Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Cloche Party with Marty @ A Stroll Thru Life!


It is time for Marty's Cloche Party
A Stroll Thru Life


I recently found these two cheese boards for
$2 each.

I loved what Debbie, author of

Confessions of a Plate Addict

did with hers...go see, then come back, quick!

No, really....I'll wait.

~~drums fingers on the keyboard, checks the ceiling fan for dust~~

Okay, didn't she do a GREAT job?


I have had this candle stand for ages &

decided to try to duplicate her version.


A little glue & some Heirloom White spray paint &

some sanding after it dried ……



A Beautiful cloche to hold some treats for an

upcoming tea party tomorrow

with my Princess Caroline,

who is coming for an overnight visit.


Look closely…these treats are only

for her dolls to enjoy.

They are faux chocolate chip cookies & a doughnut

made of felt by machine embroidery in the hoop.


The pretty slice of cake is really a pin cushion…

a gift from a special friend.

Thank you, SEW much, Mamacjt!


Marty says we can include apothecary jars in her cloche party so

here is mine on the dining room table with some fresh flowers.


It has keys from my parents home as well as the ♥-shaped bottle

opener from DH’s grandson’s wedding favor & the invitation to

another of his grandsons First Holy Communion.

I had to take this hydrangea out within minutes as the jar was

fogging up.

Can you see the French Script on the candles?

Look closer…

I got this idea from Debbie too!

Thanks again, Deb”

She is Soooo talented.

Click the candle to go see her version!


The other cheese board I have in the den,

holding some pretty seashells from FL &

one special cracked one from my younger sister, Louise.

(That’s her on the right in that picture with me)

I love that photo…

we were both laughing hysterically about something.

I can’t remember what it was but we sure were having a fun time!


More seashells surround it as well as some photos

of my grandsons when they were really little.


Thanks Marty, for letting us come play with you at your party

& thanks to everyone else for visiting the Gazebo House today.

Come back next week & I’ll have some photos of the

tea party that I have planned for Princess Caroline tomorrow.

Here is a sneak peek



  1. Rett, these projects turned out terrific. I agree that Debbie is a clever, talented lady, but so are you. What a cute idea to add the felt treats for Carolyn's doll. Have fun at the sleep over. Carolyn is a lucky young lady to have you in her life! ~ Sarah
    You and your sister could be twins.

  2. Wow! I am quite impressed! It was all I could do to get one out this time and you have several lovelies! I love everyone of yours! They are so creative! Love the painted metal candlestand and the keys added to the floral one! Great ideas!

  3. Rett, I love all your cloches. That fake food is so cute and I love the cake slice pin cushion. Everything is so pretty. I will join tomorrow.

  4. Love your "new to you" cloches and the calorie free goodies-have fun!

  5. Love this idea...Debbie is sooo creative and so are you!

  6. Rett, your transformation was terrific. Cloches are mini party's all by themselves. Your tea party food is the only kind I need!


  7. Ta-Da is right! I really love the cloche on the stand that you made. Such creativity! :)

    Fun visiting, Rett!
    Kindly, ldh

  8. Oh Rett I love Debbie to pieces she's the best...Now I also love your version of the cloches...the sweet little cookies are just great my friend...Hope you have a GREAT tea party with the grands aren't they the best girl...I love being a grandma and great grandma it's like I did a second go around with more babies to love and play with sighs...Hope you have a GREAT weekend my Dear friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  9. Rett,

    I love this idea for creating the cloches! They look so professional that I can imagine they would make cute gifts!
    Enjoy your time with your sweet granddaughter!
    Dee Dee

  10. Too too sweet ! I know your tea party will be a lot of fun.
    I like to use wooden candle holders as bases too...just add a wooden plaque to the top and paint the color of your choice.
    Hope you'll stop by and see mine.

  11. Love the makeover of the first cloche!!! Totally inspiring!!


  12. I love all these creations! You did a fabulous job ~ and the treats for the dolls are incredibly cute. Can't wait to see your tea party with the Princess.

    Have a blessed weekend ~


  13. Hi Rett - If I had a granddaughter I'd be looking for some of those cute little faux cookies - so sweet! You have so many good ideas!

  14. Rett-your project turned out beautifully! I also love the one with the shells, of course. Thanks for the kind words today. I'd say dad and I are doing as well as we could hope. My sister is still with him, so he hasn't been on his own yet. I think that will be a real challenge for him, he likes the noise in the house and the company. It will be a huge adjustment for him.

