Wednesday, March 23, 2011

National Quilting Day & Mug Mats!


In honor of February, having been National Smocking Month,
& March 19th being National Quilting Day,
I want to share with you some of each.

Remember, while on vacation in FL,
I got to meet Donna who is the creator of the beautiful blog
Brynwood Needleworks.

She is such a sweet & generous soul...
we hit it off immediately & found we
had many things in common.

Here she is, above, holding some smocking
that I explained how to do.
I left some pleated fabrics with her,
along with some smocking books, too.
I know she'll be showing off her talents
in this form of needlework soon.

Did you know she used to own a needlework shop
called "Stitches"?

The first time we met was at Panera's &
she gave me this darling quilted mug mat
that she had made, since it had a coffee shop theme going.


How thoughtful & so very appropriate!
the perfect size for a cup of something hot
& a little cookie or two.

I have it sitting right next to my keyboard &
I remember Donna & my fun vacation each time I set a cup on it.

(I wish you could see her fabric stash...WOW!)

I also got to meet Carol from the pretty blog

Doesn't she look like just the softest, gentle, grandmotherly type person?

Don't let that exterior fool you!

She is a spit-fire with gorgeous nails, oodles of lovely jewelry
& stylish clothes.
She is full of fun & mischief & lots of laughs.
She has an acerbic wit & a delightful sense of humor!

I was in awe of her gorgeous quilts (and DISHES!)
that I got to see when we visited her home in Sarasota.

She gifted me with this delightful mug mat, below,
which now sits beside my sewing chair...
another spot where I frequently
sit with a cup of tea.


Notice how she utilized the fancy
stitches on her machine to do
some of the quilting.

Donna held a Mug Mat swap on her blog.
If you click HERE ,
you can see ALL the participant's mats.

My talented partner
was Sandy M.
from the beautiful blog,
Vintage Sandy
who sent me this intricately wrapped package:


It smelled WONDERFUL, even before I got the tissue pattern papers opened.


Lots of scented goodies inside, like pretty napkins &
Victoria Rose tea
from Miss Molly's Tea Room



TWO beautiful mug for me & one for Ms. Caroline,
so we can enjoy our tea parties together with them!


The backs are just as pretty as the fronts!


Here is the pastel, vintage looking one I made for Sandy M.

I can't think of a nicer gift than
something handmade,
specifically for you.
Thank you so very much, Ladies!!!


I'm linking this post to Kim's

at her beautiful & inspiring blog,
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  1. I have never seen those mug mats! They are so cute and just the right size! What a wonderful opportunity to get to meet those lovely ladies!

  2. Rett,

    Awwhhh... We did have a good time and I am really looking forward to your visit next year. I am still going to write something about your visit but changing over to Mac has been quite the process.

    Thanks for your kind words.


  3. Wow, great friends and a great time Rett. Love the little mats, I need to spend some time working on the stitches available on my machine too. You give me inspiration, now just give me some energy. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Sounds like you had fun! I have friends in Sarasota, if I ever get there I will have to meet Carol!
    Nice mug mats. Make me one with dishes on it, LOL!
    Or pink and green cause I am a DZ from Ohio!
    Hope all is well there!

  5. Rett, I have never seen nor heard of a mug mat. They are wonderful. I would love to have one right here nest to me in my study while I blog!
    Beautiful! I bet you had so much fun.

  6. Nice to meet you, I am following you back! good luck on my giveaway. I was reading your post thinking how lovely bloggers wrap their gifts to each other. If I did not have blogger friends I would never receive those beautiful gifts! And people always ask "Why do you blog"?


  7. I have never heard of a mug mat Rett, and I have a sewing mother and an aunt that did a lot of quilting. It must be something "new". They do look perfect for sitting next to the computer. A lot better than the ratty old napkin I use!
    What fun you must have had connecting with these women that enjoy the same things you do. Looks like so much fun.

  8. Hi Rett:
    We really did have fun, didn't we? It's a mixed blessing that you live so far away. If you lived closer, you, Carol and I would be in trouble multiple times a week!

    So glad you love your mats. They really are fun to make and share.

    Can't wait to put together our paper doll party, and the day when I see you again.

    Hugs from FL,
    Donna, Kes and Fezzik I. ^..^

  9. I wish I had a quilter in the family. I have only made tied quilts and one pieced blue jean pocket quilt. These are all so gorgeous. Wow.

  10. Rett~ you are adorable and too kind! Oh, thank you my dear friend!!!!!!!!
    xo Yvonne


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