Sunday, January 11, 2015

Fun with Food on a Snowy Day

OSU  cake, pancakes & snow in arch window 001.jpg dbl framed

We've had horribly bitter cold along with several inches of snow the past few days.

OSU  cake, pancakes & snow in arch window 002.jpg dbl frame

It is rare to see it pile up near the big arched window...the wind must have really been whipping it around.

OSU  cake, pancakes & snow in arch window 003.jpg dbl frame

You can see we have several inches with more predicted to arrive tomorrow.  
I'm tired of it already!

OSU  cake, pancakes & snow in arch window 004.jpg dbl frame

 It is the dark, dreary days that get to me the most. 
 No sun to be able to take decent photos either!

OSU  cake, pancakes & snow in arch window 005.jpg dbl frame

However, there IS one ray of sunshine that continues to brighten our days.....

 my granddaughter, Sweet Caroline!
She is so much fun & so full of laughter & energy...
never stops dancing, tumbling, flipping or talking!

OSU  cake, pancakes & snow in arch window 011.jpg framed

She always requests the same thing for breakfast, whenever she sleeps overnight...pancakes & bacon.

We've made bunnies....

OSU  cake, pancakes & snow in arch window 010.jpg framed

we've made teddy bears...or Mickey Mouse, whichever that was supposed to be!


We've decorated waffles in Keyon colors (her brother's college)

2014-11-30 001 2014-11-26 002.jpg framed

 We even made Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer.  I think Rudolf has a cold!!   LOL

OSU  cake, pancakes & snow in arch window 006.jpg framed

This Sunday, while she visited us, we made a double layer chocolate cake together, for her to take home to her Dad (an OSU grad) for dessert when Ohio State University wins the National Championship on Monday night!  

That chocolate candy heart with the peanut butter & green buckeye tree leaves, is supposed to represent a "buckeye"...popular candy confection here in Ohio 

which mimics the nuts from our state tree & also OSU's mascot, Brutus Buckeye, too.

Click the hotlink for a printable RECIPE on how to make the candy. 


I will be joining Michael Lee West, at Rattlebridge Farm for her Foodie Friday party this week.  Thanks for hosting, ML & thank YOU for dropping by The Gazebo House today.

(I hope you're not dizzy or seasick from seeing all the different photo frames...I was playing with PicMonkey editing)


  1. Your blue glass looks wonderful against the winter light and snow. I'm sorry it's been so cold for you, hopefully it will end soon. Fun breakfast food. I really like the Rudolph pancakes and bacon. Grandchildren can certainly cheer up a day! Wishing you a good week.

  2. She has really grown, Rett, and is absolutely darling! Love your fun foods, too!


    Sheila :-)

  3. Your cake turned out great Rett! I hope it brings OSU luck tonight:@)

  4. All those different pancakes….how fun! When my sister takes her 6 year old granddaughter out for breakfast, she always orders chocolate chip pancakes with a side order of french fries. It flips out my sister, but what are grandmothers for if not to please??? lol

  5. What fun you and Caroline have, Rett! I love all the different pancakes, especially Rudolph, with his cold!! I'm an OSU grad, too, and I'll be rooting for the Buckeyes tonight right along with my family. Your cake turned out so well and I wish I could have a slice to celebrate our win tonight. Go Bucks!

  6. Oh, Rhett and Kitty! Do you have to "rub it in" that your OSU beat my Alabama team in order to play tonight!! Just kidding - I am wishing your team, "Good Luck!". Rhett, I cannot imagine having that much snow on the ground being a southern girl, but it does look beautiful from your window view. I absolutely adore the photos of your unusual pancake creations. What fun! My grandchildren always request chocolate chip pancakes, but I can see we need to branch our a little, Sweet Caroline is beautiful!!

  7. Such fun to see Miss C. She is growing up. I have family who are Buckeye fans. ;-)

  8. Forgot to mention your cute header. Adorable! Stay warm and cozy. I can't imagine living with all that snow.

  9. Oh, my goodness! Too much snow. To me, ANY snow would be too much! What wonderful memories you have made with sweet Caroline. She is just as lucky to have you in her life as you are to have her in yours! Love the Lladros, too.

  10. Rett , Miss C is growing up! So fun to see her & your the breakfast creations :) We're experiencing our first real wintry blast and single digit wind chill temperatures. I just as soon see some snow if it's going to be this cold! We have friends that are HUGE Buckeye fans, their wee Maltipoo is named Brutus which cracks me up :)


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