Friday, February 05, 2010

I'm sick of winter!

Hurry up Spring!

I need some sunshine & warmth on my face!

I need to smell some flowers...

and be able to walk barefoot outside!

At least my Christmas cactus is providing

some color in my life but

we've got more snow predicted for tonight...

oh joy.



  1. I love the pink peonies and tulips! I can't wait for spring. It has been so cold and wet here, but no snow. Your g'daughter is adorable.

  2. I love your little model!!

    All of your flowers are gorgeous. I know spring is around the corner but it can't come too fast for me! We have snow coming our way today, too.


  3. I think everyone feels the same, but at least we aren't covered in snow. I've been working on my blog, Retta. I now have the gadget so people can follow it, and I hope to add more stuff. My daughter set it up, and she didn't realize I didn't have administrative rights, so I couldn't really do anything except post. Took her genius mom to figure that out!

  4. Rett, your Caroline is so adorable. I just love when you post with her in the pictures.

    You did probably read that I got a new fancy schmancy camera from my wonderful husband, Bobby for Christams (total surprise- I didn't even ask for one). It has all kinds of settings and lenses and is very good. Michael Lee at Designs by Gollum uses my new camera. But all the pictures I have taken so far on my blog are from my wonderful Sony Cybershot. The new Cybershots ( this is my second- I wore the first one out over the last 5 years) have a "food setting" and a "soft background" setting. When my first Cybershot broke I tried other cameras, but took them back and bought another Cybershot. I love it!

    I am actually a little afraid to use my new camera- I am so pleased with the Cybershot I have!

    It will probably be awhile before I post any pictures with my new camera. I want to make sure the qualities of my photographs stay the same or better.

    Hope this clears things up.

  5. Rett, your model is an absolute doll!

    I'm sorry it's snow predicted there. We are grey and rainy here, but I can't complain about the rain. It's just that days of it don't seem like Florida.

    Love those peonies. They are my favorite flower, and the hyacinths are pretty, too. And your Christmas cactus looks like it's been a good friend to you. Me thinks you have a green thumb.


    Sheila :-)

  6. I know just what you mean. We had rain, sleet and now snow this morning. I changed my header to a picture I took in the spring just to make me feel better. We've barely had sunshine this winter...blah.

    You certainly have a little sweetheart in your pictures.


  7. Thank you, Rett, for reminding us how beautiful Spring will be! It's a dreary, cold, rainy day here. Seeing your pretty pink flowers and your charming Caroline in the photos provided a wonderful day-brightener!

    Your Christmas cactus is specatular ... the prettiest I've ever seen!

  8. I'm also ready for Spring. Hope you and DH are doing well. Enjoy your Blog very much!

  9. You are so singing my song! Your blog is such a breath of fresh air, Rett. Outside now is just snow and ice and more snow and ice. I am ready for spring.

    Love your new header.

  10. Oh those peonies! Gorgeous...Mine are when they bloom.;(
    I am good with hydrangea though!
    I am tired of winter too, and a big storm due any minute..
    Bring on the flowers!

  11. Hi Rett!!!!
    Those are some beautiful flowers!!!!!!
    I wish spring was closer to coming for you easterners, but for us, we like it cool!!!!
    Stay warm and dry, so inside at least til this storm passes!!!!
    Wishing you a great weekend!!!

  12. Oh, what beautiful spring flowers. And that Caroline is precious. I wish I could grow arm loads of peonies!


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