Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!


Wishing each of you a very Blessed Christmas!
I'm sharing some photos from around my house.
First a beautiful floral arrangement from a dear friend in Alabama.


The central ornament has a family of Christmas carolers.
I'll be saving that treasure to reuse again & again.


This little pink feather angel is almost 50 years old!!!
I bought it at a school bazaar for my Mother.  
She always had it on the top of her piano, flanking the nativity set.


My daughter brought me this DARLING little tree for my kitchen this year!!


It is filled with some of the cutest kitchen utensils I have ever seen!
A copper sauce pan...


An ornament depicting a package of spaghetti...Ms. C's favorite!


A red glitter handled whisk...


A beautiful copper collander...


There are several red glittered rolling pins throughout the tree.


A precious potato masher!!


What a fun focal point it has added to my festive kitchen!


The fireplace mantel is always done in gold, with from my sweet husband
when we lived in FL.  There was a local store that featured a different one each year.



I pray the Spirit of Christmas will light up your life & burn brightly for you all year long!


Don't eat too many Christmas cookies!!!



  1. Merry Christmas, Rett! I'm sad to report that I've already consumed too many cookies and other goodies. I need to fast for a week.
    Enjoyed your post. Looks festive at your house. Hope your new year is filled with joy.

  2. Merry Christmas Rett!!! Love your festive home. The new kitchen tree is adorable! I absolutely LOVE your feather angel - what a special decoration to remind you of your mom. :)

  3. Oh, what delights you have shared with us! You have brought beauty, sparkle, great good cheer and love into my home, and I thank you. I'm sitting here grinning from ear to ear. Merry Christmas, Rett!

  4. What a darling kitchen tree from your daughter, Rett, and I love all the utensils. I enjoyed seeing all your pretty decor and hearing about the memories. Your mug rug is absolutely the cutest!
    I hope you had a nice Christmas! Thinking of you with love and hugs across the miles.

  5. Merry Christmas, Rett. Blessings across the miles to you and yours and a Happy New Year! It's gotta be better, right?

  6. how festive and pretty everything looked...i haven't been to the groc store for coconut but will go tomorrow and we'll have that custard by afternoon. :)
    Happiest New Year

  7. ...back by to say thanks for visiting me today...hope weather there is not freezing you to death...we've had fair weather here and supposed to be raining most of tomorrow...sure hope so as we can use to you...

  8. Hi Rett! I am VERY late but loved seeing your Christmas post. That tree is adorable and I LOVE all the ornaments on it. Fabulous. I hope you are having a good new year. Have a great week!!!!

  9. Thanks so much for the prayers, Rett...we are doing good, feeling God's arms around us all...will be awhile before we know everything is going to be ok...and will sure let everyone know.

  10. Chicken Spaghetti recipe:
    I use the baked chicken. Skin and debone

    Saute and dice. 1 onion, bell pepper and 6 stalks celery in 1 stick butter

    Add 1 lb mexican velvetta cheese, can cream of chicken soup, 1 can rotel, 1 can stewed tomatoes, get all blended together and cheese melted. Then add the chicken
    I used about 3/4 of a large thin spaghetti package...

  11. Hi Rett - I hope that life is good where you are and that you are not having too hard a winter. I look forward to seeing what you have been creating in your sewing room!

  12. Hi Rhett, I am wondering if you are OK, or if you have quit blogging? I hope everything is OK. I miss you! XO, Pinky

  13. Hi Rhett, I am wondering if you are OK, or if you have quit blogging? I hope everything is OK. I miss you! XO, Pinky

  14. Hello Retta
    My name is janice young and I am president of sedville crazy quilter. We are going to be making walker bags for the nursing homes in our area Sedalia Mo. And would like your permission to use your patter.
    Thank you

    1. You have my permission to make as many as you like, Janice!

  15. I thank you so much for your kind comment...I'll come back to blogging when I can breath again.
    Thank you for your prayers and love...and being a good blogging friend.
    I am not ok right now...but I will be again.
    Love to you

  16. thanks ffor stopping by and leaving a comment.
    Yes, of course we cry for ourselves...never for the departed one. I know Bill is much better's my missing him and knowing he isn't coming back that makes me cry...all the memories right now make me cry. I know, that in time, those same memories wiil be the glue that holds me together.


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