Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Ready for St. Patrick’s Day

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 Today is Cuisine Kathleen's 7th Annual St. Patrick's Day Blog Roll & I just couldn't miss it,
even though I don't feel much like celebrating this year. 

2015-03-06 001 001

 I've set a small table with my new Royal Tara tea set. 
I have service for 6 in this delicately thin bone china, made in Galway, Ireland.

2015-03-06 001 002

The flatware is new...a gift from my husband for our Valentine's Day anniversary.
He told me to pick out something I wanted & I've always wished I had some utensils with gold on them, to coordinate with all my gold banded dishes.

It is by Mikasa & is called "Cameo Gold". 
I give Mary, who blogs at "Home is Where the Boat Is", full credit for telling me about it in THIS POST.
Thanks Mary!

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2015-03-06 001 006

My daughter found two of these pretty cross-cut vases for me. 

2015-03-06 001 016

2015-03-06 001 007

The cream pitcher & sugar bowl are beautifully shaped.

2015-03-06 001 008

2015-03-06 001 009

2015-03-06 001 010

 2015-03-06 001 019

These pretty green water goblets were used on a different table for my family last weekend.
The tablescape wasn't anything special but I thought the glasses photographed beautifully.

 2015-03-06 001 017

Gotta have some matching candy, too!

2015-03-06 001 012

I have this card from my sweet husband, sitting on the baker's rack.
He first signed it in 1988 & re-gifted it to me every year after that, dating it each time.
Such a cute parents used to do the same thing.  

2015-03-06 001 011

 I treasure all the cards he gave to me over the years & I'm so glad I kept most of them.
They have brought smiles & laughter along with a few tears to my days & have help me to feel like he is still here with me in spirit.

Thanks for stopping by The Gazebo House today & please go visit Cuisine Kathleen's party...always lots of fun to see all her GREEN.


  1. How lovely it was to see your post pop up, Rett. I have thought of you often over the past few weeks and wondered how you are doing. I think it's lovely that you have found the energy and inspiration to post for St Patrick's Day.
    The card that your husband signed and then dated each year is one of those special, treasured mementos that bring back precious memories. I'm glad you shared it with us.

  2. I came to visit from Kathleen's blog crawl. Your tea set is just gorgeous! Last year for my birthday I chose some flatware with gold accents, for the same reason as you. I think it really looks great. I enjoyed seeing all your pretty decor.

  3. What a pretty tea service for six, Rett. I love the band of shamrocks around the edge. When my beloved and I visited Ireland, we looked up my maiden name and supposedly my ancestors were from Galway.
    It brought tears to my eyes when I read about your Ernie signing the same card each year. What a special gift! On our last anniversary, Rich couldn't even sign the card he bought me. He just knew it was his last anniversary with me and he just held me and we cried. I have that card in a safe place. Thank goodness for our memories!
    Happy St. Paddy's Day to you, Rett. You're in my daily prayers. xo

  4. Sorry to read about your dear husband passing away. May God continue to comfort you as you grieve his loss. How wonderful to have such loving memories of your time together...

    Love your green goblets and what fun to have a shamrock tea cozy...Your Royal Tara tea set is so pretty.

  5. Your china set is so pretty. Your Mikasa flatware is beautiful and I love that your husband encouraged you to get them. The card you've shared for all these years is precious. I am so sorry for your loss.

  6. I love your tea set and flatware - you always set the prettiest tsbles, Rett! I am so sorry your sweet Ernie isn't here as I know you miss him more than words can say. Praying for peace and comfort.

  7. Rett, I'm glad you found the energy to participate with this beautiful tea table. I've always admired that pretty china with the delicate shamrocks. I remember that your Ernie signed and dated your card every year. I find that a charming tradition. I hate the thought of tossing beautiful cards. This is a perfect way to honor a special card. I think of you often and know that the days are long and lonely. Know that your friend far and wide keep you close in their hearts. Sending St. Pat's Day hugs your way........Sarah

  8. The color palette of your table is lovely! So fresh and clean, with a brilliant pop of green. I agree, your green glasses are fab!

  9. Your table settings are always beautiful. I continue to lift you up in prayer.

  10. Hi Rett, I love the dainty shamrock banded tea service you have, so pretty the Cameo flatware! I'm in search of another good Irish cookbook and I'm a sucker for ones with photos along with good recipes. How would you rate your Irish Traditional Cooking? You've been in my thoughts and prayers. I love the tradition of your hubby resigning and dating the card every year. I hope some tea and something sweet along with your memories gives you some small comfort. ♥ ♣

  11. Rett, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I hope you can find comfort in sweet memories and in knowing he is free of suffering. The card is such a wonderful idea. I will think of you and keep you in my prayers. Linda

  12. You've set a very pretty St. Patrick's Day table, Rett, very sweet and so festive. Your new china is lovely with the sweet little shamrocks and I love the touch of gold on your silver. I have gold trim on my china too and have always wished I could tie my silver into the setting a little better. And your goblets add a wonderful sparkle to your table. I'm thinking of you and sending happy thoughts your way. Happy St. Patrick's Day..

  13. I was hoping you would feel up to sharing your beautiful china and decor for St. Patrick's Day. Everything is so beautiful and so tastefully done. Sometimes St. Patrick's Day decorations get a little out of hand. These are perfect.

  14. Your tea set is gorgeous, Rett. Thank you for sharing it with us, and for the sweet stories about your husband - the card he signed each year and the flatware he wanted you to choose. I hope the memories will ease the ache in your heart.

  15. I sure wish I was there to celebrate St. Patty's day with you! Those cupcakes look delicious and what a pretty table setting….(like I should be surprised???? Duh!) Love ya and wishing you well!

  16. What a pretty table setting! I'm so glad that you are participating, even though you aren't in a festive mood. The card from Ernie is just precious, as is the story behind it. You continue to be in my prayers.

  17. Love your shamrock china and those cupcakes look wonderful!

  18. Rett, it is so sweet of you to put this together for the party, I think you have been to all 7 of them. I know your heart wasn't in it. I love that china, and your new flatware is beautiful. Dh does the same with the cards, when he can find it that is! The cupcakes look delicious and on this Lenten Fri I am craving some sweets. I will be baking a boatload of soda bread this weekend. Wish I could bring you one! You are in my prayers!

  19. He is still with you, and always will be. I hope that at your sad and lonely times, you will remember that I am still thinking of and praying for you as are so many others. You are smart and brave to continue with the things you used to do, and one day the pleasure you used to feel in doing them will return.

  20. Rett, it is so wonderful to see you doing a beautiful SPD table. The shamrock china is so know me an green!
    Wishing you a peaceful week.


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