Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Something is making me SNEEZE!!!

spring flowers & milkglass 001  

 You can sure tell it is Spring here in Ohio!
My eyes are itchy & watering, my nose is running & I'm sneezing all day long!

At first, I suspected it was because of this beautiful PURPLE Hyacinth
(does it remind you of Sarah's blog?) 
that I have displayed in my new-to-me hobnail milkglass pitcher.
  spring flowers & milkglass 003

 Aren't the candle sticks just precious?
My older know, the one
who puts the cake on the upside down Cool Whip container lid...found these for me. 

I just LOVE them!  Thank Fritz…my collection continues to grow, with your help!

Sewing Hints 012

spring flowers 2021

I've hung my Spring wreath on the front door...I know THOSE
flowers aren't making me sneeze.
spring flowers 2015

 However, if you look OUT the glass, through the door to the ouside...

spring flowers 2019

 These might also be the culprits! 
Gorgeous white hyacinths are blooming.

crocus 008

 Several clusters of crocus, both PURPLE & YELLOW are also wide open
crocus 2-27-12 001

 along side of some more hyacinths in various shades, too.

spring flowers 2020

I could be sneezing from these primroses that are also inside
one of my milkglass containers in the sunroom.

spring flowers & milkglass 004

However, I highly suspect it is the Christmas Cactus that is in our bedroom & blooming AGAIN, that might be the source of
offending pollen.

fleece pjs, floating candle, tabletopper 004

They are ALL going OUTSIDE just as soon as I'm sure we won't have another frost!

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get another tissue. ~~sniff~~

I hope Cuisine Kathleen thinks I have enough of my milkglass dishes in this post to add it to her "Let's Dish" party tonight. 
Hop on over there & see what other's have brought to the party. 
This post is also perfect for The Tablescaper's Seasonal Sundays, so I'm hopping over to that party as well. 


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing all these potential sneeze inducers! The way you have displayed several of them in the milk glass is just so pretty. Happy Spring!

  2. Rett, your garden is blooming! I'm envious of all your hyacinths. Mine are long gone. We had more rain today......yipee! Hope to be in the garden again tomorrow. Your milk glass pieces are lovely. My mother collected milk glass and now one of my nieces enjoys it. It's fun to see the grands using my mom's things. ~ Sarah

  3. I love your pretty milkglass, Rett. My Mom used to have some plates, but she doesn't know what happened to them! I think Kathleen will be so pleased with your collection of dishes. I'm so happy to see that Spring is finally arriving in Ohio. We had winter here in Texas today and may get freezing temps tonight. Crazy! Take care and keep the tissues handy.

  4. I have that pitcher and one of the candlesticks Rett! My fav is that pretty square dish, love it! Sorry to hear about your allergies, they sure can make life miserable. Hope they pass quickly-take care:@)

  5. Good luck with those allergies! I think the entire state of Georgia is covered with yellow pollen right now. I read once, though, that if you can see the pollen, it probably is not the problem. It is the pollen that we do not see that gets us - lol! I do love your candlesticks and your collections is so pretty. Thanks for sharing it and your beautiful flowers with us.

  6. BEautiful photos, Rett. We're doing the sniffle dance up here too. I think it is mold as there is not a bloom in sight but there sure is a whole lot of mud!

  7. Oh, poor baby!!! I feel blessed to not have been hit yet this year. I have suffered with those stupid allergies since I was a child (yes...I was the snotty kid!), and it's no fun! We have a few things in bloom and trees are budding, but I've been safe so far. (Knock on wood, and praise the Lord!) I hope you find relief soon! Meanwhile, you can sit back with your tissue & Flonase and enjoy the beauty of your milk glass collection! :-) Try to have a good weekend!!!

  8. Rett, I love your milk glass from your sister, and those are lovely flowers.

    I will tell you that I think I am allergic to hyacinths. I always get funky when I'm around them or other heavily scented flowers I love like stargazer lilies. Hope you feel better soon. Oak pollen here is the worst offender. It's BAD.



  9. Love the wreath on the door Rett. I think I would put up with the sneezing to gaze on the lovely spring bulbs. They have not arrived here yet. Take care my friend, Jen. xo

  10. Beautiful photos, would be a shame if your allergies are caused by the intoxicating scent of the giant hyacinths...they are my sign that spring has arrived...although it is pretty fickle this year with a couple days of warm weather followed by three cold ones!
    You have a beautiful collection of milk glass.
    Have a great weekend...

  11. Oh, I feel your pain, Rett! We are all allergic to oak pollen here and we live where there are millions of them! Your flowers are beautiful, though! Hugs, Karen

  12. Your milk glass is beautiful. I have a collection myself and it makes me so happy. I'm suffering horrible allergies this year and have gone through about two boxes of tissues...achoo! Hope you are better soon.

    hugs, Linda

  13. Spring is taking its time here! I see some signs of life in the garden but not nearing what you have! Gorgeous flower shots!

  14. You a beautiful collection of white glass and flowers.

  15. Looks like SPRING has SPRUNG at your house. Gorgeous dishes (love the pink ribbon) and the door wreath is so welcoming. HAPPY weekend~

  16. Well, you couldn't stick them outside today's snowing outside. Be prepared, it's probably coming your way! Hope your sniffles clear up real soon!

  17. What a gorgeous post, Rettabug!! I LOVE your hobnail milk-glass collection! It makes such a pretty vignette with the pink ribbon and the lace runner. Beautiful!! Enjoyed seeing all the pretty blooming bulbs, Hyacinths, Crocuses, and the pretty Primroses and Christmas cactus.

    Hubby and I had our allergy flare-up three or four weeks ago -- it was pretty miserable. Things bloomed earlier here in North Carolina. Visiting from Seasonal Sundays -- I hope you feel better soon. :)

    Denise at Forest Manor

  18. All your blooms are stunning! I received a Christmas cactus as a gift this year and I love it! I hope I can keep it healthy enough to bloom again! The pollen in the South has been knee deep for weeks, we all just walk around with kleenex and swollen eyes! Happy Spring!

  19. Your flowers look so pretty, and your milk glass is really pretty too. laurie

  20. Love your milk glass, so pretty! And it is nice to see some flowers...take an allergy pill! My eyes are itchy, but I need to see some color!
    Thanks so much for linking to Let's Dish!


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