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Jodi Barrows Trunk Show

2015-08-25 001 011

March is National Quilting Month, so I'm going to try to post something about quilts with photos throughout the month.

Last year, one of the quilt guilds that I belong to had three generations of the Yoder Amish family come give a lecture & a "Show & Tell" program, as well as vend some of their products that they sell in their store, the Lone Star Quilt Shop.
(sorry, there are no online sales by them)  

They were delightful women & we had a million questions for them about their religion, their dress & customs, which they graciously & patiently answered.  

Later the same Amish family sponsored a dinner & trunk show by Jodi Barrows, author of the Square in a Square method of cutting/quilting.  (follow that link to check out her website)
She, too, was delightful with her wonderful sense of humor, tons of useful information & a HUGE stack of quilts...I loved every minute of it. 

 First off, we were treated to a true "family style" Amish dinner with big platters of fried chicken, heavy bowls of REAL mashed potatoes & gravy, green beans & ham PLUS scrumptious BIG homemade PIE slices already in place at every person's setting.

 You should have seen us jockeying our seats so we could sit in front of our favorite flavors.  (you KNOW I found a lemon meringue one, don't ya?!)
We were then treated to a fabulous trunk show & lecture by Jodi.  I took photos of almost every single quilt that she showed us.

2015-08-25 001 014

Jodi is a very entertaining speaker who clearly explained her techniques used in each quilt block as well as
showing them with various poster board demonstrations.

2015-08-25 001 015

She is a very skilled educator, able to convey her instructions & methods both clearly & concisely 

2015-08-25 001 016

This little Amish girl, with her beautiful long hair in a braid, 
sat directly in front of me, so her pretty hair is in many of my shots.
No matter how much I leaned either way, I could not photograph around her.
I hope she didn't mind me including her in these photos, as I know they don't 
like to have their photos taken.  The fact that her face isn't visible should make it okay.

2015-08-25 001 017

Don't you ♥♥♥ Jodi's HOT PINK NAILS?

2015-08-25 001 018

2015-08-25 001 019

Notice the different hands holding this tiny little mini quilt below?

2015-08-25 001 032

That is her husband, who helped to hold up Jodi's numerous,  lovely quilts. 

 He also ran the cash register, which was really humming afterwards.  We all bought her books & rulers, she was such a great salesperson!

They travel during the hot TX months, with a camper trailer so she can teach in various states all over the country.
I was in the Lone Star Quilt Shop when she dropped off one of her own quilts to be hand quilted.
I got to speak to her for a little bit & she was just a sweet as can be!

2015-08-25 001 021

I'll try to stop talking now & just let you scroll down through the huge variety of wonderful quilts that Jodi brought to share.

2015-08-25 001 024

2015-08-25 001 025

2015-08-25 001 026

2015-08-25 001 027

2015-08-25 001 028

2015-08-25 001 029

2015-08-25 001 047

2015-08-25 001 030

2015-08-25 001 034

2015-08-25 001 035

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2015-08-25 001 039

2015-08-25 001 040

2015-08-25 001 041

2015-08-25 001 042

2015-08-25 001 043

2015-08-25 001 044

2015-08-25 001 045

2015-08-25 001 046

2015-08-25 001 047

2015-08-25 001 048

2015-08-25 001 049

2015-08-25 001 050

2015-08-25 001 051

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2015-08-25 001 053

2015-08-25 001 054

2015-08-25 001 055

2015-08-25 001 057

2015-08-25 001 059

2015-08-25 001 061

I think these RED & GREEN & WHITE ones were my most favorites...I do love RED & WHITE quilts!

2015-08-25 001 062

2015-08-25 001 063

2015-08-25 001 065

Although, the BLUE & WHITE ones were beautiful, too!

2015-08-25 001 066

2015-08-25 001 068

2015-08-25 001 071

Jodi spoke lovingly about the generations of incredible women in her family & the hardships they endured while traveling to TX to escape the Civil War.

She comes from a loooong line of quilters & has written two novels, using her family member's & their history as the backdrops for Threads of Love & Threads of Change

I think she may have another book in the works, too.  I came home & immediately requested both from my library & read them from beginning to end, enjoying every minute.  I hated for them to end, which is always the sign of a good book! 

2015-08-25 001 072

2015-08-25 001 073

2015-08-25 001 075

Ooops, here is another favorite one of mine with RED!!!
I hope to share some things I recently learned about the making of *rouge d'Andrinople*  in my next post.

2015-08-25 001 078

2015-08-25 001 080

2015-08-25 001 081

2015-08-25 001 084

2015-08-25 001 086

The trunk show lasted for hours!
If you ever get a chance to see & hear Jodi, don't miss it.
I promise you will be incredibly entertained & come away very inspired.  

She also has a few videos on her website that lets you see & hear her explain several different kinds of blocks.
I especially enjoyed the "Ohio Star" instructions. ~~big grin~~ 

Click HERE to view a list of the videos.

March 17th is also National Quilting DAY, but you & I know there will be other GREEN things going on then!  *wink*

March 16th is Cuisine Kathleen's St. Patrick's Day Annual Blog Crawl.  The house will be decorated to the hilt in GREEN again this year for that one!

Thanks for stopping by The Gazebo House.  I hope you enjoyed Jodi's quilt show & will check out her website as well as stop back here for more calorie free eye candy soon.


  1. Rett, what a wonderful experience for you and your guild members. I'm so glad you took photos to share with all of us. My quilting days are behind me, but I still very much enjoy and appreciate looking at beautiful quilts. Jodi has great visuals. I can see why she is a good teacher.
    Hope you will show us what you are working on these days. I'm at work on needlepoint again. I love the relaxation is provides me.
    Have a great week.

  2. Oh my goodness, so many beautiful quilts, patterns and colors, it would be impossible to choose a favorite!

  3. That was really something, Rett. Like you, I found myself stopping at the beautiful red quilt. It is stunning. I look forward to your next post! A day like you had there really fills the heart and soul. When you give yourself the gift of immersing yourself in what you love it is 10 times the gift!

  4. Ooh Rett, I just oohed and ahhed my way through your post. You must've been in seventh heaven to view all those quilts and then to have an Amish meal, too. My favorite quilts were the Christmas tree one and the one with the baskets...sigh!! Although I did love the appliquéd one with the red flowers. Thanks for sharing all the beauty!

  5. Be still my Quilt-loving heart Rett! What gorgeous work, I couldn't begin to pick a favorite quilt! I'm going to have to check our her novels too, thank you for the information and sharing the photos. I look forward to seeing what else you have up your sleeve for us for National Quilting Month! ♥
    P.S. I think Kathleen's St. Paddy's Day blog crawl is the 16th, unless she's changed it. ♣

    1. Oh mny gosh,'re RIGHT!! It IS the 16th...whew! That gives me a few more days to decorate. Thanks so much for noticing that mistake. I shall correct it, toot-sweet!

  6. Wow! What an amazing trunk show. Jody is a very prolific quilter. It would be hard to choose favorite.

    In answer to your question on my blog, yes, H (Pondside) and I live in the same town. We've met up several times to enjoy a cup of tea and to share grandchildren photos!

  7. My goodness...that's a lot of quilts...I couldn't choose a favorite..

  8. So many lovely quilts, how can anyone have a favorite? That is amazing! What a delightful meal too! Just an awesome post with so much talent. We do enjoy our plum trees when they are in bloom. I did work in the gardens again today.


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