  15. How fun and what pretty pictures too. Love what you did with the stand and covered "cookie" tray. Little Miss C will love that! Can't wait to hear all about the tea party! Enjoy yourselves!

  16. So pretty! I love the one you made! Aren't you the creative one;)!



  17. Love this! I remember Deb doing it! Nancy

  18. Oh I love what you did to that cheese dome, Rett. What a great idea, so pretty! And what cute faux cookies. I can tell how excite you are about Princess Caroline's visit. I know you'll have lots of fun. Pretty cloches!...Christine

  19. Ack, I missed the memo on the apothecary jars! Now those, I have plenty of! I love how your cheese board turned cloche came out with the candleholder. That looks great and looks like a very whimsical piece now. I guess I have some new things to look for next trip to Good Will.

  20. Hi Rett! Oh, you did a wonderful job copying Debbie! :) I love how yours turned out! Perfect! The cheese domes look wonderful too!
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  21. Ooooh, they are all so pretty! I love the one with shells and the cross with pearls on it!

    Can't wait to see the tea party photos! Have fun with Caroline! I'm going to get to see my grandson, Caden this weekend! Fun!

    Now I'm off to see Debbie's ideas!


  22. Hi Rett! Great job on that REDO on the duplicate of Debbie's idea!~ You did an absolute great job...and now between you and Debbie, I'm gonna try to make one of these myself! :) And, have a SUPER time at your tea party tomorrow! How fun! Great job!

  23. Oh Rett! I love the look of your pastry dome...with that tall candlestick base! You have put your own stamp on it! Thanks for giving me a plug! And what cute goodies under the dome! I love the cloche with the shells. It's nice to have things that bring back memories of special times! I can't wait to hear about teh tea party! Have a great weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  24. What lovely detail and imagination! Oh..and thanks so much for waiting for me. I even took the time know...make a trip to the BR..and whenI got back, THERE you still were. Just exactly as promised.
    Your cloches also had meaning in some of them...and I like that so much! Wonderful...
    Oh..and I could read your print! Now that's a change!

  25. Rett, the candle cloche turned out great. The treats and pincushion are so cute. Wonderful post.

  26. Hi Rett! I really enjoyed seeing your apothecary and cloches. Love the way you transformed the cheeseboard and candle holder. Very smart and it turned out so pretty.

  27. Hello Rett, those are over the top eye candy. I love love love what you created with the candle stand and the cheese board. That is perfect, Char

  28. Hello Rett

    It is my first visit to your blog and I love it. It is wonderful how you have used the glass dome, cheese board and candlestick to create a great display cloche. I love the way you have used the apothecary jar and added the fresh flowers with a little water. The way you have added some personal mementoes on the top is an excellent idea. Well done, Jackie in UK.

  29. Rett, they are all so pretty. Have fun at the sleep over and can't wait to see more photos. Blessings, Vicky

  30. Hi Rett, what a clever and creative girl you are! They are gorgeous!

    Hugs, Barb ♥

  31. Ta da.... Your version turned out just as nice as Debbie's, Rett! Love the faux goodies, too. The jar is lovely and the shells in the other dome are so pretty. Always like to come and see what you've been up to. I bet the tea party will be adorable, just like your little princess...
    hugs, Sue

  32. Rett, I love your version of the candlestick and the cloche. I really need to find a candlestand that is pretty like yours and Debbies so I can make one too. The cookies and cake are just fabulous. What neat treats. The shells are gorgeous. I love the small ones in the cloche and then surrounded by the larger ones. They make a beautiful vignette. Your tea party looks wonderful. How fun that will be. Thanks so much for joining the party. Super eye candy. Hugs, Marty

  33. Tea parties are my favourite thing in the world! And such a wonderful job you did reinventing the stand for your makes a beautiful presentation!

    Do have fun taking tea with Princess Caroline...


  34. Each and every one of these is a treasure! I love the make over of that candlestand. It looks like a treasured antique.

  35. I love the candlestick makeover with the cloche. It's fabulous. And I love the idea of fresh flowers in the apothecary jar. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Even if you borrowed a few.

  36. Hi Rett,
    Do you know how many cheese boards I've seen at the thrift store and passed up? Love, love, love the idea. I will definitely be snatching a cheese board next time I see one :-) Your displays are lovely. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  37. You did an absolutely beautiful job. I love the swirly candlestick base you used, so romantic.

  38. What a great idea of putting the one on top of the candlestick! So cute and I love the one with shells. I hope you and Caroline have a wonderful tea party! I know you will make it super special for her!

  39. Clever idea with the cheese dome and candle stick! I love the cream color and the distressing!


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