Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Raggie Scarves

  These are the simplest little sewing projects! 
 They make a real fun gift, if you do them up in your child's school colors to wear to football games.

You just cut 2 (or 3) strips of fleece or jersey knit fabric
 however long & wide
you want your scarf to be.
Stack them one on top of the others.
Sew one long seam right down the middle.
I sewed it twice, just for extra strength.
Cut approximately 1" wide slits
 (I use my thumb to measure)
parallel to the stitching
 on both sides,
right up to the stitching line.
You can use regular scissors but I thought
pinking shears gave it some extra fluff.  

Shake it out & you're done! 
I made several for my own grands & then my daughter decided they would be a great project
for Ms. C's class to do at their Halloween Party in the classroom, after they paraded around the school yard.

 Ms. C's entire class (sorry, but I have to blur their faces)

I cut & sewed all the strips of fleece together and my daughter cut all the strips into scarves, done in the colors of the various schools from the Harry Potter series, as a gift to Ms. C's classmates.

  We originally planned for the children to do the cutting of one side only,( we cut up the first side for them)  as a class project, but, sadly,  their little hands weren't strong enough to manage the scissors.   My daughter had blisters on her fingers from all that cutting right there in the classroom that day!

Other ideas would be to make them for her 18" American Girl dolls.  

If you click on the photo below, you will find instructions on how to make them for 18" dolls.

Have FUN sewing up a quick & easy project!
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  1. What a cute and easy idea, Rett. I'll be pinning this.

  2. Okay, so I won't be pinning - but I'll bookmark it for future reference!

  3. Sorry you can't pin from here, Lorrie. I made it that way back when Pinterest was saying they "Owned" all photos pinned to their site & there were rumors they intended to publish books of them in the future. I don't think that is the case now but who knows about the future.
    Thanks for thinking it was 'pin' worthy. Actually there are tons of them on Pinterest anyway, but I truly appreciate the compliment.

  4. Another cute project, Rettabug. That Miss C is a lucky girl.

  5. Cute scarves! I love the idea of school or team colors:@)

  6. I love these scarves, Rett. They are so cute on the AG doll and that pic of the class is a hoot. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Such a cute idea and how nice of you to make them for all the children in Miss C's class!

  8. I love this project, Rett. What fun that the whole class has raggie scarves. I made a large quilt for my granddaughter using this technique and the joints in my scissor hand were swollen for weeks after all those cuts. A scarf is more my speed now. The little doll scarves are adorable.

  9. Beatrice Emaline will be choosing her American Girl doll before we know it. will be a little while...she just got her first tooth yesterday, and in 4 days she'll be 4 months old. I love the idea of the fleece scarf. So cute! I'm thrilled that you are returning to us in blog world. I scrolled back and caught up on the latests posts in your blog. The picture of Ernie was so precious! The light in his eyes shouts joy and appreciation. Thanks for inviting us for a peak at the festivities and for the darling scarf idea. Happy New Year! Cherry Kay

  10. Just as cute as can be. The whole class is adorable in their cute Raggie scarves.

  11. OH Rett, what an adorable idea for a scarf... and for a fun school project. You always make the cutest things!!! Thanks for sharing this at TUTORIALS TIPS AND TIDBITS! I am so so glad you are blogging again!

  12. SEW cute, Rett! I love that the dolls can have matching ones, too.


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