming to dinner on Friday night.

I wanted to make the kitchen table especially pretty
for them to celebrate autumn's arrival.
This tiled area of our kitchen, which the builder called the sunroom
has 2 full walls of windows plus
the door out to the deck & gazebo.
Lots of light & a nice view, too.

I brought down my new rooster from his perch on the baker's rack.

Nestled him among some greenery, fresh flowers from the garden,
a pretty candle with leaves embedded in it and
a really unique squash as part of the centerpiece.

A view from little Caroline's eye level.

We're serving warm, mulled cider in the mugs with cinnamon sticks
so even the children get coffee cups this time.

They'll be thrilled to graduate
from the plastic cups with the lids & straws!

We are also having chicken, rice, veggies &
homemade, oven-roasted tomato soup
with toasted cheese sandwich croutons,
fresh basil &
parmesan cheese.

The recipe came from Wives with Knives.
I've made it twice & it is DELICIOUS!
Thank you, Cathy.

I have TONS of tomatoes to use up, as you can see!

Here is a close-up of that pretty candle.
It has a glass insert that lets the light show through
the beautiful leaves & greenery inside the wax.

You can do something like this yourself after you have burned
your own candle down till there is enough room for a votive glass.

Just carefully pour off the melted wax & press your glass down into it while warm.
This way your candle will last forever! You just change the tea light inside the votive.

Neat looking squash, huh?

The shadows are getting longer & darkness falls earlier every evening.

I'm really looking forward to having my family join us around the table
and YOU, too!!
I'm glad I could share my preparations with you
& the rest of the participants of
Tablescape Thursday at Susan's
beautiful blog, Between Naps on the Porch.
Be sure to check out her site to see what others have done this week.


  1. Hi Rett,
    Another beautiful tablescape! Great Autumn colors, and you did a wonderful job on the centerpiece. The photographs are really nicely done. I loved the ones with the dramatic shadows. The candlelit views are magical!

    Bye for now,

  2. Oh the table looks gorgeous. I love that rooster. It is just so pretty. Your centerpiece is stunning and the dishes are just perfect. The colors are great. What a wonderful evening with your family. The soup looks sooooo delicious. Hugs, Marty

  3. I have those same plates...not all the pieces that you sure looks pretty all together!
    Sounds like a fun evening planned.

  4. I hope it's a "smashing" party!!! The soup looks so yummy....I wish I was coming too! As always, you have done a wonderful job on your table and all the decorations, plus your photographs are outstanding!!

  5. love your bright sunny dining room, showy!

  6. Rett,
    What a beautiful tablescape! It would be an honor to dine with you anytime. I must also let you know that I love your dining chairs. What a wonderful set.
    Dee Dee

  7. Hi Rhett, Such a pretty table ....Love the rooster...

  8. What a lovely tablesetting! Your dishes look just like fall and that Rooster! Oh, I love Roosters and he is a dandy! Your centerpiece is very pretty too! I'm sure your guests felt so special in your pretty room sitting at your pretty table.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. A very pretty table. Love the fall colors

  10. Oh you've pulled this all together perfectly! I love the look -- that cider will hit the spot!

  11. So pretty! Your family is lucky to have such a pretty table prepared for them and such a good meal and of course, a great hostess! :D Jewel

  12. Well I just LOVE roosters, so of course I just LOVE your tablescape for today! Your rooster certainly sits handsomely among all the beautiful dishes and colors!.. And it is almost as if he is just as ready for HIS meal as everyone else at the table is for THEIRS! I LOVE IT! ~tina

  13. This is such a nice table that you have here. Very inviting.
    Like the color of your dishes. Autumn here you come,
    d from homehaven

  14. What a lovely sunroom you have to eat in, so much light streaming in on to your terrific tablescape! That rooster is magnificent and you have coordinated the dishes and other accessories so well with him. The soup looks very tasty and the cup of cider sounds wonderfully fall-ish! Hope your family meal was fun!


  15. What a beautiful table you've put together! I'm sure you don't reserve that dinnerware just for would be beautiful all year long! The colors are beautiful!
    Great job!

  16. What a bright and warm room in which to eat. I loved the table you set for your family. The colors are just wonderful and your rooster looks like he was made to do double duty. Your photos are outstanding. I hope you are having a great day.

