Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Winter Snow Storm!

We've gotten almost 2 feet of snow over the past few days!


This is a view of the pile on top of our hot tub.

I would love to put a yardstick in this but I can't get to it without shoveling the entire deck.


It feels like we're living in a cocoon...complete white out conditions for the past 2 days.


We're staying INSIDE, working on our Christmas cards & doing some Christmas baking, too.


Its nice to look out through the windows at this beautiful winter wonderland.


Being retired & not needing to get to work at the hospital makes it so much nicer!

I remember the blizzard of '78 when they sent out the National Guard

to bring the ICU nurses in to work.

With patients on ventilators, the prior shift couldn't go home until we arrived.




This is a view out my front door.

It is up to my knees in some places, due to strong winds & drifting.


Just look at that pile of SNOW made by the plows!!


The temperature this morning was only 17º...Brrrrr!

Thankfully, the grandchildren's schools are closed.

I bet they're having a blast playing in this!!


  1. Rett, what gorgeous snow pictures. It is only 12 degrees here this morning and my heat can't keep up inside. It's only 64 inside. Brrrrr.

  2. Rett,
    Beautiful pictures of the snow! I would stay in too and sew and bake :)
    It is 12 degrees here this morning ... UGH!

  3. Oh yuck! It missed us this time. Upper Wisconsin got 20 inches, and you got just about that much, whereas we only got 3. Yeah!! Stay warm you two!!

  4. Hi Rett! Sounds like you're weathering the storm well! It's always better from the inside looking out! The pic of your wreath is so pretty and welcoming-Happy Baking:@)

  5. Great photos. We're hunkered down here to and the sewing and cooking have been quite productive, one thing being housebound is good for! Of course, school is not cancelled here. We live in the freakin' tundra and they never cancel school! The roads are incredibly well taken care of though. Here's hoping yours are too and you get lots of cookie baking done!

  6. It's beautiful to look at but oh so difficult to live with. Two years, over Christmas holiday, we got 2 feet and couldn't get out of the house.

  7. Oh my goodness!! It looks like what we had last December. It does make for gorgeous Christmas photos, doesn't it?

    Stay toasty and happy!

  8. Wow what gorgeous pictures! I wish I could say it was sunny here in California but it's raining again today. I don't have to shovel it but it's not pretty like it is there! Enjoy your time inside baking.

  9. Goodness! I guess there's no "running to the store to pick up what you forgot!" I honestly can't imagine.
    You have some beautiful pictures. Stay warm!

  10. Just Beautiful!! I love, love, love your Dining Room windows!!

    I grew up in the snow and was happy as a clam! Now that I am all grown up, I am happy that I live in the south where it is quite cold enough (40's) thank you!!

  11. RETT!!!
    AND BOY am I glad you DO NOT have to get out in that, it is BEAUTIFUL to look at though!!!The view from your front door, looks like it snowed in a wave shape, must have been from the wind,that is ALOT of Snow, my sister and brother live in Chicago and they got snow as did my Son's girlfriend's parents in Michigan, so WOW, lots of people are effected by this weather, I feel so bad for the mail people and UPS drivers!!!
    Stay inside, BE safe and KEEP WARM!!!Going to be 79 again today here!!!To warm for this time of year, bring me some snow!!!!And a Snow flake!!!
    Have a great day
    hugs 2 U,

  12. Rett,
    Wow!!! That's a LOT of snow! I pray that everyone is safe and warm there. It sure is beautiful though. Yes, thankfully you don't have to go to work in that stuff. Please stay safe and warm.

  13. Wow...we didn't get nearly that much snow but we have the cold. Brrrrr. Glad you are inside, safe and sound and hope you are close to being ready for the holidays!


  14. It looks so pretty as long as we don't have to drive in it! We didn't get that much snow at all, but we had 50 mph winds, so Sunday was a white out blizzard. I had the little grandboys an extra day because of it...bonus!! We have hit the zero temp and sub-zero windchills now. Ugh.

    I love how the wreath looks with the real snow on it!

  15. Snow is such an inconvience.
    We lived in Michigan for 20 years
    and have had windchill of -50
    Yep -50 it was bittter. Instant freeze.

