Saturday, January 22, 2011

National Pie Day is TODAY!!

My granddaughter, Caroline, slept overnight &
one of our many projects was to make a lemon meringue pie
in honor of

National Pie Day!

Recipe is straight from the back of the
Jell-O lemon pudding & pie filling box.

She to help me in the kitchen.
We had meringue on the counter, her shirt, my shirt...
even my purse which was on the other side of the room!

Then we had a tea party in the sewing room with all her favorite friends.

Does this qualify as a blooper Tablescape for Thursday at Susan's BNOTP?
Forks on the wrong side, no napkins or glasses.
We were in a hurry to taste that pie!

Lots of fun & lots of wonderful memories being made.

I'm joining Jojo for the second time

Jojo's - Joys

for her National Pie Party, which is going on this week!

Go visit her to see what others are making.

Don't you agree they should change the national celebration date to




  1. Rett, That pie meringue is beautiful and I love that Caroline and all her "friends" were able to join the pie party too!!!

  2. I love it Rett, especially the meringue on your purse! Looks like you had so much fun-enjoy:@)

  3. Oh, Rett. I just knew you would want to get in the kitchen and make a pie for today. ;-)
    Darling tea table! Wish I had a precious little granddaughter to come over for tea parties. What fun!
    And you know lemon meringue is my favorite. Lots of meringue please. ~ Sarah

  4. Well, I think the table looks great- set for you and her dolly friends! The pie looks absolutely scrumptious, too. Lemon meringue was a childhood favorite. These days, I love a yummy pecan. Oh heck, I admit it- I love pretty much anything in the way of pies! LOL Glad you had such a fun time "decorating" the pie and everything else in the kitchen. :-)
    ~ Sue

  5. Pumpkin pi...makes me giggle. Glad that you like the duvet/tablecloth idea. To avoid the seam when making a tablecloth, you use one full width in the center. Then you split a second length of your fabric vertically. You seam the
    extra fabric to each side of the full width,length piece. Another thought, sometimes at fabric shops that feature home dec bolts, it is possible to find fabric that is 118" wide. Allowing two inches to turn under a hem allowance on each side, that would give you a one piece cloth with up to a 27" drop on each side...almost floor length on a 60" table. You'd need to buy a 3 1/2 yard piece of fabric. There would be no seams. You'd just need to hem it. If you went with my idea of keeping the selvedge edge, it would be a 29" drop on each side...full length...just adjust so that
    it would be the same on all four sides. Hope that helps.
    Cherry Kay

  6. Sounds like a great afternoon, and the pie looks delicious too!

  7. Rett the meringe on your pie looks like a work of art! I'm sure you and Caroline and all her cute dolls enjoyed a slice!

  8. Hi Rett, The pie looks so yummy. It reminds me of spring, was it the spring flowers at the tea party. Hope you and your granddaughter had a great time at the tea party. hugs, Jen.

  9. Now me... I love the lemon part and scrape all the meringue off! I know... it is a travesty! I think that is one of the best tablescapes! It is filled with love! I need to make a pie now. I can't let National Pie Day go by and not enjoy!!!

  10. You may have had meringue everywhere, but the meringue on the pie is beautiful. I struggle with it. Yours looks just perfect.

    All the "girls" look like they're enjoying the party.

  11. Your tablescape is fabulous, if not traditional. Your pie is so pretty, no one will notice the lack of napkins...that's why God gave us tongues.

    Have a great week! La

  12. Oh, Rett, you and Caroline made my absolute favorite pie, lemon merengue! The minute I saw your heading I started to think of this pied and low and behold it was the one you chose to make.

    I am so glad you and Caroline had this time to spend together baking. Such a treasurable memory!

  13. That is one beautiful pie, and I know you had a fabulous time with Caroline!

  14. Yum, yum, yum!!! Lemon meringue is my favorite. It sounds like you and Ms. Caroline had the perfect day together.

  15. Rett, your meringue is simply magazine perfect!! Oh, I too LOVE lemon meringue pie.

    Such fun you have with your little granddaughter. I know she treasures all the fun things you do with her. Love the little tea party, and I'm sure Susan would approve for Tablescape Thurs. :)


  16. Rett, that pie is gorgeous. I don't even like lemon meringue and my mouth is watering. Great memories with your sweet Caroline.

  17. Your pie looks WONDERFUL and sounds like a blast making it!!! I love lemon pie and your grandaughter friends make a nice table. When there is lemon pie to be served, you can't keep it waiting!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. Your comments are very much appreciated.

  18. That is one of the prettiest pies I've ever seen and I wish I had the WHOLE thing, right here beside my coffee cup. Yum......meeeee!

  19. Oh, Rett! Not only is the pie delicious, but those dolls! HOW cute!


    Sheila :-)

  20. Yes, I think this qualifies. How cute is that! Love the tea party with dolls and pie! Yummo! Caroline is one lucky little girl to have you for a grandma! So fun!

  21. There's not better pie for a gloomy January day than Lemon Meringue!

  22. HI!!!
    I always make a Pie on PI day!!!
    you are right!!!
    But yours is fabulous!!!And what a better pie partner then sweet Miss C, hwo funny you have a MISS C too!!!
    It has been a busy week for us, so glad GOD was in control and handled everything so perfectly, we Praise him for all things!!
    hugs 2 U,

  23. Funny....your making beautiful garments and I'm making dog bed covers, gotta love that...and that pie looks wonderful. Lemon meringue is my favorite.

  24. Oh my! That meringue pie sure looks delightful and fun to eat!


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