Tuesday, April 05, 2016

More of My Sewing Room

sewing room cocoa, tea bar 005 label

 I meant to post these photos last Feb. but circumstances had my blogging mojo in the pits last year.
The little wooden caddy was made for me by my Son-in-Love & for awhile, I grew herbs on the deck in it.

 The weather was taking its toll though, so my sweet hubby refinished it for me &
 now I only use it inside the house, down in my sewing room. 

Four Mason jars fit nicely & provide a source of treats...
peppermint, cinnamon, marshmallows, hot cocoa... 
to be used when visitors come to visit & sew with me in my sewing room. 

I used this metal planter to coral some flowers one year....

sewing room cocoa, tea bar 010

 but here it is doing double duty as a plate rack.

sewing room cocoa, tea bar 011

You saw this little wire caddy in my last post...it holds sugar free flavorings,
to add to your coffee or tea...
Hazelnut, Vanilla, Almond, Raspberry & my favorite, Caramel!

sewing room cocoa, tea bar 013

When any of my sewing friends come to visit,
I try to serve something sweet to nibble on while we talk & sew.  
Usually it is cookies ...

sewing room cocoa, tea bar 015

  & ALWAYS some chocolate...

sewing room cocoa, tea bar 016

with a few *heart-healthy* almonds available in pretty milkglass containers, as well.

sewing room cocoa, tea bar 018 labels

sewing room cocoa, tea bar 019

 I have a WIDE variety of teas available.

sewing room cocoa, tea bar 020

sewing room cocoa, tea bar 021

I am always on the look-out for more interesting flavors to try, too.


sewing room cocoa, tea bar 026

I change the fabrics that cover the Mason jar tops, according to the season.
This little candle was an embroidery design done on my sewing machine.

sewing room cocoa, tea bar 001

 I often just cut circles of novelty fabrics with the theme of the current season's motifs on them.


This was the set-up in my sewing room, over the Christmas holiday one year....see all the snow outside?



Cute little mugs with matching snack plates add to the winter festivities.


 Unfortunately, with our lingering cold weather, they're still appropriate in April right now!


 The mugs match the individual plates....


 & every pair is a wee bit different from the others.


I even have candles that match the appropriate seasons!


I am SOOOOO ready for Spring, though!!  
Bring on the flowers!!!!


Thank you for visiting The Gazebo House today.  
I wish you could join me for a cup of something hot & a sweet treat!



  1. I'd love to visit your sewing room in person, Rett! You sure know how to treat your sewing friends with such sweet hospitality and style.
    I know you're anxious for warm temperatures to arrive and to say goodbye to the cold and snow. I'll bet you're getting lots of sewing and quilting done in your pretty space.

  2. Aren't you sweet! I wish I could come too!

  3. Wish I could come, but I am so busy with my roses and flowers in bloom, they are keeping me busy. Stop by and see the post.

    I love all your arrangements for guests and all the goodies that you have there for them. What a good hostess you are.

    Have a great rest of the week.


  4. What a treat it would be to sit and sew and sip and chat, Rett. Your sewing room is really lovely. You've put such a lot of thought into arranging it and it must be a favourite of all your sewing friends.

  5. Your guests must love the different beverages and sweets when they visit, Rett...you are the best hostess.
    Love your red and white transferware.
    Have a great week.

  6. Rett, I'd gladly join you for a cup of tea and something sweet. I'll bring along my needlepoint. ;-)
    Oh, if only we lived close enought to actually have some sewing time together. Wouldn't that be fun?
    Your sewing room is full of charm. What a sunny spot you've created. Sorry you are still dealing with cold weather. It's a beautiful spring here in TX.

  7. Rett, It's cold here this morning but at least there isn't snow on the ground! I love to see your sewing room in person and join you for a cuppa. I ADORE your metal planter corralling your dishes and Willow Ware....I might borrow that idea and plant my window boxes with dishes until I trust our weather is frost free and safe for flowers! Hope spring comes your way soon. ♥

  8. I would so love to see your room in person, Rett. Maybe one day! You are so gracious and it shows in everything you do. I can see that once I'm in the sewing room, there will be no reason to leave! Thanks for Tour#2.

  9. What a treat for your friends to have your sweets and tea and your sewing room is so charming! Hope you're having a great week!

  10. What a generous and beautiful "snack & drink" bar you've created...you are so talented and it shows.
    Thanks so much for your kind birthday and anniv. wishes.

    1. Coming back by to say watch for my post for Wed...about grapes, birds and netting...xoxo

  11. You have the most welcoming sewing room EVER! What a treat it would be to sit and enjoy your friends' company and offer them such amazing hospitality. Thanks for sharing, Rett.

  12. Lovin' the seasonal fabric tops on your jars Rett! It's finally warming up here in Philly. Happy Spring:@)


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