    Your fellow RN
    Pamela in

  16. You have captured the residuals of the storm perfectly, Rett...it is beautiful as long as it isn't in my neighborhood...I want snow, but not nearly that amount! Stay inside where it is warm and cozy.

  17. Just beautiful! Brrrr! We don't have any snow, but it sure is cold here in FL!

    You should post this White post to Cuisine Kathleen's White Christmas Party! (It's not just tablescapes.)

    I have just posted a new one on her party, this one is white and gold!


  18. Nice to be on the inside looking out! So pretty!

  19. Oh that looks so cold...but pretty! We dodged the bullet this time!

  20. Forgot to say thanks for linking up to the White Christmas Party!

  21. Oh my, you be safe and stay warm. I am glad that you don't have to go to work. I have had to spend a few nights at work during bad weather also when I was nursing. The pictures are beautiful, tho.

  22. Wow...you DO have tons of snow. We don't have much yet (we are in upstate NY). They are getting clobbered just west of us, closer to the Lake. Are you near the Great Lakes? We're just waiting here!

    It does enhance the seasonal atmosphere! Your whole neighborhood looks like a postcard!

  23. Your pictures are stunning ~ and I hesitate to tell you that it was 82 on my car thermometer today!! But, I AM from Minnesota, so I do know a thing or 2 about WINTER. And, I think I like 82 better:-) But, I will admit, that I would love a huge snowstorm for 1 day in December every year, just one.......

  24. Oh this is so enchanting! Something we don't get to see here in SA at Christmas.
    I just love your pics and you, too, have a beautiful blog!
    Thanks for stopping by at me.
    Warm greetings from South Africa.
    Shel x
    PS I'll be back soon!

  25. Rett: I can't think of a more perfect home to view the beauty of a winter snow than from your windows. I love when the snow hasn't been disturbed and your pictures convey that beautifully. I have no idea what I'll be facing as I try to fly home today from the east coast but I sure hope its nothing like what you have. Thank you so much for your beautiful pictures and enjoy the peace of God's work. Merry Christmas

  26. Happy holidays Rett!

    Your images make me wish I lived there. This is the perfect weather for staying indoors and baking. Stay warm my friend and enjoy the season.


  27. Hi Rett! I know you don't love it, but I am enjoying seeing it on your post...especially those drifts! Amazing! It is finally warming up to 34 here today! Stay warm! Merry Christmas!...hugs...Debbie

  28. Last year on Christmas Eve, we had more than 14 inches of snow in less than a day...not a common occurrence around here, but I do appreciate your situation. It is beautiful when viewed from a safe secure environment though, isn't it! No snow so far this year, but I've had the fireplace going all day every day...no desire to poke my nose out the door. Thank you for sharing your snowscape. It's amazing. Merry Christmas! Cherry Kay

  29. All I can say is WOW! I hope you are staying warm inside, Rett. It sure is pretty though....Christine

  30. I am not sure where you are located,,, but we are high on an escarpment in ONtario Canada, and we would sew welcome this snow as we are both skiers..I sew miss this type of winter..although everyone around us is getting lot's of that delicious white stuff, we have a dusting..lovely photos dear heart...from one retired nurse to another...

  31. The snow looks just lovely and especially when you don't have to be any where else like you say. Before I retired I used to live in fear of snow storms because sometimes once I got to the hospital I would have to stay. I hope you and your family have a truly blessed and joyful Christmas! Merry Christmas ♥
    and Happy New Year!

  32. BRRRR is right! I does look beautiful if you can stay inside and you have provisions to keep you fortified! I would love just a little of your snow, I wouldn't be able to cope with 2 feet though! Keep warm~ Happy Almost White Christmas to you!

  33. Love your snow...from here. Hope that you and yours are warm and safe. Thanks for stopping by my post. Glad that you like the berries and fabrics, etc. Thought that you might like to know that I often look for larger sized candle rings and either slip the ring over my decorative piece or even just set the piece right on top of the ring...I think of it as 'no brainer' decorating...just the little extra touch seems to finish off the display. Come visit any time. Merry Christmas!


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