Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Whimsical Cupcake Birthday Party

Ms. C's 10th birthday party 001

My sweet granddaughter, Ms. C. turned 10 this past weekend & we held a little family gathering just for our immediate family at my house.

  She had a "Pool-Pizza Party" earlier in the week with all her little cousins & friends... I heard it was a blast!  She is like her Nana Rett...we believe in celebrating birthdays all week long!

Ms. C's 10th birthday party 002

I went with the *Cupcake* theme this year...even the balloon at her place setting was a large cupcake.

The tablecloth is a piece of "PUL" waterproof fabric that I lucked out on, finding an entire bolt of at Tuesday Morning.

  You can make all kinds of things from it...like bibs & diaper bags, lunch totes & diaper covers.  Anything that needs to be waterproof...such as a raincoat or beneath a picnic quilt for protection.

Ms. C's 10th birthday party 003

I started each place setting with my Oneida white "Wicker" plates as the base, (certainly didn't need any more patterns with that tablecloth) then each person's spot got a different whimsical salad plate on top.  Most were cupcakes but there were some ice cream floats & cake in there, too. 

Ms. C's 10th birthday party 009

Ms. C's 10th birthday party 010

Each place setting got a helium balloon, in the shape of a flower, tied to some water sticks...they are weighted & you throw them out into the pool & then dive down to gather them, getting points for each one, as indicated on the ends of them.  They worked perfectly as balloon holders, added a fun touch of color to the table & she got to take them home with her when the party was over. 

Ms. C's 10th birthday party 011

Ms. C's 10th birthday party 006

Ms. C's 10th birthday party 004

 A pair of 14K gold little hoop earrings were hidden in this little box, sitting right at the top of her place setting.  She just got her ears pierced last year & has been asking for some hoops.

Ms. C's 10th birthday party 012

There were lots of other presents, too, all in the same "Cupcake" theme packaging.

Ms. C's 10th birthday party 013

As a tradition & a nod to my deceased Mother, I had to have a bowl of classic pillow mints on the table, in one of her milk glass candy dishes, since she always set some out for our childhood special occasions.  My Mother didn't live long enough to meet any of my grandchildren, but I know she would have adored them all.

Ms. C's 10th birthday party 008

Ms. C's 10th birthday party 014

I placed 18 cupcakes, with PINK & YELLOW icing, on my cupcake tower & used that as a centerpiece.

My dramatic nighttime shot didn't come out as well as I thought it would.  The setting sun comes in that high dining room window in the summer time & casts the most beautiful glow to the table.  I'll try to capture it better next time.

Ms. C's 10th birthday party 015

Ms. C's 10th birthday party 016

You can see I used my Dollar Tree "Happy Birthday" stemware again.  I'm  getting a ton of use out of them, as they have so many happy colors on them, they work with any tablescape. 

We had sparkling PINK lemonade in them, along with fried chicken & macaroni & cheese,  Italian salad (all her favorite foods), green beans (not such a favorite) & soft little buns with real butter from under my newest butter dome!

Ms. C's 10th birthday party 017

The butter dish was a belated birthday gift from my younger sister, Weeziebug...Thanks, Weezer!

It is a "Princess House Design"...very delicate & beautifully etched.  It matches some goblets that I own, so next time, I'll put those out with it.

Ms. C's 10th birthday party 019

There was also some fresh fruit on the table in these two little "Quilted" looking milkglass bowls.

Ms. C's 10th birthday party 018

I just love that cross-hatch pattern & look forward to doing some of that with my new machine soon.

Ms. C's 10th birthday party 020 mosaic 
I very rarely...as in NEVER...post pictures of my grandkids online anymore, for safety's sake, but I just had to share how much she has grown & how long her hair is getting, too.
(sorry but I had to blur her face)  She is a sweetheart of a child & the light of my life!
Happy 10th Birthday, Princess C!!!
I'm linking this post to Cuisine Kathleen's "Whimsical Summer Tablescape Challenge" this month.

Do stop by her blog on Wednesday evening to see all the other participants.  If you dishes, like I dishes, you'll be overwhelmed with the variety & talent that is shared there.
Thanks for stopping by The Gazebo House today.
I'll be back soon with some more quilted items & a link to a free pattern to make a very easy & cute tote bag with grommets for the handles.  I've been sewing up a storm!


  1. Well Happy B-Day to Ms C! Lovin' the cupcake theme Rett (and wouldn't mind a cupcake right about now myself:@). I think the glasses are so fun and love the little footed milk glass bowls.

  2. Happy, Happy to Miss C. What a beautiful young girl! She is darling, and I know she loved her cupcake party at Nana's.

  3. How fun and AGAIN, dear Rett, you have made an extra special day and wonderful memory for your darling granddaughter. She had to be thrilled with the decor and her wonderful gifts. Happy Birthday, Ms. C. You are growing up!

  4. What a fun and delightful birthday party. You do things up so well. Love the idea of the PUL fabric for a table cloth. It would be good for an upcoming camping trip. The plastic cloths tend to rip so easily and I hate buying things that just get one use.

