Sunday, January 31, 2016

End of January Blues

Shortly after my husband started his family practice office, his cousin, Eddie joined him once he completed his medical school training.  
Eddie later changed to orthopedics & had a very successful career in that field. 
He & his wife, Terry, often vacationed together with us in FL & we golfed together almost weekly here in Ohio when the weather was nice.

They had 2 daughters, one of which is the very talented artist Diane Arthurs, the designer of many cards & posters along with this line of dishes from Pfaltzgraff.  

She named the line "Evergreen Ernie" & I like to think it was after my husband Ernie!

I first saw these dishes on my friend Mary's blog, "Home is Where the Boat Is".  
Thanks Mary for showing them & for the 20% off code to help offset the purchase price.

Each salad plate has a different scene with the snowmen holding various garlands & wreaths.  The coordinating dinner plates have snowflakes around their rims, which also echo the mugs.


I was tickled pink to discover these little snowmen on sleds, 
(which I've had for YEARS), matched the teal blue colors perfectly!   
I used them as holders for tucked napkins between the sled runners.

 I found them at the Dollar Store a long time ago & I'm so very glad I kept them.  

I've heard it a million times....
"Mother, you never throw anything away!"
...and this is exactly why!!!

Aren't the snowmen's expressions just precious?  
They resemble my Ern, always smiling & making people laugh with his jokes.

Oneida's "Americana" silverware along with snow white quilted placemats completed the table setting.  
There are nice deep soup bowls that go with the set & I KNOW I took photos of them later in the day, but I can't find the pictures of them now.  Duh?  Mentalpause Moment!

I have many snowmen blues on my bakers rack this month along with the newly released reproduction Ball jars in the same turquoise color.  
I have several of the original colored ones but didn't dig them out yet & now January is almost over.  It will be time to put up the RED Valentine's Day items next!

Thanks to Mary, I also have the sugar & creamer as well as the S&P shakers that go with the set!

We've not had much snow here in Ohio, (♥♥♥ thanks to El Nino ♥♥♥) so I added some free standing lace snowflakes to the kitchen table light fixture.

I first made them for Sandy Hook & used them in a tablescape HERE

 They are done entirely in the embroidery hoop & are specially designed to hold together once you wash away the stabilizer. 

 Diane's dad, Eddie & my Ernie have both passed away now.  
I'm hoping to have both Diane & her Mother over for lunch, using these dishes, soon.

Next week, it will be a full year since my sweetheart went to Heaven.
  I miss him terribly every day still & always will.   
His smile would light up a room & everyone loved my Ernie!
Rest in Peace, Darling...I'll see you again in about 20 or 30 years, God willing.

Thanks for stopping by The Gazebo House today!
I hope the sun is shining wherever you are &
you'll come back to visit again soon.
I have TONS of quilting projects to share next.
You're always welcome!


  1. Hello Rett,
    Evergreen Ernie is a most cheerful fellow. Such fun plates with which to set a table perfect for winter. A year seems to pass by so quickly sometimes, yet drag at others.
    Hugs to you as you pass this year one milestone with your husband.

  2. Rett, I love the beautiful photo of you and your beloved hubby. ♥ Your sledding snowmen make the perfect napkin rings for Evergreen Ernie! I hope the dishes bring you many smiles and enjoyment. I love your sweet lace snowflakes hanging from your chandy too. :)

  3. The Evergreen Ernie snowmen plates are, by far, the best I have seen...I really ♥ them and intend to look for just the salad plates. Cute idea to use the snowmen/sleds for napkin holders!
    Beautiful photo of you and Ernie, Rett.

  4. Hi Rett, Love your dishes! They are really pretty. The color is great. Your snowflakes are stunning and I love the photo of you and your beloved.

  5. Good to see you posting again Rett. Beautiful picture of you and your husband.
    I love the snowmen dishes and everything that you have with them.
    Have a great week.

  6. Oh my, my dear friend....I can't believe it's been a year already since wonderful Ernie has gone to heaven. I am so happy that you continued your passion not only for sewing and quilting, but also your beautiful table settings. They are awesome as is that gorgeous picture of you and your beloved.

  7. I remember seeing Evergreen Ernie on Mary's blog and thought of you. I'm so happy that the dishes have found a happy home with you. Those napkin rings were so worth keeping, Rett, as they look perfect with your place settings. I SEW love your snowflakes, too, and they look pretty hanging from your chandelier. I look forward to seeing more of your quilting and sewing projects.

  8. Rett, it brings tears to my eyes to see this beautiful photo of you and Ernie. Striking couple! I know it's been a difficult year.
    Your winter blues make a darling table. What a fun story about the designs. Yes, I remember when you made the snow flakes for Sandy Hook.

  9. I love your blues so much..the dishes are just precious.
    What a beautiful couple you made...and I can't even begin to imagine how much you miss him.

  10. Hi Rett, wow, love the cute snowmen plates and table. That is so darling. You got so creative wit the snowmen sleds. Your hutch looks fabulous! The snowflakes are beautiful. You are so talented! So sad you lost the love of your life. One cannot know the pain, beside yourself. What a beautiful couple. Makes me tear up reading about you and Ernie. I know you miss him dearly and one day, you will be re-united. Definitely use your Parchment red plates for Valentines. Hugs to you, Linda

  11. Hi Rett, I hope you are doing OK. It is so scary getting older and losing friends and family. It reminds me to treasuer every moment with our loved ones. BEAUTIFUL picture of you and Ernie!!!

  12. Those dishes are beautiful and they are even more special given the name and the close connection to the artist. What a beautiful photo of you two. It is impossible to know your loss but your constant live for Ernie shines through and love never dies. Sending hugs to you.


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