  17. Your table is definitely special. Love the beautiful autumn colors and the strutting rooster. He is splendid! Your photos are amazing. I wish I could capture my tables like you've done. ~ Sarah

  18. Aunt Rett, I was at Le Gourmet Chef store in our mall last night and Chris and I saw some very cute Halloween aprons. One was emboidered with "Ghostess with the Mostest" another had a witch hat, but I forget the phrasing... made me think of you!

  19. Janet ( Plaid Puppy Two)Thu Sep 24, 09:45:00 AM EDT

    Rett, the table is just beautiful.. I love the rooster the plates and other table setting(love the plates) look wonderful with him as center piece. Great pictures. Enjoy your family and dinner.

  20. Hi Rett - I'm so happy you liked the recipe for roasted tomatoes soup. I hope your family enjoys it.

    What a beautiful, sunny room and your table is gorgeous. Love the rooster.

  21. Great tablesetting and awesome presentation of your soup. I bet your family had a wonderful time the atmosphere looks wonderful.

  22. I love it! The dinnerware is very pretty ... the composed centerpiece is fantastic ... can you set one more place for me? Your family should enjoy this beautiful setting!

  23. Hello Rett,

    Beautiful tablescape! Great Autumn colors, and a wonderful centerpiece. Love those flowers and your rooster.

    Sounds like you will have a wonderful family dinner. Thank you for sharing.

    ~ Tracy

  24. This is all so beautiful! I'm quite taken with your kitchen chairs. The backs of them are so unique and pretty. The view outside is something else. The tablescape is gorgeous. And I love the rooster as well!

  25. What a YUMMY post... food looks good, setting looks lovely and table is set sooo nice!

  26. Just lovely seasonal table, Rett. You do have that touch!

  27. Hi Rett, this is absolutely beautiful. I love the gorgeous colors and the way the sun shines into the room. That rooster is just tooooo adorable. Oh, goodness, I love it all!!

    Barb ♥

  28. Rett, thanks for the offer of some fall leaves. That would be delightful. Do you have a source for acorns? I'd love to replace my faux acorns for the real deal. So enjoyed your tables again this evening, both today's and last weeks. Absolutely beautiful! ~ Sarah

  29. That is beautiful--such a nice area to eat too. Thanks for the idea for the candle--I will have to write it down--being able to use a decorative candle forever is nice!! And I also am enjoying some fresh infiltered cider that is sooo good my daughter thought it had spices in it---it has none but the flavor is awesome!! (ps I have 2 grandkids and 3 kids and the photos were of my grands and daughter and husband and my hubby)

  30. Your table looks great and dinner sounds yummy. I'm having dinner with my parents tonight too, I think I'll stop and bring her some flowers.

  31. Lovely warm setting for the perfect family gathering. Nice stage for that delicious meal.
    Also I enjoyed scrolling down the tea party for Caroline. So cute.
    Restful Weekend Blessings!

  32. Hi Rett , I am totally in love with that rooster !! We are going to miss our tomatoes, I used the last of mine this morning :(

    Pretty table !!

  33. Thanks for stopping by, now if you get my dream tipping tea pot tell them I sent you! lol I do love it!
    How I love your setting, oh the dishes, the Rooster!!! The candle, the view out the windows, the candle! Food wonderful! Love love this!

  34. Hi Rett,

    What a beautiful tablescape. I love the photos with the light slanting in shadows across the table.

    Thank you for commenting on my blog. In answer to your question, yes, the initials were already painted black when I bought them. They have a faint rubbing of gold along the edges as well, to take away that flat, black look. I've seen them in white, too.


  35. Your table is so colorful and pretty. I have had my eye on some dishes that are similar to yours & now I may just have to go get them.

  36. I throughly enjoyed reading your post and your beautiful photography of your lovely table setting. How special your family must feel when they sit down to this carefully thought out arrangement.

  37. I love your tablescape, it's just beautiful. I really like your dishes, I think that is similar to ones I have, but I only have two of them! I hope you enjoyed dinner with your family, the menu sounds delicious.

  38. What a beautiful view you have from your pretty tablescape. I love your colors.

    Now, please send me some of those tomatoes!

  39. coming to your blog is like browsing any high end hoe magazine, a la Veranda!
    So much to see and your photos are really perfect!!!

  40. Oh, Rett!! I'm so glad you linked this post to Saturday Blog Showcase! You know how much I love your tablescapes, and the soup looks absolutely delicious!


  41. Thank you Rett for sharing Cathy's recipe on the Saturday Blog Showcase.

    Plus I get to see your beautiful table-setting again. Lovely.



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