  5. I pushed send before I was finished - Happy Birthday to your sweet granddaughter!

  6. What??!?!?!? Your Tuesday Morning has fabric??!?! None of ours here do! What the what??!?!?!! I feel totally cheated now! I want fabric in our Tuesday Mornings!!!!!!!! :-)

    You put on one heck of a party! That is one blessed little girl! And I believe in celebrating all week long, too!

    The balloons at each place setting is a great idea. I'm sure the children really enjoyed having those there and then getting to play with the water sticks afterwards. The little plates you used are SO CUTE, and they work really well with the Dollar Tree stems! I'm sure the children all felt super special and pampered!!!

    I love it that you made sure your granddaughter was treated to the foods she likes. Sometimes as grandparents we forget to do that. The green beans...well, you have to at least try! :-)

    I can only imagine that your Mother was smiling from heaven over this lovely party. Well done!

    P.S. - It's probably a very smart idea to conceal your granddaughter's identity. There are so many weirdo sicko freaks out there these days!

  7. What a great birthday party, Rett. You certainly know how to make a special occasion shine. Happy Birthday to your sweet Miss C. Can she really be 10????

  8. What a fun, whimsical party for Miss C, Rett! Look at her long, beautiful hair and her happy smile. I know she enjoyed her favorite foods on all those pretty plates. Drinking pink lemonade from a Happy Birthday goblet is the best. Your tradition of carrying on your Mom's mints is so sweet and makes me smile. Love that PUL fabric and have used it for diaper changing pads. The cupcake bolt was a great find and perfect for a tablecloth!
    Thanks for sharing the memories you made for Miss C. I'll bet she enjoyed her new hoops, too! xo

  9. Happy, happy 10th birthday, Miss C! What a cute theme, everyone loves cupcakes...the tablecloth is wonderful.
    Have a great week, Rett.

  10. What a wonderful party for a beautiful growing-up granddaughter. I love the idea of putting out the mints the way your mother always did.

  11. Rett, I can't believe how she has grown! What a beautiful young lady! I am so impressed at the memories you are making with her. She will have you in her heart forever and ever.

  12. You don't have to be a child to love this tablescape. I would love to have a birthday party just like that. Love those balloons and what a great idea to weight them with the water sticks. Those cupcake/cake, etc. plates are adorable, and I've never seen anything like those wonderful stems at our $ Store. I love the sentiment behind putting out the bowl of mints. Well done! laurie

  13. That's such a fun tablecloth! It's fun and colorful. Those plates you used are all adorable. Your granddaughter must have been so pleased! My Mom always put out mints and nuts. To this day if I'm having people over I think I should do the same! The sparkling pink lemonade sounds so good and the strawberries look so yummy!

  14. Love the cupcake theme for the Birthday Day party. The tablecloth is the perfect background. I love the idea of balloons at each place setting and the yummy cupcakes on the stand. Have a great week!


  15. Happy Birthday to Miss C! I just happen to have a handsome tall 10 year old...you never know!
    I just love that tablecloth. Our TM closed, it stunk anyway, dark and dirty. I never saw fabric though.
    Love this cupcake table, what fun, and what a great Nana you are to do this for C! She is growing up so quickly.
    I bet you are having fun with your new BMW of a machine!
    Thanks for joining in the Summer Whimsy Party!

  16. You made a beautiful party, Rett. I love the goblets and the tablecloth. The food sounds good - love your theme. Miss C. looks lovely. Her hair is so pretty. Hugs, Beth

  17. What an awesome party you put on for Ms. C, and how pretty she looks! She is growing up. Love your theme, love your cupcake tablecloth too. Hugs, Beth

  18. Lovin that fabric Rett and the possibilities you suggested for it! What a sweet birthday for your little cupcake, love the different ice cream plates too~

  19. Rett, Happy Birthday to Miss C, I can't believe how much she's grown! I'm wild over your whimsical leopard & tiger-striped cake plate! I love your fun tablecloth (I didn't know TM even sold fabric) and think your night time shot turned out great with your cupcake tower too. Your Dollar Tree birthday stems are perfect for serving sparkling pink lemonade :)

  20. Hi Rett, I can't believe little Ms. C is 10! I can see from her photo that she is thrilled with your festive table and also growing into a beautiful young lady! Our family birthday parties can go on for days too, and those cupcake plates would be perfect in my house. Such a great table, Rett. I wish your young lady a very happy year! Linda

  21. Rett, your table couldn't be more perfect for a 10 year birthday celebration. It is so colorful and festive. The table covering and stemware really set the scene. And those plates!!!...all perfect. Seeing how much Ms C has grown reminds me how quickly the past few years have flown by.

  22. Waiting on the time I have grand-babies, hope I can remember some of the special ways to help them celebrate there birthday's
    Where or where did you find those plates they are too cute!!!
    Happy Birthday to the pretty little lady!

  23. Great plates! What a wonderful celebration.

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  24. What a delightful and colorful birthday party for your sweet grandgirl...I know she had such fun...and such great memories for her.

  25. Great cupcake decor! I bet she loved it all! She has grown so much and is so pretty!


  26. Happy Birthday to Miss C. I've been hit and miss for a while. Just wanted to touch base and make sure that all is well. Cherry Kay

  27. Birthday parties are so fun....good memories for them.


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